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Unique Jewelry Gifts for Mom: Loving Family Necklaces

Updated on July 30, 2013

Looking for Something Interesting and Elegant?

When it comes to Moms and gifts, kids love to think of something uniquely special. Whether it's Mother's Day, a birthday, or a holiday, we kids want to make sure she knows how much she means to us, and sometimes, it's just tough to find a gift which stands out. Loving Family mother necklaces are unique, not only intended for Moms to wear, but also depicting family with the beautiful pendants.

Reasonably priced, these beautiful pieces make a statement of relationship, and there are various styles, whether Mom has one child, or several. If you want to give her something really special, and if she enjoys wearing jewelry which carries symbolism, check out the Loving Family selections!

Simple Pendants

One of the simplest pendants from Loving Family is a mother and child charm. The mother is shown holding hands with the child, and Mom's arms form a heart shape. The modern style is elegant and interesting, truly touching!

Mom and Child Pendant Necklace

Mom and child necklace pendants can be used symbolically to thank her for a job well done. She will appreciate the sentiment and you will appreciate knowing that she knows how much you care. The symbolic concept isn't new, and Mom rings have been around for a long time. The necklace concept is another effective way at celebrating her position as your mother.

Mom With Multiple Children Pendant Neclace

Loving Family pendants also depict mother with 2, 3, or 4 children. In my case, I don't think they make a charm with enough youngsters to represent our family of 8 children. However, this is a great choice for the small to medium family.

Sterling Silver Loving Family Mother with Two Children Pendant Necklace, 18"
Sterling Silver Loving Family Mother with Two Children Pendant Necklace, 18"

As you explore these beautiful necklace options for Mom, you'll find a variety of related charms with multiple children pictured in either gold or silver finishes.


Mom, Dad, and Children Necklace Pendants

As well, there are Loving Family charms with parents and children depicted in the pendants. You can represent the entire family, an important consideration in a world that often sees such torn apart situations. This is a great option for holidays or Mother's Day celebrations.

Loving Family Charms and Necklaces in Bronze

The bronze selections of Loving Family Mother Jewelry are beautiful, much like rose gold in appearance. The pricing is much more affordable, of course, but the concept is lovely. If you want something special, this is a unique metal and a beautiful representational jewelry choice to consider for her on Mother's Day or for another special occasion.

Mother and One Child Bronze NecklaceCHECK PRICE

Mother and Two Children NecklaceCHECK PRICE

Mother and Three Children Bronze NecklaceCHECK PRICE

Find more options here.

A Special Anniversary Gift - Loving Couple Pendant Necklace

Celebrate an anniversary or another special occasion by giving her a pendant that reflects your love. This is ideal for Valentine's Day or another special day that highlights your love.

If you have a really big family...

Which I do, then the charms above may not have enough children represented to adequately represent your full family. Loving family charms, with birthstone crystals, are a different way to represent your family in a mother necklace.

Loving Family Pendants with Stones

Birthstones are popular accents in Mom jewelry designs, and the angel and heart charms pictured here are ideal for expressing love for Mom and love for your family in a symbolic token.

Loving Family Charm Bracelets

Create a beautiful charm bracelet that is bound together with love, represented in the family themed toggle clasp.

Loving Family Earrings

Another simple way to honor Mom, consider beautiful earrings with a family configuration.

One of the latest trends for women is the renewed emphasis on charm bracelets. We can all imagine that fun charm bracelet of our childhood years, with different symbols permanently linked with jump rings to the chain. The modern inception involves beaded charms being strung onto fancy, thick metal bracelets. Assorted beautiful beads are used to compose a fun, iconic piece of jewelry.

What a neat way to gift the Loving Family charm, including it with Pandora bead charms, Chamilia charms, or other beads and charms that capture your mother's personality and interests. There are alternatives, as well, with the following family charm bead as an example:

Jewelry For Mom: What are your favorites?

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