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Modern Secret Santa Gifts

Updated on December 8, 2014

Buying a Gift for a Co-worker this Holiday Season?

Are you participating in an office Secret Santa? It can be nerve wracking to have to buy a gift for someone you don't know very well, or someone you can't stand. Especially when you draw the boss - I've been there! Here are some ideas for sleek, modern Secret Santa gifts under $25 that won't have you on the unemployment line next year.

Draw the office caffeine addict in the Secret Santa pool this year? Get them this Bodum French Press so they can brew their own coffee from their desk.

Fred and Friends Unzipped-Bag-Shaped Hand-Blown Glass Bowl

A Double Take inducing Desk Accessory

This glass bowl shapes like a ziplock bag will have office mates doing a double take when they pass by the lucky gift recipient's desk. Perfect to hold treats, paper clips, or even an office pet - and under $20 - this is a winner in my book.

Fred UNZIPPED Hand-Blown Glass Bowl
Fred UNZIPPED Hand-Blown Glass Bowl

This optical illusion glass bowl that looks like a zip-lock bag is a great gift for the office candy distributor. Pair it with a big bag of M&Ms and there will be something in this gift for everyone!


Takeya Modern Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Look Sleek on your way to the water cooler

Looking for a great gift for your environmentally friendly or health conscious co-worker? Takeya glass water bottles have a loyal following among earth lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. This stylish water bottle avoids the landfill mess, and harmful chemicals in plastic water bottles, while giving a sleep polished appearance for the office.

Have an employee who spends too much time at the office water cooler? This gift can also be a subtle way to get them back behind their desks!

Takeya 12 oz Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, Green Apple
Takeya 12 oz Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, Green Apple

A stylish water bottle makes a great gift for anyone on the go who wants to drink more water.


The Best Secret Santa Gifts for the Co-Workers You Hate

Did you draw that annoying coworker that you can't stand? The obnoxious one that your hate? The office bully? Here are some gift ideas for the coworkers you wish you could give a lump of coal to.

Have a coworker who is always on a diet, or needs to be? Break their resolve with a chocolate gift set like the one below by Broadway Basketeers.

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Cocoas & Teas Gift Box
Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Cocoas & Teas Gift Box

Is your office nemessis struggling with their weight? Sabotage them with a delicious gourmet gift basket of sweets. See the huge selection online at Amazon.


Give a Subtle Hint with Scented Soaps

Co-worker with bad BO polluting your office environment? Give a subtle hint with a French soap gift set from Provence. Packaged and read for gift giving, just put a ribbon on this set and cal it a day. The neutral scents and masculine packaging make this the perfect gift for a male or female co-worker.

Trash them with a Trash Can

Were the above gifts too benign for the co-worker that you really really despise? If you think your co-worker is trashy, here is the most subtle way to tell them. Every cubicle needs a trash can. It's a utilitarian gift with a double meaning. Just make sure you get one tailored to their hobbies or interests so it seems like a true gift...

MLB New York Yankees Wastebasket
MLB New York Yankees Wastebasket

Every cubicle needs a trash can! Get them one personalized to their hobbies or interests while sending a subtle message about how you truly feel about them.


Blomus Bottle Holder, 2 Leg

A modern twist on an old standby gift

Wine is the standard fall back Secret Santa gift. The Blomus 2 leg bottle holder is a modern, yet cute way to display that bottle. And at only $15, you can throw in that bottle of wine - depending on our office limit, and how cheap your co-workers tastes run.

Blomus Bottle Holder, 2 Leg
Blomus Bottle Holder, 2 Leg

The Blomus bottle holder is an affordable gift, so personalize it with a great bottle of wine.

grafiti ccktail shaker mad men office  gifts
grafiti ccktail shaker mad men office gifts

Kikkerland Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

Perfect for the office hipster

Looking for a gift for the office hipster? This award winning cocktail shaker is cleverly disguised as a spray paint can. Coming in under $20, this is a great conversation piece gift that would work well for your office hipster or creative type. I would have loved to get one of these for my Art Director back when I was a project manager in the advertising world. It is a little bit Mad Men office cocktail culture and a little bit anti-establishment graffiti artist all in one!

Kikkerland Graffiti Cocktail Shaker
Kikkerland Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

The Kikkerland Graffiti Cocktail Shaker is the Perfect Gift for the Hipster creative types in your office


Moshi Moshi Retro POP Handset

An Old-Fashioned Modern Accessory

Make "Call me back on my office phone" a phrase of the past with this retro handset for your co-workers cell phone. Compatible with iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4G, 3G/3GS, iPod Touch, HTC Android EVO, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S, and Droid, this fun accessory packs a retro punch and will get a laugh or two at the Secret Santa gift opening get-together.

It is the perfect gift for the co-worker you tease about being unable to adjust to new technology.

Are you participating in an office Secret Santa this year? - Tell us what you bought!

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