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Unusual Twilight Gifts - For the TwiHard who has Everything!

Updated on January 20, 2013

10 Twilight Gift Ideas for the Ultimate TwiFan!

Find ideas for 10 Unusual Twilight Gifts!

Looking for a gift for the ultimate Twilight fan in your life, but stuck because they have, well, EVERYTHING?

Then find something right here on this page that is sure to bring a smile to the face of any TwiHard.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate Christmas gift for your Twilight fan, a Cullen birthday surprise or an inexpensive Twilight stocking stuffer, there are lots of ideas below for unique, unusual and special Twilight gifts.

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1. Twilight Paper Bag and Scrapbook Albums

There are some beautiful handmade Twilight scrapbook albums available from sites such as eBay and Etsy. They range from complete books with embellished pages filled with Twilight quotes and pictures, to themed books such as The Wedding of Bella and Edward or the Cullen Family Album.

They can range in size from small little booklets of a few pages, to more complex books with tons of pages and pockets full of extra goodies.

Paper Bag albums are mini scrapbook albums made out of paper bags! Several bags are usually fixed together to make a book, decorated and then embellished.

These albums are generally one-of-a-kind creations, so if you want to give a really special and unique gift that no one else will have, then this is a great choice!

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2. Twilight Artwork

It's fair to say that most teenage (and even adult!) Twilight fans' walls will be adorned with Twilight posters. So give them something a bit more impressive to hang above their bed - an Edward Cullen painting, a sweeping Twilight canvas, or how about an original drawing?

There are often both original giclee canvas paintings and canvas prints available, so you don't have to break the bank. If you pick a high-quality artist who has created an eye-catching scene or portrait, then you're on your way to giving a fantastic Twilight gift!

Buy Decal
Buy Decal

3. Twilight ACEOs

ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals, and these collectable artworks also go by the name of ATC, or Artist's Trading Card, which is where the trend began. They are small pieces of artwork measuring 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, and you can either buy originals, limited edition prints or open edition prints. You can find out more about what these cards are and their history in the article What is an ACEO or ATC?

You can find Twilight ACEOs for sale by artists on eBay - an original will cost you more than a print, but price will vary depending on the quality of the artist's work and whether they have established a following of fans who like to bid on their items.

Buy your TwiHard an ACEO of Edward, Bella, Jacob or another of their favourite characters - choose from paintings or moody pencil sketches!

Buy Twilight Chocolate
Buy Twilight Chocolate

4. Twilight Cook Book

Does the TwiHard in your life love to cook? Are they a fan of cupcakes, or always wanting to throw a Twilight-themed party? Then this would make the ideal gift!

Love at First Bite: The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook
Love at First Bite: The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook

Intertwined in the pages of Love at First Bite, you will find Bell's Lasagna, Harry's Famous Fish Fry, Mushroom Ravioli, Blushing Bella Punch, just to name a few.

Your senses will be filled deep with the sweet aroma of mouthwatering I Dare You to Eat Pizza Edward, and sinfully delicious Red Velvet Cake. You know when the rooster crows, it is time to awaken your sense of taste and take a Bite at Dawn to Lemon Blueberry cake, Plum Pecan Waffles, or Grand Slam Sundae.

Red juicy ripe vine tomatoes marinated in raspberry vinaigrette tempts the taste buds and is a featured salad in the There Are Cold Cut Sandwiches in the Fridge section. Pucker up and take a long cool sip of Sparkling Honey Lemonade in a citrus salt rimmed glass, one of the virgin recipes found in the beverage chapter.

Give into your epicurean temptation and take a bite into Love at First Bite: the Unofficial Twilight Cookbook. The recipes will leave you breathless and hungry for more. Besides luscious recipes, you'll also find cast lists for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, as well a Twilight Party Planning Checklist, Bella's Prom Planner, and tons of trivia. Also find invaluable resources on upcoming Unofficial Twilight Conventions, Twilight Cooking Classes and more.


