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Unusual Handmade Gifts from India

Updated on March 13, 2015

Unusual Gifts Handmade from India

India has a rich heritage in culture and handicrafts, here we bring brings to you unusual gifts handmade by some of the finest artisans of India. The skills displayed by these artisans have been passed down in the family through several generations. When you use their creations, you can almost feel the soul of India. A gift is not just an item to show ones gratitude, but is much more than of that. It is not just a token of love & care but also a mean to express you true feelings of care, love, responsibility, thankfulness and best wishes for life towards your love ones. Here you can find some unusual gift ideas, because people around you are very important and special to you, and they deserve some very meaningful & unique gifts.

Unusual Christmas Gifts Handmade from India

Christmas is near and all are looking for unique and memorable gifts to give to their friends and family. Here handmade in India gifts are particularly unusual and they have left a lasting impact on the recipients. people will fascinate with craftmanship of these gift items.

Gift Idea Items

Clothing, Jewelry, Home Decor, Sculptures & Statues

The people who like ethnic or fashionable look for them can be gifted any clothing accessory like; muffler, scarf, stole, tie etc. or can be a semi-precious gemstone silver jewelry or fashion jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, pendants or amulets, brooch pins etc.

People who like decorative home styles or love to style their home can be gifted home decor items like: bedsheets, cushion covers, bedspreads, table linens, sculptures, statues, wall tapestries, folk art paintings and other hanging decors etc.

People who like to spend time for entertainment can be gifted items like: musical instruments, games, music or films cds, books (novels, biographies, fiction-play) etc.

Handmade Indian Jewelry a Perfact Gift Idea

In India jewelry ornaments are worn on almost every part of the body. In ancient times all men and women used to wear rings, necklaces, and anklets made of metals, bones and crude gem stones. As artisans began to develop more advanced techniques in jewelry making, they mastered the skills of polishing metals and carving & polishing gemstones. They extracted gems and semi-precious stones from the mines. Rulers and kings wore elaborate jewelry, hoping to make themselves look like powerful gods. Most of their adornments were made of precious stones and gold and were proudly displayed in their crowns, chains, anklets, and rings. There is number of jewelry pieces Indian women wears. It ranges from maang-tika to necklaces, earrings to nose-pins, waistbands, bangles, bracelets, armlets, nupurs, anklets, toe-rings, rings, slave-bracelets etc. They have adorned themselves with diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and other precious stones for thousands of years.

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