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Affordable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on April 19, 2013

A Day To Show Your Love

Stumped on what to give your love on Valentine's day? Today in 2013, we are all struggling with money problems. It can get especially stressful around the holidays. Gifts do NOT have to be extravagant and pricey. Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that you do not want to miss out on. For some reason, Valentine's Day is the most popular day to give flowers and chocolates. OH the chocolates!!! But you don't have to follow that gift theme. Flowers are expensive and don't even get me started on those chocolates. Don't worry and have no fear. You can celebrate Valentine's Day because I have gathered my most cute, alternative, easy, and affordable ideas all here for you to browse through. Be sure to share this lens/page with your friends and family. :)

If you want to know more about affordable gifts or do-it-yourself gifts then keep on reading. Remember gifts are just objects and your love is what's important. Too often we forget to tell people how much they mean to us. Valentine's Day gives us a chance to tell the people in our lives how much we love and appreciate them. Valentine's Day may also seem cheesy, but hey... It sure feels good to know that you are loved. :)

The Small Things

Before buying or doing anything, keep in mind of what their favorites are such as: color, flavors such as strawberry or vanilla etc, music, scents they love, hobbies, shapes as hearts or circles, or themes. Do they like sunny days or rainy days? Sunrise or star nights? Try to incorporate their favorite things into one when choosing/making a gift.


These gift ideas are extremely AFFORDABLE, CUTENESS OVERLOAD & RANDOM so grab a paper & pen to jot these ideas down! :D

A Book of Secrets

A book of secrets about the way you feel about your love. Number them and see how many secrets you can come up with. Maybe you love the way her hair smells, the way he smiles, the twinkle in their eyes, the sound of their laughter. Other secrets are "I rather secrets"

"I rather spend time working on our problems than start out new with somebody else."

Heart-Shaped Rocks

This gift may take you a few days or even weeks to find. Heart-shaped rocks are rare to find, but they do exist. Heart-shaped rocks can be used as a paper weight, decoration, keep it by the windowsill, or keep it outside in a special place such as the front door step, by a tree, etc.

*I've never found one myself, but I as a kid, I always found perfectly TRIANGLE rocks. It is the strangest thing ever. I can say that I have found as many as 5 triangle rocks in my life time.

Heart or Triangle?


See results

Candy Tree

I'm sorry that I do not have instructions on how to make these candy trees, but my lens is mainly a page full of images to get you brainstorming. Even from looking at these images, it is pretty easy to tell what materials you will be needing to create them. Again, I am sorry and I do hope you enjoyed viewing these ideas & images.

Vintage Photo Collage

Before Valentine's day, take lots of pictures of your favorite moments or places. They can be a favorite restaurant that you and your loved one go to often, a sunset, your car, a music instrument, your kitchen, a cup of coffee, pets, clothes, nail polish, trees, a bicycle, etc. Before printing the photos, make sure to edit them with a vintage effect.

Photo Edit One Picture - Of Something That is Seen Everyday

As shown above, I edited this picture of my boyfriend and I at the mall. Of course, we always go to the mall, shopping, parks, movies etc. The special thing is that wherever we go, we are always holding hands. I wanted to capture that simple moment of us just holding hands. The other thing I wanted to capture was our outfits and our fashion style. Of course, you can take the photo any way you want. What do you and your love one usually do? Maybe take a picture of them sipping coffee. Like to go to the movies? Take a photo of both of your hands in a bucket of popcorn. Like sweets? A classic picture of 2 lovers sharing one drink with 2 straws is a popular pick. The ideas are endless! Get creative. There are always great moments to be captured.

I simply took the picture on my cell phone (samsung galaxy s2) and used one of my FREE photo editing apps. It took less than 2 minutes to edit. It turned out very nice and he really likes it too. :) Where I placed our names, I could edit it out and put in a cute quote instead but I'm leaving it as is.

I'll always have the option of editing it into anything I want like:

Happy Birthday,

I love you,

I love spending time with you,

I love it when we hold hands, etc.

I can print this photo and turn in to a valentine's day card, anniversary card, I miss you card, etc. I can also share it on social media such as facebook, instagram, and here on Squidoo! :)

Heart Photo Collage

Print your favorite pictures of you and your loved one and turn them into a heart collage. Easiest way to do this is to get a poster board, draw an outline of a heart then start filling it with pictures. When you get it to your desired look, start gluing or taping the pictures onto the heart outline. This heart photo collage can be for boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, grandmas, aunts, and even your pet. ;)

Ladybug Chocolate Strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are delicious and easy to make, but give them a twist and turn them into ladybugs! They are cute, different, and will be gobbled up in seconds.

