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Twinkling Christmas Lights

Updated on August 21, 2015

Christmas Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Christmas lights, contrary to synchronized Christmas lights, blink or twinkle in a random manner, making your Christmas party or get together a very festive atmosphere, and hopefully - occasion.

I personally think everyone should have at least part of your Christmas décor include twinkle lights, as they always make things more interesting and fun, even though they seem to be so ubiquitous.

Sometimes twinkle lights can light up outdoor Christmas yard décor with strings of these lights on various trees or shrubs around the house, or along a porch or eave. Either way, they really give some punch to your Christmas theme, whatever it is, and never fail to delight and enthuse those who enjoy seeing them and partake in your festivities.

Of course most Christmas tree lights include twinkle lights, and they draw the attention of everyone in the room no matter what else is on the tree. In other words, you need at least some twinkle Christmas lights as part of your Christmas celebration, and everyone will be glad of that for sure. 

Great Twinkling Christmas Lights

The twinkle Christmas lights below look magnificent, and I really like how they contrasted the effect by starting the lights higher up on the trees. It gives the sense that the lights are standing in the middle of the aire as you gaze down the pathway. Very nice look.

Too bad this was a still shot, as the twinkling lights were amazing to see.

Twinkle Lights Christmas Decor

Awesome Videos of Amazing Twinkling Light Decorations

Next are a couple of terrific videos of twinkling light displays in yards, which include tens of thousands of lights and timers.

That's one thing to consider when putting together your ideas for a Christmas light display in your yard with twinkling lights: include times with them to coincide with some wonderful Christmas songs. They look extraordinary when that's done right.

As for these videos, don't get intimidated by them. Rather, enjoy them, and look at maybe a couple of things that were done that appeal to you, and work on your Christmas yard design from there.

Just add a couple of new things each year and it won't be long before you're one of the most visited homes during the holiday.

Video of The BEST "Wizards of Winter" Holiday Lights Display

65,000 LED Christmas Lights Dance to Coca-Cola Christmas Song...Holidays are Coming

Numerous types of Christmas Twinkle Lights

Along with the usual multi-colored twinkle lights, there are those with the sphere look with numerous twinkle lights within it, or the twinkle net lights, which are always a lot of fun to look at.

Probably my favorite though are those twinkling icicle lights which offer fantastic atmosphere and gorgeous views from inside and outside the house. This is part of what makes twinkling Christmas lights so compelling and enjoyable to use.

Even when we have regular lights on the Christmas tree or around the house which don't do anything, it's not the same as when we include all these interesting blinking and running lights for everyone to look at. While the normal lights are still great and have an important part to play in our Christmas light displays, it's the combination of it all that makes it so compelling for all who visit.

If you only use twinkling lights at Christmas time, I think that would be a mistake because the eyes of most people don't take in movement like that too well. But do a combination and you have a tremendous light display for all to enjoy.


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    • profile image

      F. 7 years ago

      My favorite twinkling lights are the Philips 100 count twinkling sold at Target in clear or multi-colored. Every fifth bulb twinkles individually of the others! Beware of GE "random sparkle" sets in which only the purple colored bulbs twinkle, a real disappointment there, and bargain brand twinkle lights where only one color twinkles. Philips twinkling lights have all colors twinkle!