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Valentine Games for Adults

Updated on December 3, 2017
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Grown Up Valentine Games for Adults, Groups and Couples

If you're planning an event full of grown up fun for Valentine's Day, don't forget to include adult party games.

Whether you're planning a romantic night for two or a fun-filled Valentine party for adults of all ages, you'll find plenty of grown up Valentine party games with adult themes here.

A few of these adult Valentine games might make you blush, but most will touch your heart or tickle your funny bone. Or somewhere else.

Who says kids should be the only ones to enjoy fun and games at Valentine parties? We think you'll love these adult Valentine games

Grown Up Games for Valentine Parties

Who says kids have the most fun at Valentine's Day parties? The trend these days is to throw a bash for adults to celebrate whether their coupled up or singles.

And what's more fun than getting together with friends for laughs, food and drinks especially if you are single and could be alone on a day when there's lots of romance in the air.

Senior centers and college groups alike plan celebrations for their communities on or around February 14, and here's just a sample of the type of games you may find on the agenda at your local or fraternal party.

Valentine's Day Printables
Valentine's Day Printables | Source

All Ages Party Fun

No matter what the age of adults attending a party, there are a few games that appeal to everyone. Karaoke is one party entertainment that gets people involved and happy. Even those who don't join in on the singing still like to listen and laugh along with the voluntary vocalists.

Wii games are another activity getting lots of attention for adult party entertainment. Seniors like the golf, bowling, tennis and other active games for the Wii as much as do younger players.

If you're hosting an outdoor Valentine party in a warmer climate, you can add some lawn games like croquet or corn hole toss with hearts and lots of red and white added to the game.

Tattoo parlor is a newer idea that's easy to do and gets lots of laughs. Set up a mirror, table and bowl of temporary tats along with water to apply and let guests experiment with love tattoos, then have a fashion competition with everyone voting for the most interesting or comical placement ...

Valentine's Day Adult Party Dinner
Valentine's Day Adult Party Dinner | Source
TABLETOPICS Family Gathering: Questions to Start Great Conversations
TABLETOPICS Family Gathering: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Conversation is the best entertainment, especially when you've lived more than a few decades and have memories that may only be part of history to younger party guests.

Spark memories and stir guests to share their thoughts about topics and issues suggested in this interesting game that won't embarrass but will delight players.


Seniors Love Valentine Party Fun

Just because they're a bit older doesn't mean seniors don't enjoy the antics of a party on Cupid's special holiday. A party is a reason to get dressed up to impress or flirt, make new friends and connect with others - a vital activity for older adults.

Games for seniors at a public gathering tend to be a bit less active and slightly less naughty than those for the younger set, but they're sure to encourage laughter and fun. Memory games, paper or board games, dancing, greeting card make/exchange and even a small gift exchange game are all appropriate and enjoyable at senior Valentine parties.

Bingo Games with a Cupid Theme

Despite the stereotype about bingo and seniors, it's a popular game for seniors as well as children, so find a Valentine theme game to print out for your party-goers and get the fun rolling.

Offer pink and red dot daubers or heart candies as bingo markers and embrace a Valentine marathon. If you award prizes that appeal to both sexes, you'll surely spark interest, even from the men. The blank Bingo card below awaits your finishing touches - fill in the squares with your own words or clip art images to create a custom adult Valentine Bingo game.

Valentine Bingo Printable Card
Valentine Bingo Printable Card | Source

Party Games Adults - Definitely not for kids, but fun with the right crowd or partner

Games in this section are for adults to play either as couples or in a group. They're sure to liven up your grown up Valentine's Day party.

Conversation Hearts Candy
Conversation Hearts Candy | Source

Valentine Fun for Couples - When the Party is Just for the Two of You

Private Valentine party entertainment for couples is oh so much more enjoyable when there's a special occasion involved.

What better day (other than an anniversary or special date night) or evening to play a just-for-you-two game than on February 14?

Games for Active Adults

Never mind those twenty-somethings with their sexy party games - the mature (!) grownup types like to indulge in more serious fun on Valentine's Day. Popular games for the 30-50 year old crowd often involve group activities like a scavenger hunt, team madlibs, pictionary or entertainment that involves alcohol.

Ever Popular Young Adult Jello Shooters
Ever Popular Young Adult Jello Shooters | Source

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