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Unique Christmas Traditions Around The World

Updated on November 2, 2014

So You Thought What?

Christmas is all about a nicely decorated tree, buying gifts for everyone you love, doing charity as much as you can and having a nice Christmas feast. And probably go visiting relatives and if you can't visit, send your family picture in a homemade Christmas Card.

Well is that all you thought? Think again! Go through these unique and sometimes bizarre Christmas rituals around the world!

Pooping logs for sale
Pooping logs for sale

The Pooping log!

This one is from Spain. Called Tió de Nadal ,a hollowed out log is fitted with arms, legs and a face. And from 8th December, the log is fed and pampered. Its feed usually consists of candies, sweets, fruits, nuts, toys and other small stuff. Some people even cove the log with a blanket so that it won't feel cold!

The log is usually designed to resemble a reindeer or even a dog. But its design is only limited by your imagination. The log is fed till Christmas and on Christmas eve, it is put on the fireplace and given a sound beating with sticks until it 'poops' out all the candies, fruits, nuts, toys and other presents. There is even a song to encourage the log to poop! Here it goes-

poop log,

poop turron,

hazelnuts and cottage cheese,

if you don't poop well,

I'll hit you with a stick,

poop log!

A designer spider web!
A designer spider web!

Spider Web Decorations.

A ukrainian tradition, the legend goes such that a poor mother couldn't afford to buy any ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. She went to bed sad and sorry but come morning, she had a surprise it store for her! Her Christmas tree glittered and shone like it was wound with golden threads and it was all because of spider webs which caught the sunlight.

The legend caught on and now, Ukrainians religiously add a spiderweb to their trees!

Rotate it clockwise!

An English tradition, it says that whoever is making the Christmas pudding, if the person stirs in a clockwise direction, their wishes will come true!

Well, probably there are many puddings made in England on Christmas!

Throw your shoes out!

In the Czech Republic, Christmas is special for unmarried women as it is the time to find out if they will get married! On Christmas eve, standing outside the house, if a lady throws out her shoe over her shoulder and if the shoe lands with the toes pointing back towards the house, she will get married within a year!

Hide the brooms!

In Norway, people hide all their brooms on Christmas eve. Why? Because there are some witches prowling there, looking for a chance to steal the brooms!

Better hide them if you want to cleanup after Christmas!

You think you know it all?

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Know about quirky Christmas traditions in the White House.


Stick that pudding up!

In Slovakia, there is this strange tradition of the head of the family taking a spoonful of loksa, the local pudding and flinging it will all his might at the ceiling! The more pudding in the ceiling, the better! Because that means a good harvest in the coming year!

Auk Birds
Auk Birds


Trust me, if you love your Turkey, this is going to be a shocker. In Greenland, Christmas lunch usually consists of Auk. A traditional Inuit food, Auk is in itself a harmless bird.

But put around 500 auks into seal skin,along with beaks,feet and feathers, remove as much air as possible, seal it by sewing the skin and sealing it with grease, put a big rock over it and forget it for several months. Open the package on Christmas eve and what you get is Kiviak! Anyone for fermented birds?

The 2009 Gavle Goat
The 2009 Gavle Goat

The Goat Of Gavle

Every year in Gavle, Switzerland, locals construct a huge goat out of straw. This has been the tradition since 1966. What makes it interesting is that every year, vandals try to burn it down! And so persistent are they that over the past 50 years, the poor goat has survived burning only 10 times!

The 2011 Gavle Goat survived only 6 days! It was burnt down in only after 6 days of its inauguration! I hope the goat of 2012 fares better!

As of now only 4 people have been caught and prosecuted. The town of Gavle sure doesn't enjoy this infamous reputation!

Did you know?

In 2010, North Korea threatened to shoot down a Christmas tree erected by South Korea near their border. The reason, it was a South Korean propaganda!

Skate to your prayers!

Early Christmas morning in Venezuela, streets are closed to traffic. Not because of cars but because of skaters! Apparently,people here roller skate to mass!

No body knows when this tradition started but it is so popular, kids will go to sleep tying a piece of rope on their toes and dangle it outside. An insurance against oversleeping, they count on any passerby to tug at the rope and wake them up!

El Caganer!

Another Spanish specialty, El Caganer is a figurine for nativity scenes. He can be a monk, a peasant or any type of doll.The catch? He is pooping! Now how strange is that on a nativity scene?

Precisely the reason he is placed a little away from the other figurines. The natural fertilizer is supposed to yield a bumper harvest!

Let me know how you feel!

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