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Valentine Day Gifts for Men

Updated on January 15, 2015

What is the best thing to buy for a man for Valentine's Day?

What can I buy my man for Valentine's day? It's hard to come up with romantic gifts for guys. Chocolates, cologne, flowers and jewelry are all great valentine's day gifts for women and while some of those things will work for men they are not great choices.

So this page will hopefully help you figure out what you can buy for your boyfriend or husband this Valentine's Day that will show him not only that you love him, but that you put in quite a bit of effort choosing the perfect gift for him.

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The new relationship

Do you give or receive Valentine gifts

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What can I buy a man I don't know very well for Valentine's?

In a new relationship you may not know that much about what your man already has and his particular likes but you will know what he likes to eat, which football team he supports and what his favorite color is so you have something to begin with. It's also a good idea to go for something simple and inexpensive - you don't want to scare him or embarrass him if he had bought you a small gift.

Consider things like supporter gear, perhaps a football scarf or phone cover, a gift pack of his favorite chocolate - it's not just for girls you know lol or even a bottle of spirits or even some craft beer

Love Tokens

Love Tokens - Set of 10
Love Tokens - Set of 10

Sneak a token in his pocket or under his pillow - reusable and well made

Check out more photos of these Love Tokens


Get him the latest season of a TV show you know he loves

The newly weds

What to buy your new husband for Valentine's day

So you have done all the corny new love type gifts and you know him pretty well buy now so buy him something that indulges one of his passions. If he loves to read maybe upgrade his e-reader or buy him a new e-reader case. If he loves coffee a new coffee machinewould be cool. If he is into active sports some in-ear headphone that stay in your ear when you run so he can listen to music while he works out would be appreciated. If he is a do it yourself sort of guy spoil him with a home brewing kit.

Craft Brewing Kit

Nothing says I love you like here honey have some beer

Craft Beer Brewing Starter Kit - Hefeweizen (Wheat Beer)
Craft Beer Brewing Starter Kit - Hefeweizen (Wheat Beer)

This kit includes everything needed to start brewing your own beer from scratch.

More home brewing kits


Stainless Steel Men's Bracelet

Together forever types

Your never past it for Valentine's day

OK so you have been together for ages and your love life is a bit ho-hum... why not use Valentine's day to re-inject some romance in your life. Yes it's commercial and he knows you love him but I bet he will love the surprise :-)

Play a romantic game

An Enchanted Evening - A Beautiful Game for a Couple to Share
An Enchanted Evening - A Beautiful Game for a Couple to Share

Follow the instructions on the cards, talk, touch and play. A game that will encourage intimacy.

View the full range of games for adults on Amazon


Listen to a clever dog say I love you - Why? Why not?

What did you buy your partner for Valentine's day - Share your best Valentine's gift idea

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