There are tons of mainstream Twilight items out there on the high street, from jewelry to home décor, stationery to replica props. So if you want to give something completely unique and different, why not turn to one of the gifted artisans on eBay or Etsy and find a handmade item instead?

From ornate bookmarks to decorated boxes, photo frames to Christmas ornaments, stand out from the vampire crowd and find a truly one-of-a-kind Twilight present!

Buy Decal
Buy Decal

5. Handmade Twilight Accessories

Buy Edward!
Buy Edward!

6. Twilight Autographs

Another great gift idea is to find an autographed photo or other item, signed by your Twilight fan's favourite character!

There is a wide choice available, from signed Twilight photos and memorabilia to autographed candid shots of the cast. Here are some ideas for signed photos:

Genuine Signed Twilight Photos from the Official Merchandisers

Always make sure you are buying a genuine autograph! If in doubt, ask the seller as many questions as possible about the item. Ideally look for autographs with a COA (certificate of authenticity) but remember, these can be faked too. The best thing to do is buy from a reputable seller.

Creation Entertainment are an officially licensed merchandiser for Twilight and organize the many official Twilight conventions, so you know that all the autographs in their eBay store are genuine.

Buy Jacob Poster
Buy Jacob Poster

7. Twilight Replica Props

Replica Props, Clothing and Bedding

With genuine Twilight props impossible to find, replica props are the next best thing. There are lots of items around, with some of the jewelry in plentiful supply both online and on the high street. So what to choose in terms of something that little bit extra special?

Here is my pick of the best - I've spotlighted my two favourite items below and then added a few extra ideas underneath, plus where to hunt down replicas on eBay,

Bella's Party Dress

If you're buying for a Twilight girl who loves to dress up, then this design is perfect - it's an authentic prop replica of the dress Bella wears to her birthday party at the Cullens' in New Moon.

Twilight: New Moon Bella's Green Birthday Party Dress
Twilight: New Moon Bella's Green Birthday Party Dress

This beautiful green dress is an authentic replica of the one that Kristen Stewart wore in the movie. Wear it as a costume or to a special occasion.

* Authentic Prop Replica

* As worn by Bella Swan in the movie New Moon

* Beautiful green dress

* Runs small

* See "More Buying Choices" for available sizes


Twilight Bedding Set - Bella's Comforter

Any Twilight fan will LOVE this bedding set - it's an exact match for the one Bella has in her bedroom at Charlie's in Forks.

100% Cotton Flocked Comforter Set, Full/Queen size - Purple
100% Cotton Flocked Comforter Set, Full/Queen size - Purple

Sleep in the exact same purple flocked comforter set that Bella has in her bedroom in Forks!

* Weave Type: Plain

* Fabric Treatment: Flocked

* Bed Topper Features: Jump and Tack Quilting

* Bedskirt Features: 15" Drop

* Includes: 1 Sham included in Twin/Twin XL set, 2 Shams included in Full, Queen, King, Cal King set, Comforter, Bedskirt

* Polyester

* Fiber Content: 100 % Cotton

* Number of Pieces: 4

* Care and Cleaning: Dry Clean


Carved Wooden Wolf Charm

Perfect for making customized Twilight jewelry or any piece of altered art or handmade décor with a Jacob or wolf pack theme!

Buy Jewelry Box
Buy Jewelry Box

8. Handmade Twilight Jewelry

There are lots of pieces of Twilight jewelry available including many prop replicas of the jewelry worn by Bella and the Cullens in the movies.

The range of handmade items inspired by the movie are often extremely beautiful and intricately made, so it is definitely worth checking out this avenue of Twilight jewels for that extra special gift!

Wood Wolf Charm with Sterling Silver Hardware
Wood Wolf Charm with Sterling Silver Hardware

This hand-carved wooden wolf charm attaches securely to your bracelet with a wire-wrapped sterling-silver headpin and 4.5mm sterling silver split-ring. No tools required. The headpin is inserted from the belly of the wolf through to the wolf's back, and then wire-wrapped.