Oh Baby!

11,000 is the average number of children conceived on Valentine's Day.

Give a Kiss or Many Kisses!

Please do not forget to kiss on Valentine's Day! :D Even if you're a bit afraid, a kiss on the cheek is a great start. :)

Chocolate Bouquet For Him

A great gift for him. Get all his favorite chocolate bars and tape them onto bamboo skewers.

Simple Jar with Colorful Sweets

Get a clear glass jar and fill it up with a colorful candy such as these colorful m&ms. To add an extra cuteness to this gift is to write a poem relating to the sweets that you are giving them!

Other COLORFUL sweets that may also go into clear jars are:



~Laffy Taffy

~Hershey Kisses

~Jelly Beans

~Sweet Tarts

~Jolly Ranchers


~Mini Jaw Breakers

~Small square gum or tic-tacs

Love Lock

This idea is inexpensive, but means a whole lot. Buy a lock, preferably with keys and find a fence. If possible, find a fence that hangs over water. Take your lock, keys, and your love to the fence. Prepare a speech... Something in the lines of "I promise to you that I will always be there for you." Take the lock and hook it around the fence then toss the keys into the water. If you want to personalize your lock then you can carve you and your love's initials onto the lock's surface. Another way to personalize the lock is to put an inexpensive ring, ribbon, or necklace through the loop of the lock. If ever apart, you or your love can always visit the fence and the love lock you two made there. SOOO cute.


Alternative to the Book of Secrets is a book of Famous Quotes by (their name)

Does your love tend to have a favorite word that they use all the time? Or maybe even a curse word? :P Make a book of all the things they ever said or as I like to call them "Famous Quotes." Think back to the first time you met them and what was the most hilarious or sweet thing they said to you? I'm pretty sure you will be able to come up with tons of all the funny, great, and sweet things that they have said and fill them in the book. Also be sure to leave some blank pages in your book so you can add more quotes in the future.

You can even write it in script format such as:

John: Your eyes look beautiful.

Kelly: Thank you, you look beautiful too.

John: But I'm not beautiful, I'm handsome.


Before Valentine's Day, gather up a bunch of your favorite love songs and burn them onto a CD. *Avoid the sad break-up songs.* Get a mixture of country music, foreign music, or their favorite artist. I recommend browsing through Taylor Swift's music. :) Get a bunch of colorful sharpie markers and decorate the blank CD. If they don't have a CD player, you can try to swipe their iPod and create a playlist of love songs.

Write a Song - Or Do A Cover Of Your Favorite Song

Do you play any instruments? How about writing them a love song? Even if you are not that great at it, give it a try & have fun with it. A song that you made yourself is free and from the heart. They'll appreciate the cheesy effort. ^--^ If not then do a cover on one of your favorite songs. The song 'Perfect Two' by Auburn is a popular guitar song. Be sure to check it out. :)

Bowl with Message on Bottom

Serve them a pile of strawberries, mac n cheese, their favorite sushi? Or something that covers the letters. Make sure they EAT it all! Because when they are finished eating, they will be presented with the cute message at the bottom of the bowl. :)

You can also put your anniversary numbers, good morning beautiful/handsome, I love you, happy valentine's day, or make it more personal by putting a quote from your inside jokes.

Shocking FAQ

53% of women will end their relationship if they don't receive something on Valentine's Day. :O

Do It Yourself Valentine's Day Card - with cute sayings/poems

Receiving a card that somebody made themselves from scratch is cute and means a lot. Some cute things you can write inside the card are:

~Letters start with ABC, Numbers start with 123, Music starts with do-re-mi, Love starts with you and me.

~Sitting next to you and doing absolutely nothing, means absolutely everything to me.

~What's Tigger without Pooh? What's Minnie without Mickey? What's Patrick without Spongebob? What's me without you?

~Roses are red, violets are blue. Nothing in this crazy world can keep me from loving you.

~Roses are red, violets are blue. I didn't start living, until I met you.

~Roses are red, violets are blue. My life will be hell if I didn't have you.

180 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually.

Valentine's Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

This is really simple & easy to do. You can use milk chocolate or white chocolate. If you want to add a pop of color to your pretzel rods then melt white chocolate then add food coloring and keep adding until you get your desired color. Coat the pretzels with pink sprinkles, heart-shaped sprinkles, colored sugar, or even chopped nuts.

Cute Messages in Random Places

Cut red & pink post-it notes into heart shapes then write cute little messages on them and post them in secret places thru out your love's car, room, kitchen, dresser, bathroom & if possible; workplace. Once they find these hearts & read them, it will brighten up their day on Valentine's Day.

