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Unique Soccer Gifts

Updated on August 29, 2015

Unique Gifts for a Soccer Fan!

Soccer balls and T-Shirts! Practice Nets and Cones! This guide will help you come up with some unique gifts for the soccer fanatic in your life. You'll be yelling GOAL! as you quickly finish your shopping.

Shopping doesn't have to be hard at all. Whether you shop online or at the store, you have plenty of things to choose from. Fans of all ages will be so happy that you got them just the thing they were hoping for!


Soccer Balls, Goals, and Goalie Gloves

Just to name a few...

Whether your soccer player plays indoor or outdoor, you'll find something here. Fun toys like Scoot n Shoot Indoor Soccer and fun apparel like team shirts and awesome shoes make great gifts. There's lots of fun things to choose from.

Soccer Balls

Soccer balls come in all different colors and designs. The classic ball is black and white but you can also find a unique one here. The varieties are endless plus you can find them in different sizes too.

Baden Nite Brite Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball
Baden Nite Brite Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball

This one glows in the dark for those late night summer games!!! You'll definitely know that this ball is yours when you're playing. It's unique because it glows in the dark and colorful enough that you'll know where it is in the daylight.

Adidas Euro 2012 Glider Soccer Ball (Ultra Pop Pink/Super Cyan Blue/Electricity Yellow | Metallic Silver, 5)
Adidas Euro 2012 Glider Soccer Ball (Ultra Pop Pink/Super Cyan Blue/Electricity Yellow | Metallic Silver, 5)

The girls love this ball! The pink is super hot with touches of blue and yellow.


Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer - When there's no one else around, they can still practice!

This would make a great gift for your soccer playing friend or you could get one for yourself! You only need one person with this training ball.

SKLZ Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer Trainer- Fits Ball Size 3, 4, and 5
SKLZ Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer Trainer- Fits Ball Size 3, 4, and 5

Your star player can spend hours kicking the ball to build up their skills. Since the ball is attached to them and it comes back every time, they won't be bothering to come kick the ball to them for hours at a time.


Soccer Cleats and Shoes

Whether they play indoor or outdoor soccer, team apparel is all the same so find a pair of shoes that will make your soccer star stand out from the rest. You can click on one of the links below and find the perfect pair of soccer shoes on eBay. Your favorite brand at a great price!

Find Some Soccer Toys Here

Tabletop soccer, soccer players, and a fun sounds goal are just a few of the fun things that you can give as gifts. My favorite is the tabletop soccer. It's a fun family game. The other two things would be great for most kids too.

Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer
Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

Start them young! This goal made by Fisher Price makes sounds and grows with the child. The challenges get harder as they get better. For ages 2 and up.


Goal!! - Find a goal for at home.

Give your player their own goals so they can practice at home or with friends. It's just not as fun playing when you have to keep chasing your ball every time you miss a goal. This way, it's easy to practice without all the ball fetching. This goal folds up for easy storage. Its lightweight too so you don't have to worry about trying to drag a heavy net around.

Agility Ball

This agility ball will help you with your hand/eye coordination. You'll get quicker at handling deflections and irregular bounces.

This water resistant agility ball helps improve hand/eye and leg/eye cordination. It's unique shape makes learning interesting and fun! You never know which direction the ball will go so you have to learn to be quick.

My Favorite World Cup Song

My favorite World Cup song is the 2010 one from South Africa. Play this song right before you give a big gift! See if they can guess what it's from.

Soccer Posters add a nice touch to any room!

Posters make nice gifts. They can be used to decorate a bedroom or a rec room. They aren't too expensive and they don't take up a lot of space.

Air Bud - World Pup

This is a really cute movie. Air Bud loves all sports and soccer is no exception! He'll win the game and he'll win your heart too.

A New Backpack For the Equipment

This backpack holds everything that the younger kids need for their practices and games. They can fit their ball, cleats, water bottle, socks and uniform in here for easy carrying. Plus, if it's all in one place, it will be less likely that they will lose anything.

Backpack for all the soccer gear

Vizari Solano Soccer Backpack (Navy)
Vizari Solano Soccer Backpack (Navy)

This backpack is great for the younger set. It's big enough for everything that they need to take to practice and their weekend games. It keeps everything in one place so that it's ready to go when they are.


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      FantasyFootballRankings 5 years ago

      Great selection of soccer gifts. Thanks for sharing.