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Cool and Unique Santa Hats

Updated on July 1, 2014


Amazing Santa Hats

One thing that never grows old during the Christmas holiday is wearing a Santa hat at gatherings of friends and family. They always draw a smile, even when wearing a traditional white and red Santa hat with the white tassel on the end.

But the days of the availability of only a traditional Santa hat are over, as a plethora of new Santa hats are now designed for those who want to have a Santa hat with a twist; and sometimes that twist is a literal twist or spiral in the hat design itself.

There are far too many cool Santa hats to include in this article, as there are literally dozens of them, with the probability of being well over one hundred or more. Some are Santa or Christmas hats with barely a resemblance to a Santa hat, with some including designs like Santa's feet sticking out of a chimney, and others with a set of antlers sticking out of the top sides of the hat.

Those weren't included in this article, as I wanted to focus on Santa hats that still maintained at least a resemblance to a regular Santa hat, although with some unique element added to it.

So every hat is easily recognizable as a Santa hat, but all of them have something different included to set them apart. There is even one that is a hat with a bearded face as part of the structure. Pretty funny.

Let's look at some of these fun Santa hats to give you some ideas as to what is out there now.

Candy Cane Santa Hat

You could call this first Santa hat we look at a candy cane hat, or a red and white striped Santa hat. But whatever you call it, it's a really great looking hat, with the length of the hat itself being part of the terrific design.

What's especially fun about it is the way it's made to remain partially hanging in the air regardless of the long tail of the hat. To me that's what really makes it funny to see, and what would elicit the most comments and positive exclamations when viewing it.

Long,Striped Santa Hat

Striped Candy Cane Santa Hat
Striped Candy Cane Santa Hat | Source

Tiny Santa Hat for People and Pets

A great design element that works great with Santa hats is disproportionate size. That can work with hats like the first one with the long tip, or the next one here, with the tiny hat that looks hilarious when you look how odd it looks because it's obviously too small for the person wearing it.

As mentioned, these can also be fantastic pet hats. And whether for a big pet or a small pet, they'll definitely generate a lot of smiles and laughs, as they will for any people wearing them.

Small Santa Hat

Tiny Santa Hat
Tiny Santa Hat | Source

Santa Hat with Mistletoe

This is a very cute Santa hat, which looks fantastic with the fake silver hair, made to look like tinsel, as well as the additional mistletoe which is sure to make your man try to sneak a kiss, even if it isn't New Year's Eve.

Come to think of it, no one will notice if this is your New Year's Eve hat, especially the man in your life.

With or without the mistletoe, this is a great hat simply because of the size and the long, gradual curve.

Big, Curved Santa Hat

Santa Hat with Mistletoe
Santa Hat with Mistletoe | Source

Jack Skellington Santa Hat and Beard

It's too bad this hat wasn't worn by someone so that it could be seen and appreciated as to its humorous effect on those wearing it.

The reason why is that curly q beard which would look hilarious to those getting the opportunity to see it. Also adding to the compelling look is the narrow, but long Santa hat which would add to the great look of the design.

Although interesting, the inclusion of the image of Jack Skellington, other than a plus for Skellington and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" fans, doesn't really add much to the hat and beard combination, but it also really doesn't take anything away from it.

For Jack Skellington fans it's a slight plus, and for those that don't care either way, it's not intrusive to the point where it would interfere with the cool and funny factor of the Santa hat.

Santa Hat, Beard Combination

Santa Hat with Beard
Santa Hat with Beard | Source

Cool Santa Hat with "Ho Ho Ho" on it

Although this is a very simple Santa hat design, and looks nice with the "Ho Ho Ho" on it, to me it's the way the hat is bent at about a 90 degree angle that makes it look different from other Santa hats.

It's not a big difference, but it's enough to me to make it want to try it at a Christmas gathering or party.

For those of you wondering what it is that makes these hats practically a little different, it's the inclusion of something in the hat that allows to stand up or out in the different looking design. Otherwise it would simply lay along the side of the face.

That would still look good, but it wouldn't have that little extra that makes some of these Santa hats so fun.

Bent Santa Hat

Crooked Santa Hat
Crooked Santa Hat | Source

Curly Q Santa Hat with Large White Base

I really like this Santa hat with the curly q design coming out of the middle of it.

What makes this really work though isn't just the shape of the narrow curly q, but the large, snow base of the hat which helps make it stand out so much. The narrow part of the curly q at the base of the hat looks even smaller because the snow part of the hat is so wide.

This Santa hat would capture a lot of attention and comments from those fortunate enough to see someone wearing one.

Red Santa Hat

Curly Q Santa Hat
Curly Q Santa Hat | Source

Santa Hat with Leopard Design

Some may wonder why a person would wear a Santa hat with a leopard design in place of the usual white parts used to represent snow, and the reason would be, beyond wanting to wear something different to attract attention, would also be to go with a cute outfit one would have in mind.

You can see that slightly in the photo below with the leopard print top worn by this woman.

Another unique feature of this hat, contrary to most of the others in this article, is the way it lays flat on the face. That does look nice here, and doesn't take away at all from the overall look of the leopard print Santa hat.

Leopard Santa Hat

Leopard Santa Hat
Leopard Santa Hat | Source

Spiral Santa Hat

What a fun Santa hat here, with the spiral effect enabled by wire within the hat. That means a number of designs should be able to be made with this hat, making it even more interesting and humorous to wear.

Who knows what design you may wear from hour to hour if you want to occasionally change it during the day or night while you're with family or friends.

As it is shown in this photo is good enough for most though, as it's spiraling design and action offers a unique Santa hat to delight all those at the party or gathering.

Even so, you can see how with a few alterations to the wire within the hat, you could create some interesting effects to make it compelling at different times, or make it to your own personal preference.

Curly Santa Hat

Spiral Santa Hat
Spiral Santa Hat | Source

Curly Santa Hat

Santa Hat Collection

As you can see from the many Santa hats shown in this article, it's almost endless as to the variety of options available to someone looking for unique head wear during the Christmas holiday.

And as mentioned earlier, this is just the tip of the iceberg as to how many different versions of a Santa hat are out there, and the vast majority of them look terrific.

So if you're looking for something a little different to wear on Christmas day or at holiday gatherings, a novelty and/or unique Santa hat is one of the first things you should look at.


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    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 3 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      You have sure found some fun Santa hats. Ny favorite is the spiral one.

    • Shasti Shastipet profile image

      Shasti Shastipet 4 years ago

      Hats can be sexy!

      I like the cute hats here