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Two Fiendishly Fun Activities For Halloween

Updated on October 5, 2016


Halloween on the 31st October is a spooky time of year.

You can enjoy getting into the spirit of things by dressing up in a creepy costume for Trick-or-Treating or a Halloween Party. Or you could enjoy some other evil entertainment out or evil entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

Read on further for more information.

Evil Entertainment In

Why not have a relaxing evening at home watching a Hellish Halloween movie.

This is horror movie part 2.

Grab some popcorn or teeth candy and raspberry fizz with eyeball ice.

Turn the lights off.

Crank up your DVD player.

Sit down and ENJOY.......

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an animated fantasy musical produced by Tim Burton in 1993. It consists of a terrific soundtrack with ten delightful songs beautifully orchestrated and a story based around Jack Skellington who is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and many creepy characters. The movie is 73 minutes long.

What Happens With Jack Skellington In The Movie?

Well, Jack is frustrated with the same happenings every year in Halloween Town. One day he stumbles across Christmas Town. He loves what he sees and wishes to do Christmas in Halloween Town. However he can't persuade his Halloween Town friends to think likewise. They think it is another way to scare people.

So, Jack then decides to deliver Christmas to the world Halloween style. This meant kidnapping Santa and delivering terrifying presents like shrunken heads and killer Jack-in-a-Boxes to the rest of the world.

Eventually Jack gets caught and realizes his mistake. He decides to fix Christmas and looks forward to the next Halloween as the Pumpkin King.

Memorable songs include:

1. This is Halloween featuring many of the creepy characters of Halloween Time.

2. Jack's Lament about being tired of the same routine.

Evil Entertainment Out

If you would like to experience a night out and are in the Gold Coast or Melbourne in Australia then the

following could be the place for you.

So, change into your glad rags, add some makeup and head on out to an unforgettable evening out

at .....


Draculas is a spooky Cabaret Restaurant. You are asked not to be late. When you arrive all the attendees queue outside in a line, ready and waiting to get in. Scary staff members come and chat to you. ....Oou Oou..... You then enter the building in small groups.

A creepy character escorts the groups up a spooky lift. Then all guests experience a ghost train which take you to the bar and shop of horrors. There are plenty of gothic and horror themed products to die for. You then go to your seat for the show and dinner. A weird waitress or waitor is then assigned to serve you drinks and dinner for the entire evening.

I would highly recommend this weird and wonderful place " for the best bloody night of your life."

So now you have it

Some spooky stuff to do at halloween whether you would like a night in or night out.

Maybe you could make a day of it and watch the movie in the afternoon before heading out to Draculas in the evening.

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