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Turkey Lurkey and the Old Hen Gang

Updated on September 30, 2013

The Legend of Turkey Lurkey Begins

A long time ago when the earth was green and the sky was the bluest of blues there lived a Turkey and his name was Lurkey. "Turkey Lurkey" to be exact!

He was an odd sort of duck indeed, if you pardon the foul reference. Everywhere you went Turkey Lurkey would be sneaking around - hiding behind the Hen House, peeking up from behind the straw, or just generally lurking about. I guess this is where he got his name.

Now Turkey Lurkey was a nervous little guy especially during Thanksgiving and he never knew just why, just a feeling that something big was going to happen any day now. Oh by the way that's me to the left, quite a handsome guy don't you think. You can call me "Turkey Lurkey" but don't call me late for supper because I love to eat lots of delicious seeds.

The Old Hen Gang are at it Again!

Turkey Lurky doesn't live alone in the yard but he shares the pen with a bunch of Hens better known as the "Old Hen Gang". Now the Old Hen Gang are as busy as can be minding everyone else's business and nosing into other people's affairs. They just can't seem to let the other birds be. Turkey Lurkey is no exception!

Turkey Lurkey is always the talk of the hen house. "Why is that jived turkey always lurking about for anyways?" Well you know he was always the subject of some sort of gossip. One old bird said, "I heard turkey lurked was locked outside the pen one night and that boy has not been the same since." The other younger rounder hen, that tended to eat more of her share of bird seed than the rest whispered, "I heard he was one giblet short of a pair." Well whatever the case may be those Old Hen Gang Birds surely pecked at little Turkey Lurkey.

Turkey Lurkey Get's Invited For Thanksgiving Dinner

Farmer Lucy owns the big old house up by the main barn and she is a happy old girl; especially this time of the year because its going to be Thanksgiving next week.. Turkey Lurkey doesn't know what that is but he can guess it is about being thankful, anyone can get that.

Here comes Farmer Lucy now a waddling down the path to see how all the animals are doing on this nice fall day. The old hen gang stopped yaking when they seen her coming and went about picking at seeds and plucking at feathers pretending not to notice. She came right over to Turkey Lurkey and said, "I want to have you for dinner this year."

Turkey Lurkey beamed with pride and was so happy that he couldn't stop gobbling, so farmer Lucy just walked away with a smile and said, "I'll take that as a yes!"

Turkey Lurkey sure is thankful this year. He has good food to eat and plenty of water to drink. He has a nice coop over his head to keep him warm when it's cold outside or the thunder and lightning are clapping outside. Yes he is a truly blessed bird. Especially since Farmer Lucy came to him specially to ask him to dinner!

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