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13 Cute Valentine Decorations and Party Ideas

Updated on January 28, 2014

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day must be right around the corner. Throwing a Valentine’s Day party? Hopefully you got a head start on the planning because as with any party, there is a lot involved!

Throwing a Valentine’s Day party is unlike throwing an average party; it is very recommended that it is well-decorated for such occasion. Without having an all-out Valentine theme, the party just wouldn’t have the feel of Valentine’s Day.

Having the right decorations can mean the difference between Cupid hooking your single friends up at your party, and hearing nothing but crickets chirping in what should be a dance room.

When it comes to Valentine decorations, a few things that may come to mind are red, white, hearts, roses, lace and chocolate. (Okay, chocolate isn’t exactly a decoration...and wouldn’t last long as a decoration either…)

Decoration Ideas

Valentine decorations can be really fun to make, and aren’t typically too expensive to buy from a store. Of course, if you want to go extravagant, it can get pricey but the Valentine decorations will be as simple or elegant as your budget allows.


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  • Balloons and streamers: Balloons and streamers typically work for any party theme and don’t break the bank. Mix it up a little by purchasing balloons that are heart-shaped or ones that contain Valentine messages and prints. Instead of normal streamers, you can purchase lace by the yard at many craft stores and swag this around the room instead.

  • Sweethearts: Everyone knows this classic candy. Whether you buy the actual candy (which you should) and use it as confetti table decoration, or decide to make your own out of paper to hang all around, these need to be somewhere at your party. If you make your own, customize the messages on the heart to suit your guests!

  • Valentine cards: What would a Valentine’s Day party be without Valentine cards? These not only make cute decorations, but great “thank you” cards as well!

  • Roses: Roses should be everywhere--red ones. Bouquets in vases and petals throughout! Make sure you have enough roses so that each lady who attends can take one home as a favor.

  • Tulle: Using white, red or black tulle to decorate the party space can add a very classy, inexpensive touch to any Valentine’s Day party. Use it to spice up those bare corners, in doorways, and swag it from the center of the room to each corner for a canopy effect. Tulle can be purchased in rolls or by the yard at any craft store.

  • Table centerpieces: Party decorations call for table centerpieces, period. For Valentine’s day, anything edible and chocolate works perfectly. Fondue fountains with fruity favorites are always a winning centerpiece. Chocolate sculptures on a platter surrounded with chocolates or chocolate-covered strawberries make for a really nice decoration as well.

  • Edible Arrangements: If you haven’t heard of them, this is a business that has many locations and they make, well, edible flower arrangements out of fruit and chocolate! They are delicious and decorative and will save you time!

  • Cupid: What would a Valentine’s Day party be without Cupid himself? Whether you convince a (hot) friend to dress up and prance about in his skivvies, or have a decoration hanging up somewhere, there needs to be a cupid!

Valentine Party Ideas

Now that you have your Valentine decorations ready for your party, it's time to think of some cute Valentine's Day party games and activities! No Valentine's Day party is complete without a few of these ideas your guests will fall in love with!

  • Kissing Cupid: Much like mistletoe at Christmas parties, hang a little cupid in a doorway somewhere and if two people find themselves underneath it, they must kiss!

  • The Dating Game: Party games never get old but with this party, think love games. Creating your own game for singles such as The Dating Game can be really fun!

  • Couples Dance: Having a couples dance is a must. Have Cupid walk around and match up some singles, maybe they’ll find love at last!

  • Photo Booth: Rent a photo booth for guests to entertain themselves and to have pictures to remember the day.

  • "Best Kiss" Contest: Have a “best kiss” photo contest and a ballot box for everyone to cast a vote. The winners will be crowned Mr. and Mrs./Miss Valentine!

DIY Valentine Decorations

Love is in the Air!

Valentine decorations are not a difficult thing to accomplish and can be a lot of fun to put up!

Have a pre-party-party with a few friends to help decorate while enjoying hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

Be careful when inviting couples to this pre-party, though, because you might end up finding the love birds standing under Cupid the entire time!


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