Breakfast in Bed

Make heart-shaped eggs & toast! :)

Breakfast in Bed Poll

Have You Ever Made Somebody Breakfast?

See results

Valentine's Day Fruit Kebabs

For the weight watchers, instead of giving chocolate give fruit! Present these delicious and sweet fruits as a bouquet. All you need for this is bamboo skewers, a square or rectangle foam, heart-shaped or flower-shaped cookie cutters, and your choice of fruits: strawberries, pineapples, grapes, cantaloupe, kiwi, etc. For a small amount of chocolate, dip the strawberries in melted chocolate and then pop them in the fridge. Optional: pop a small marshmallow in the center of the strawberry kebab -- as shown in the photo.

Heart Shaped Strawberries & Green Cantaloupe

If you're on a tight budget, as you can see with just using 2 different fruits, you can create a very delicious and astonishing snack.

Or Heart-Shaped Fruit with Popsicle Sticks

If you can't get a hold of bamboo skewers or the foam then try this alternative. Use heart-shaped cutters to cut out watermelon or cantaloupe hearts then insert them through popsicle sticks. Serve with melted chocolate, yogurt, or pecans on colorful plates & bowls such as purple, red, pink, etc.


Swings are romantic and makes you feel ah-so-young again. Something about taking turns pushing each other is just so sweet. If you can possibly find a good thick branch that is just PERFECT for a swing then by all means grab some rope and turn that branch into a swing for your love. Before presenting your swing to them, blind fold them and make them take a seat. If this isn't possible then spending a day at the playground with swings already available is quite cute too. Nobody is ever too old to play at a playground. ;)


Sometimes we forget that a SECOND CHANCE is a gift. We are all humans and we make mistakes. Second chances exist so we can better ourselves. Have you ever wanted a second chance but never got it? You KNOW the feeling. Got into an argument with your sibling? Haven't talked to your mom/dad in awhile? Have a grudge on someone? Call them up on Valentin'es Day to let them know that you are willing to give them a second chance. Life is short and we shouldn't live life avoiding the people who love us.

Nail Polish!

For the guys, shopping for make-up can be the biggest challenge ever. Instead of buying make-up, go to the nail polish aisle and choose an array of colors. All girls, or most girls like nail polish. Wet n Wild's Megalast nail polish is a very affordable and great nail polish. The color payoff is incredible and there are many, many different colors to choose from. The best part is these Wet n Wild nail polishes only range from $2 and below! I personally got mines for $1.68 from Wal-Mart. I LOVE these nail polishes and highly recommend them to any girl.

My Nail Polish Collection <3

Aren't they beautiful?! There are way more colors, but I am still in the process of collecting them. :)

Beach In A Bottle

For the beach lovers, a beach inside a bottle has got to be the most awesome thing ever. You can do this yourself. All you need is an assortment of seashells, different sized seashells, small grain sand, and a glass bottle with a lid.

This can also be an 'excuse gift' as in "I'm sorry I couldn't take us to the beach, but I can bring the beach to you." then present them with the glass bottle. :) *Soo cute! Or "I promise to you that one day we will go to the beach so in the meantime you can enjoy this mini beach." Another is "Remember when we took ___ vacation at the beach? I stole some of it and here it is!" Either scenarios, I'm sure they will LOVE it.

Bamboo Heart-Shaped Plant

Instead of giving flowers, how about giving a bamboo plant instead? Flowers are expensive and usually die within a week. Bamboo plants on the other hand, are well worth the money because they are easy to take care of and beautiful to look at. They also make a great indoor plant with minimal care. Just don't over water the bamboo plants and don't keep them in direct sunlight. If they are available, find a bamboo plant that are made to shape like a heart to give to your love one on Valentine's Day. I'm so sure they will love it! :) A girl can give this as a gift too. He can put this bamboo plant in his office. Bamboo plants are usually sold in different sizes such as very small, small, medium, or large vases. Bamboo plants are a unique and gorgeous alternative for flowers.

*I'm going to buy my mom a bamboo plant because she doesn't like the scent of flowers plus she has very bad allergies.*

Giving Bamboo Plant or Flowers?

Are You Going to Give a Bamboo Plant or Stick with Flowers?

See results

Time Capsule

Have you ever seen the TV show called Lost? I'm sure you have because its a great show! If you remember in season one when Kate reminisced about her past and love, she & him (sorry I forgot his name) made a time capsule when they were __ years old. I'm estimating that it was 5 years ago. Well anyway, they buried the time capsule near a tree and __ years later when they met again unfortunately NOW Kate's love have a wife while Kate is single, but is still good friends with him. They dug up the time capsule and inside it was a tape recording of them talking about getting married, etc. I'm sorry I will update this lens with the correct info because that episode was sooo good.

