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Upcycle Old Books - 4 Great Projects For Christmas Decorations

Updated on October 4, 2015

Upcycle Old Books - 4 Great Projects For Christmas Decorations

This is the second hub I've written to give you some options when a book has served it's purpose and is no longer wanted. Rather than it ending up being thrown away, consider using the pages for Christmas decorations. Below you'll find 4 great uses for holiday decor.

1. Polish Star, Porcupine Ball, Paper Star Urchin

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandmother making paper stars. Even though I helped her, I've not been able to recall how she did this until I came upon some pictures and instructions on the Internet. Grandma's stars were usually silver and I believe they were made from aluminum foil. I also remember using a pencil to shape the spikes.

Fifty years ago, books simply were not discarded and pretty much considered sacred. But now, we find ourselves overrun with outdated and unwanted books, some of which have some very colorful pages.

Herein lies the secret to some beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments. The example for the star I've used was taken from a garden book. Naturally, many pages in the book would involve shades of green.

These ornaments could also be done simply by using the black and white printing in non-illustrated books, but I thought using pages from books that include your particular color scheme for the holidays would make for some awesome stars.

2. Tabletop Christmas Tree

I also remember making a Christmas tree out of an old Reader's Digest magazine when I was young. There again, now there's a plethora of books from which to choose. I thought this particular one was very pretty with only the edges being tipped green. Sizes and colors can vary depending upon your color scheme and preferences. has very easy-to-follow steps on creating this craft.


I thought this wreath would be pretty simple for even novice crafters. It's very inexpensive to make, yet looks sophisticated enough to be the center of attention on any wall. Even though this is used as a Christmas wreath, it could be used year round with a few minor adjustments. has full instructions and patterns.


Who of us when we were kids in school, didn't make a paper chain garland out of construction paper at Christmastime? Well, using book pages, has some wonderful instructions for the beautiful mantle decor in the photo I've included. The second photo shows how it actually looks on a Christmas tree and it is simply gorgeous. Again, black and white print doesn't necessarily have to be used. Imagine an illustrated book using the colors of your choice.


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