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Unique Gifts For Guys Who Like Gadgets

Updated on September 23, 2014

Buying A Birthday Gift For A Guy That Likes Gadgets - Here's A Few To Get The Wheels Turning

Everyone has at least one gadget loving friend. If you have a brother, or father, of boyfriend, or friend that loves tinkering with new and cool gadgets then you have it easy. There are tons of interesting and cool gadgets hitting the market all the time. Just take a little time to find one that is a bit higher quality and less of a novelty and you've got a great gift.

It's also best to find functional gadgets that serve a purpose but aren't standard tings that everybody owns and uses. For instance a Bluetooth earpiece may not be the best gift because most people have one and they're not all that sexy any more. It's great to give something electronic just think it over a bit.

Instead of a Bluetooth earpiece consider a Bluetooth enabled car stereo adapter so that your guy can wirelessly play his phone over the car speakers. Now that's cool.

Below I've featured a bunch of cool gadgets that most guys would like. They are practical but not so ordinary that everyone has one. That's what makes them great gifts.

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The Ultimate Gift For The Gadget Man - The Gift Of Power!

People who love gadgets have a constant need for power. They tote around wall chargers, power strips, USB adapters, and maintain a healthy array of charging stations in the home but what about when they hit the road. This portable solar powered charging device plugs into Apple and Android Devices as well as many other common USB devices to provide a battery charging station powered by nothing but the sun. Sweet - and inexpensive too.

BUY The sCharger-5 High Performance Solar Charger Here

Unique Gadgets For The Guy That Loves Electronics

Every gadget loving person has a plethora of consumer electronics that are both somewhat common and somewhat obscure. Electronics can be made to do just about anything and their form or design is typically what sets them apart from each other as superior or inferior products. Standard gadgets like earpieces, bluetooth speakerphones, and gaming equipment is largely the realm of a personal shopper. No one wants somebody buying there underwear for them - likewise no one wants someone else to buy their pair of headphones for them. We all have our own personal preferences. But the uncommon gadgets? They are just cool. That is what this page is about. Below You will find a number of high quality and unique gadgets that would make perfect gifts for guys of all ages.

Weird Gadgets For Men - If You Want To Be A Bit Creative or Funny With Your Gift

Of course you can always have a sense of humor with your gifts. The following gadgets are cool but in a somewhat humorous kind of way. The items below are all functional but under most cases these are devices that are more novelty than anything else.

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