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Gifts for iPhone Enthusiasts

Updated on March 25, 2013

Apple Is Not Just a Brand Anymore - To Some It Has Become a Way of Life

And if your honey is one of 'those' poeple who cite Steve Jobs, knows his biography by heart, has maybe even tried eating carrots for a week in case he would experience enlightenment and most definetely owns at least an iPhone, you have definetely found the right place to search for a new toy for him.

My Confession

First of all I have to make a confession. And I hope, my dear readers, that you are safely and comfortably sitting behind your desk or on a sofe that you cannot fall off :)

I do not own a single Apple product (unless a sticker of their logo in my drawer counts). What?! How?! Why?! Then why are you writing this lens??

Well, yes, it is possible NOT to own an Apple product. Why? Because as a student I can't afford them at the moment and even if I could... well, let's just say I would invest my money differently :)

All of you Apple enthusiasts now probably read like this O.O or like this o.O,


MY BOYFRIEND OWNS IT, yes he does and when I see all this new stuff that can be combined, used, tested on it it fascinates me how people are innovative and that is also the reason why I decided to write a lens on all those awsome products and help you, my dear ladies, pick a gift for YOUR husband, boyfriend, dad or any other special guy in your life. Take a look ;)

MustHaves - For All iPhone Owners

Let's start with essentials (eventhough the majority of responsible iPhone owners has probably taken care of them) and make the iPhone safe from daily perils (like car keys stuffed into the same pocket as the phone) and personalize to be his, and his only, just the way he always wanted his phone to be.

There is even a solution if your honey enjoys water, either in form of an ocean, rain or just likes to take his phone to the shower (you never know, but I sure hope he takes you instead! :)

Here are some WONDERFUL ideas for your manly man and his phone.

Now That We've Covered the Base

Let's Take One Step Further

So the phone display is covered with an invisible protection and super personalized and you want to take one step further. As I have already said before Apple is a way of life and if you combine that with the fact that your man rarely goes anywhere without his phone it is smart to think about how can it be of even more use in what he does and how he spends his time. Is he an enthusiastic musician or maybe he just likes to listen to music? Maybe a photographer? A reporter? Lecturer? Or just likes to pamper his inner child? Yep, Apple thought about every-single-one of them.

Musician or Just Loves Music? - Both? No probs!

The well known ultra fancy white earphones to help him get away from the world outside on his way to work (not in the car, of course!), a gadget so he will enjoy playing the guitar even more and a silicon speaker if he likes things louder than loud. To each their own ;)

Amazing Gadget for Teachers, Lecturers, Businessmen - Or Just Those Who Like to Show Things, Not Just Talk About Them

Is that not a useful idea, or what?

Apple Iphone4 4s DLP Pocket Projector, 2100mAh External Power
Apple Iphone4 4s DLP Pocket Projector, 2100mAh External Power

As a future teacher (or at least lecturer) I find it very comforting that I do not have to worry whether tech support is going to be sufficient where I'll be lecturing. I just bring my iPhone (with my presentation on it), plug in the projector and Voila! no worries needed anymore :)


See It For Yourself ;)

For All Enthusiastic Photographers - (To Become)

Yeahh, now how cool is that? You can put the REAL lens on your iPhone camera, mount it onto fitted tripod, prevent from damaging it with special cover and in the end even print all the beautiful pictures you took. It doen't get any better, does it?

Oh, just be careful which iPhone you're buying it for ;)

For Big Boys Who Still Like Toys - Use Your Phone as a Remote Control

I mean... If I were a guy, I would want one of them too! Or maybe both...

Let's See What You like Most

Which Would You Have?

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    • profile image

      kimsowards 3 years ago

      Great Things.. Love them All... Great Lens too. Thanks...

    • Lilie profile image

      Lilie 4 years ago

      @takkhisa: Thank you :) and thanks for stopping by :)

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      Great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing :)