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UK National Holidays

Updated on June 22, 2013

If you are looking at this page with "after pub" eyes or if you have woken up worried. May this page bring you some good news and make the most of the day you have got off!

(*sorry if you have to go to work!)

Remember, when a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday it is still a day to celebrate but the following Monday will always be a bank holiday.

National Holidays UK

England and Wales:

New Year's Day:

2014: (Wednesday) 1st January

2015: (Thursday) 1st January

Good Friday:

2014: (Friday) 18th of April

2015: (Friday) 3rd of April

Easter Monday:

2014: (Monday) 21st of April

2015: (Monday) 6th of April

May Bank Holiday:

2014: (Monday) 5th of May

2015: (Monday) 4th of May

Springtime Bank Holiday:

2014: (Monday) 26th of May

2015: (Monday) 25th of May

Summertime Bank Holiday:

2014: (Monday) 25th of August

2015: (Monday) 31st of August

Scotland shares all of England's holidays on the same dates (except EASTER MONDAY) and Scotland have a few extra days a year off. The same theory applies that if a holiday falls at the weekend the following Monday is a holiday)


2nd of January:

2014: (Thursday) 2nd of January

2015: (Friday) 2nd of January

Summertime Bank Holiday:

2014: (Monday) 4th of August

2015: (Monday) 3rd of August

St Andrew's Day:

2014: (Monday) 1st of December

2015: (Monday) 30th of November


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