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Top 10 Valentine Day Surprise Proposals

Updated on July 6, 2014

Best Valentine's Day Gift - By a Mile!

What were you planning on getting your girlfriend for Valentine's Day? Roses? A nice box of Godiva chocolates? Why not surprise her with a gift that she, overtly or secretly, really wants? What could that possibly be you ask? Please. I was a girlfriend for 6 years and every Valentine's Day, while I did get nice jewelry, I wanted a ring. Not just any ring. THE ring. You know, the one with a pretty diamond in the middle and the all-important question attached to it. And, what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a surprise marriage proposal?!

My husband (then boyfriend) teased me relentless me for months. He would lean over at dinner, clear his throat and say, "Sweetheart ..... will you .... pass the salt?" Ugh! The suspense was killing me! And, no doubt, it is eating up your girlfriend, too.

Now, you *could* just hand her a ring, but why not go for the gusto?! Live a little. Make it memorable?!

Here's a little-known tip: women LOVE to be able to brag to EVERYONE in their office about how amazing you are! (If you ask, we will deny this fact until we are blue in the face, but it IS true!) Give her some massive bragging rights - a Valentine Day Surprise Proposal!

10. Get the Waiter's Help

Tried and true, this Valentine's Day proposal is not for the faint of heart. Sure, the waiter does all the work, painting the words, "Will you marry me" in chocolate along the edge of a dessert plate, but you have to kneel down in a crowded restaurant on Valentine's day! You can do it!

9. Scavenger Hunt

If you have one of those girlfriends that is bugging you for a ring on Valentine's Day, surprise her or, at the very least, hold her in suspense. Plan a scavenger hunt; make her work for that ring. Hide clues over the house, the backyard, heck, the whole neighborhood. Have fun and make it memorable!

8. Say It With Flowers

Sure, everyone sends roses on Valentine's Day. I once worked in an office with a girl who had a much more creative suitor. He sent one rose at 9 a.m. with a white card and the word "Will". An hour later, another rose and the word "You" arrived. Another hour past, the entire building knew what was coming, "Marry". At noon, he arrived, in full tux, with the last rose and said, "Me".

Totally cool experience and I wasn't the one getting married!

7. On the Dance Floor

A classic, debonnaire move is to take your girlfriend out for a night of dinner and dancing. Once on the dance floor, the D.J. can play your pre-arranged song as you drop to one knee and truly sweep her off her feet. Just, please. Not "Baby Got Back", ok?!

6. Better Yet, Dance With a Flash Mob

If you have time to pull off an extraordinaire Valentine's Day surprise like a flash mob proposal, like this one, DO IT!! Not only will your (new) fiancee be talking about it forever, so will everyone you know!

Have You Seen This One?

5. Skywriter Anyone?

Everyone strains their neck to see them in the sky. What message do they bear? The guy below used a skywriter to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes, but I think everyone in the park would have taken him up on his offer if she didn't!

Up in the Sky ....

4. Go See a Movie

Another classic, yet creative Valentine's engagement idea is to take your Valentine on a movie date. Be sure to arrive early enough to catch all the commercials and previews. You can pre-arrange with the manager for a display ad asking your loved one to marry you. Always a winner!

3. Glow in the Dark

Personally, I think this idea is hysterical, in a good way. Your girlfriend, after enjoying a romantic Valentine's Day with you rests her weary head on her pillow. She had a nice evening, but is slightly disappointed not to have received a ring. Once you turn off the lights and her eyes re-adjust to the dark, she realizes that your valentine surprise is glowing on the ceiling. Yup. Glow in the dark stars are stuck to the ceiling to spell out: Will You Marry Me?

2. On the Ribbon Trail

Follow the thinking here: your beloved wakes up on Valentine's Day to find a red ribbon tied to her ring finger. She follows it through the sheets and out the bedroom door as it winds and backtracks thru the house/apartment in a seemingly random pattern until it arrives at a small white box. *gasp* Winning!!

1. Lip Sync Proposal

A lip sync, or lip dub, proposal is just a cool idea and one HECK of a surprise Valentine's day present! You need a ton of practice and can't exactly be afraid of crowds. This idea will get you a guaranteed yes, a ton of YouTube views and probably an invite to the local TV news station. Go big or go home, right?!

Warning: This May Make You Cry! So Awesome!

Know About An Amazing Proposal? We Wanna Know!

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    • profile image

      Jennywrites 4 years ago

      Love this lens! I'm such a hopeless romantic! I would love any proposal planned out. I remember siting about 6 seats away from someone who had proposed to his girlfriend during a Mets Game! Came up on the scoreboard, and then the Cameras went on the couple. They never did show it on TV, but it was during a commercial, and it was still shared with TONS of people at the stadium! Even had some fireworks when she said yes. Very nice!!

    • Cushk profile image

      Cushk 4 years ago

      That lip sync proposal is one of my fave proposal videos. I love this.