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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Updated on November 12, 2014

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are that one chance to break out that one sweater you got from Grammy like 15 years ago, and maybe spice it up a bit! It really is an awesome kind of party to attend as it’s quite amusing to see just how far someone will go to have the best, ugly sweater!

People will go far lengths to achieve the “ugliest sweater” title, surprisingly! So you got an invite to an ugly Christmas sweater party, great! Will your sweater be the ugliest?

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

If you are attending such a party, then you might be in need of a few ugly Christmas sweater ideas that you can make yourself. Here are some ugly Christmas sweater ideas that are worth considering!

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  • Puking Rudolph: Make a Rudolph head with an open mouth out of felt and glue it on one of the upper corners of the sweater. Starting from the mouth and covering the entire bottom of the sweater, glue on all things christmas rather than puke: Santa, snowman, candy canes, christmas lights, ornaments, mistletoe, strands of garland and so on.
  • Bows: Buy a few bags of Christmas bows and stick them to the sweater. Chances are, these will not hold, so you will either need to use a stitch for each bow or extra-tacky double-sided tape.
  • Present: Make your sweater look like a Christmas present, complete with a bow on your head!
  • Christmas tree: If you know how to decorate a Christmas tree, then you will know how to decorate this sweater! Be sure to pick up a green one!
  • Upside-down snowman: This is the perfect sweater for a man with a sense of humor. You will make a snowman on the sweater, making sure that the carrot nose lines up perfectly with the groin area. Throw a few snowballs on it, if you know what I mean!
  • Rudolph: If you have a brown sweater, then all you really need are a couple of antlers sticking up from the shoulders, and a red nose that actually lights up! And the rest of the face, of course.
  • Gingerbread house: It doesn’t get much tackier than a gingerbread house! Since it’s only for one night, you can use real candy glued onto the sweater, but don’t expect them to stay on there if anyone decides they’re hungry!

  • Jingle bells: Sew a whole bunch of bells of all sizes to any sweater. Literally, as many as you can!

  • Snowman: Ideal for a pregnant woman who has the bump going on, this is a great, ugly sweater idea! Pick out a white sweater, give it googly eyes, a carrot nose, and use buttons for the mouth and down the bump. Top yourself off with a fedora and call it a party!

  • Gift belly: One more idea for the expectant mother, instead of making the whole sweater look like a Christmas gift, center this decorating around the pregnant belly, instead!

  • Santa body: Make a Santa body from the neck down with fabric or felt; this will be glued up near the neck of the sweater so your face is Santa. You will wear a Santa hat to complete this look! Also works with an elf or snowman!

  • Animals in Santa hats: Really, how corny does this sound? Pick your favorite animal and make a really big print of it, then glue it onto the sweater along with a Santa hat!

  • Stocking stuffers: Hang two stockings, one from each shoulder of the sweater. Stuff it with things that won’t be too heavy, such as teddy bears with a candy cane! If you are looking for a bit more design, consider making a fireplace scene across the belly of the sweater so it’s like the stockings are hanging from a mantle!


Sweater Crafting Ideas

Ugly Christmas sweater ideas call for a few tips to help you in making your ugly Christmas sweater! Here are some supplies to use:

  • Battery-operated light strands

  • LED light strand

  • Tinsel

  • Garland

  • Candy

  • Candy canes

  • Puffy paints

  • Glitter

  • Hot glue

  • Felt

  • Iron on appliques

  • Bells

  • Stockings

  • Ornaments

  • Craft pom poms

  • Ribbon

More Ugly Sweater Ideas

Dreaming of an Ugly Christmas!

Be original. Be unique!

It’s likely that if you are attending an ugly Christmas sweater party, there’s going to be a contest, so overdo it because that’s what it’s about.

There’s no such thing as looking “too tacky” at an ugly Christmas sweater party!


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