You can make a time capsule and agree to a certain date that when you & your love will open together. Its quite interesting to look back on what you used to like or care about during that current time. If possible do a tape recording or write a letter. You don't necessarily have to bury the time capsule. Perhaps put in the the back of your closet and label it "OPEN IN 2016"

HEART Shaped Bacon - Yummy!

Who doesn't love bacon? Simply take a strip of bacon and shape it into a heart. Place it on a cooking sheet and broil. The heart shape should retain itself. If not then while they are cooking, check up on them to make sure they retain their shape as bacon does tend to curl up. Bacon is awesome and yummy and heart-shaped bacon is 10 times even more amazing!

Dye or Cut your HAIR!

How about getting a hair make-over? Buy bottles of do-it-yourself hair dye and spend Valentine's day coloring each other's hair. While you two wait for the hair dye to settle in, make home-made face masks and have a refreshing facial at home. If hair dye isn't your thing then you both can go and get a hair cut at the salon or if you trust each other handling scissors then by all means give each other a FREE hair cut. Even when Valentine's day is over, you both will have a NEW look. Have a great time and don't forget to take before and after pictures! :)

Fortune Cookies with Cute Messages

This has always been the cutest way to propose to someone! (& it'll be such a great story to tell over & over again)

If you're not yet ready to pop the big question then you can always substitute the fortune cookie slips with short poems such as Roses are red poems. Another cute idea is putting pick up lines. No matter how long you have been together with your bf/gf/partner/spouse don't ever forget to flirt with them. Flirting isn't just for single people. Go ahead and flirt away with your love. Its cute & they'll love it.

How To Make Homemade Fortune Cookies

Mug with Cute Messages

Paper Hearts

Give A Hug or Many Hugs!

Give A Hug or Many Hugs!

For some people (like me) giving people hugs is just so awkward. I never hug my brothers or sisters. Its just so plain weird to me. On Valentine's Day, challenge yourself to give out at least 1 or even 5 or 10 hugs. If you want to be silly, hold up a sign that says "Happy Valentine's Day. I give FREE HUGS!" Its cute and a sure way for you to meet new people. Hug your parents and your grand parents. Even if it is weird or awkward, you won't regret that hug later in the future. :) Valentine's Day gives us a great excuse to physically hug someone. Just say "Sorry I couldn't give you anything on Valentine's Day, but here's a hug, it's all I've got." xD Have fun with hugs. Hugs shouldn't be a chore. They are cute and people look great hugging and oh my... Even animals give each other hugs! Animals are definitely cute when they give each other hugs. ^__^

Other Advice :)

Even if you two have been together for a very long time, please do keep going on dates. Dates gives you two a chance to keep falling in love with each other. Don't give up on making date plans. Find time in your schedule for dates. Be silly. Give love and be loved.

Thank you for Viewing!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What an amazing idea for a gif

    • ladyyummy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @FashionMommy: You're welcome. Glad you liked. ;)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      great gift ideas! thank you for sharing :)

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      5 years ago

      great gift ideas! thank you for sharing :)

    • ladyyummy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @ViolaSuSi: Thank you for stopping by. ;D

    • ViolaSuSi profile image


      5 years ago

      Very nice tips. Love the idea of fortune cookies and that of beach in a bottle.

    • ladyyummy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Faye Rutledge: You're welcome! Have a wonderful Valentine's day to you also. :)

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 

      6 years ago from Concord VA

      I love these ideas for showing you care on Valentine's Day! Thanks for your visit and comment to my Valentine Lollipops lens. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

    • ladyyummy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Sunflower2423: Thank you! I want people to be able to celebrate vday without going broke :D &amp; because its really not about gifts, but more of Love. :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ohh.... very sweet gift ideas to express love and affection :).

    • Sunflower2423 profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens and some very good ideas for valentines day gift ideas.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Aww, very cute ideas! :)

    • am23g23 profile image


      6 years ago

      53% of women will break up if no gift huh I better hurry and grab one lol ... Nice lens!

    • LiteraryMind profile image

      Ellen Gregory 

      6 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Some really unusual ideas. I never heard of the love locks before. If I see a lock on a fence that isn't locking something, I will now know why it's there.

    • ladyyummy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @ClassyGals: Thank you for the blessing! &lt;3

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 

      6 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I loved these romantic gift ideas, especially enjoyed the romantic phrases to write in a Valentine card. Beautifully written lens. Angel Blessings**


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