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Valentine Day Gifts Him

Updated on January 23, 2015

What Do You Give a Guy for Valentines Day?

It's funny but quite often it can seem an impossible task to figure out exactly what to give a certain man on Valentines Day that he'll actually like. Now that's not to say most men are impossible to buy for, quite the opposite. But some are tougher than others.

In the image on the left of the boxes of screws for instance, what might seem the most unlikely of gift ideas can actually turn out to be a better bet than some things you might thinks of. While you probably won't find screws the most romantic of gifts, there are some things that would surprise you!

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So rather than take the well worn easy route of giving a bottle of the latest fashion cologne or some other popular men's cosmetic product, widen your scope and take a look at some more practical things. You might surprise yourself as much as him on the day!

Valentine Gift Ideas: Him

It depends a lot on your man of course and what he likes and doesn't like. You'd know best or at least you should do! But many men would rather receive a gift of something more practical than something that will make them smell nice.

Here are some ideas in that direction:

If he's into sports, either as a player or a keen spectator, there are tons of accessories that you'll find on sale for maybe his favorite football team or other sport that he'd love to own.

If he likes gardening a lot, there might be a certain tool he needs or an accessory that he might not have thought of to get himself but it would really make him smile.

If he's an avid collector, you could find out what he really wants to add to his collection and try and find it for him. Checking out eBay can often turn up vintage or antique items that you won't otherwise find in the stores.

If he has a hobby that he's very keen on, there is sure to be an accessory or product that will match his interest and make a great gift idea.

Or you could simply ask him outright what he would like as a gift. That might surprise you, but a lot of guys are pretty logical in that respect and won't find it to be odd that you'd ask them what they'd like as a gift. Many would be happy that you did!

Valentines Gift Ideas for the Sports Fan

Here is just a short list of ideas for sports fans who might like something a little different this Valentines Day.

Does Your Man Prefer Practical Gifts on Valentines Day?

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Valentines Gift Ideas for the Gardener

Here is just a short list of ideas for gardeners who might be pleasantly surprised at your ingenuity at conjuring up something different this Valentines Day.

Valentines Gift Ideas for the Hobbyist

Men with hobbies can get a lot more excited about a gift of a great new hobby tool than a bottle of scent for Valentines Day!

Collectables and Vintage Gift Ideas on eBay

Oh yeah, some guys love to collect vintage or antique stuff, so if this is a great idea for your man, check out some of the ideas below:

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