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How To Make A Valentine's Day Card

Updated on December 28, 2015

How You Can Make Cards For Valentine's Day

Funny cards, romantic cards, free cards - find them all on this page. You will find lots of different card making ideas so you can send a loving or a funny message to all your family and friends this Valentine's Day. I've also added some Valentine extras including games, cards, banners, coloring pages, and more. Did I mention that lots of these Valentine extras are free? Have a fun February 14th with your kids. There are crafts, cards, and more for you here.

How To Make A Valentine's Day Card

How To Make Pop Up Cards For Valentine's Day

Pop Up cards are always a popular card style to send to that special someone, and now you can learn how easy it is to make one yourself. It could have the words " I Love You" pop up or you could make a heart pop up... pick the one you like best and send it to your guy or gal. They are going to love the fact that you made this card yourself. The effort you put into this card will make this an extra special Valentine's Day!

How To Use Origami To Make A Card Or A Love Letter For Valentine's Day

Origami is an art form in which you fold paper into different shapes, usually flowers, hearts, animals ... a very famous origami shape is that of a crane. Origami originated in Japan and in Japanese culture cranes represent good fortune, honor, loyalty, and longevity.

Of course, since this page is about Valentine's Day we will be attempting to create a heart shape from folded paper. Other shapes that would be ideal for use on a Valentine are:

  • An Origami Rose
  • A Heart With An Arrow Going Through It
  • A Heart Paper Airplane
  • An Origami Heart With Wings
  • A Heart Origami Boat
  • An Origami Flower

Follow the link below to find out how to make these folded paper shapes. They are easy to make if you follow the step by step instructions given to you. It might take a little practice to get the hang of this art, but the results...your beautiful homemade card...will be more than worth it.

E-Cards Sent With Love

E-cards are the way of the future. With postage stamp prices going up and the increased use of the internet it's so easy to find free cards you can send online. On this page you will find lots of sources of free, funny, romantic, and fun e-cards.

Today we seem to be able to do almost everything online and that includes sending cards to our families, our friends, and our sweethearts!

Valentine's Day

I hope you found lots of great ideas for making or sending Valentine's Day cards this year. It's fun to get a loving message from a friend, a Mom, a kid, or a spouse anytime of the year, but it's a must on February 14th. Check out all the sources I've given you to find the perfect card and the perfect method so you can send a special message to your loved ones this year.

Keep scrolling down the page to find fun ideas for some Valentine's Day fun with your kids. Find out how to make:

  • A Valentine's Day Banner
  • A Heart Banner
  • A Valentine's Day Connect The Dots Game
  • A Bouquet Of Hearts Coloring Page To Print Out


Heart Banners


Connect The Dots


Bouquet Of Hearts To Color


Sending An I Love You Message On Valentine's Day

There are so many ways to send a message that says "I Love You" on Valentine's Day and you will find a lot of them on this page. I am sure you can use them to thrill your loved ones. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


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