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Halloween Horror Movies Part 1

Updated on January 28, 2015

Horror Movies

Horror movies are created to frighten, shock, terrify, alarm the audience. They deal with the dark side of life and people enjoy them because they are captivated and entertained by them. They provide a vehicle to escape normal , everyday life for a while.

Many horror movies have been produced and are ideal for a viewing around halloween.

This lens covers one horror movie - part 1 simply titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show

And for something completely different go to horror movie part 2.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This musical movie was produced in 1975 and combines science fiction with horror.

It is the longest running film in film history and popular viewing time was midnight.

Sometimes there were viewings where people come alond dressed up as their favourite character.

It is approximately 100 minutes long.

The Annual Transylvanian Convention Castle

Dr Scott a criminologist, tells the story of a newly wed couple called Brad and Janet break down with a flat tyre on a cold, wet night and seek help at a nearby castle.

They find themselves caught up in the world of the Annual Transylvanian Convention. They meet a scientist called Frank'N Furter, a handyman called RiffRaff and many more colourful characters for a truly memorable night. They experience The Time Warp song and dance, the creation of Rocky Horror who had blonde hair and a tan, the death of a delivery boy and more in a truly fascinating tale.

Catchy Songs and More

This musical movie has some very catchy songs and lines.

I love the song ."Over at Frankensteins Place".. sung by Brad, Janet and Riff Raff as Brad and Janet approach the castle in the rain.

Riff Raff is a hunched back handyman with a very creepy voice. His looks and voice are Un---forget--ab-le.

Hit the orange link above to view the words whilst listening to the song below.

Then Brad and Janet knock on the door and RiffRaff answers the door. They talk and RiffRaff says ( to the couple ) in a creepy voice " would you like come in ?" Janet replies "Yes" and looks at Brad with a blank, confused " what the hell did he ask that for; its obvious " type of expression and continues by saying "Its Raining "

Time Warp

After this Brad and Janet get a taste of the Time Warp Song and Dance and wonder what on earth have they struck.

It starts off with Riff Raff reciting most of the following lines , which are lines I do not forget!!

"Its astounding

Time is fleeting

Madness takes its toll

But listen closely

Not for very much longer

I've got to keep control "

The Time Warp Dance is great fun to do.

Hit the orange link above and view the words whilst listening to the Time Warp Dance below. You could even join in the fun once you know the steps.

Songs From The Show

And so it goes on.

You need to encounter The Rocky Horror Picture Show to truly appreciate the full effect of the songs, plot, costumes. And you need to do so more than once as the first time could be confusing and you might be wondering What The ....

Don't be surprised if you become addicted and find yourself dressing up as a Creepy Character ~ which could be perfect for your Halloween Party or Trick-or-Treating.

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