Some sellers glue base metal wire into the wood and leave a simple base metal eyepin for attaching, which can come loose under stress or if the charm gets wet. If you buy the cheap charm first, you'll be back for the well-made one later!

Buy Twilight Temporary Tattoo
Buy Twilight Temporary Tattoo

9. Custom and Personalized Twilight Accessories

Personalizable Twilight Kindle Skin

Amazon also have a range of customizable and personalized Twilight items available, such as this super cool Twilight skin for the latest generation Kindle - read the electronic edition of The Twilight Saga in style! Edward and Jacob designs also available.

Skinit Kindle Skin (Fits Kindle Keyboard), Twilight Eclipse - Love Triangle
Skinit Kindle Skin (Fits Kindle Keyboard), Twilight Eclipse - Love Triangle

Skinit skins are a vinyl product that perfectly fit the 6” display, latest generation Kindle! Skinit features a variety of designs across NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF teams as well as Twilight and Disney. Skinit Skins are designed to be easily removed from your Kindle without leaving any residue.

* Designed to fit the latest generation, 6" display Kindle

* Skinit has hundreds of high resolution designs, famous brand names in sports, entertainment, and art, and the special Customizer tool that

lets you use design elements, select text, and upload your own images to create an entirely personalized skins

* The freedom of choice is yours at Skinit, so feel free to step away from the crowd and Express Yourself!

* Skinit skins protect all the devices with our durable scratch resistant applique

Buy Edward Poster
Buy Edward Poster

10. Tickets to a Twilight Convention

Want to give a Twilight gift that will never be forgotten? How about a ticket to a Twilight convention!

The official Twilight convention tour continues throughout the USA during 2010-2011, courtesy of Creation Entertainment. The company has been running events and selling official merchandise for years (also dealing with the likes of Star Trek, Firefly, Xena, Supernatural, Farscape and Gossip Girl) and their conventions include star guests from the Twilight movies, parties, Q&A's with the stars, competitions, merchandise stalls, autograph signings, photo ops with the stars and much more.

You can find all the info and tour dates on their website Official Twilight Conventions Tour.

Twilight fans in the UK can also enjoy the Twi con fun, with the unofficial conventions held by Eternal Twilight. The latest event, Eternal Twilight 5, is scheduled for February 2011. The events are held in Birmingham and as with the Creation cons, they include autograph signings, photo ops, balls and parties.

You can find all the information you need on the organisers' website Massive Events.

Both companies offer a range of pricing, from standard tickets to Silver and Gold packages. Eternal Twilight offer a special, highly limited VIP package also.

You can also pick up tickets for sale on eBay:

The Best Unusual Twilight Gifts Idea?

Which was your favourite gift suggestion, either for yourself or someone else? Which would you buy?

The best idea for an unusual Twilight gift is...

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Unusual Twilight Gifts - What's on your Wishlist? - Please leave your feedback and comments here!

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    • love4randomness1 profile image

      love4randomness1 6 years ago

      Great lens and great gift ideas! I am definitely a Twi-hard! Squid-liked :) Maybe you can check out this really cool lens I just wrote called How to plan the perfect Twilight wedding. Hugs

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      Wow! These really are unique Twilight gifts! I love the wolf charm, but I am still on Team Edward. I just like wolves! LOL

    • profile image

      ohcaroline 7 years ago

      These are some unique gift ideas. I'm sure someone would like to own any of them.

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

      You've come up with some wonderfully original Twilight gift ideas here. That green dress is gorgeous!

    • Lou165 profile image

      Lou165 7 years ago from Australia

      Some awesome Twilight gift ideas, am lensrolling to my Twilight gift shop lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Fantastic ideas! I love all things Twilight, and you have found some great ones!