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Valentine's LEGO Kits, Instructions, Ideas and Crafts

Updated on January 20, 2015

What Can You Build for Valentine's Day?

A Handmade LEGO Valentine!

So it's Valentine's Day and you want to build something out of LEGO. What do you build? How about building a LEGO heart, or spell out "I love you" for your sweetheart. Maybe you could build a LEGO jewelry box, or a HEART shape jewelry box.

As usual, with LEGO, there are endless possibilities.

You could use the LEGO bricks you have at home, go to your local LEGO store and pick up loose bricks or shop online to find the right pieces to start snapping together.

Check out my blog for more LEGO posts and ideas!

The bottom line is to be creative, and if you don't like what you build, break it down and start over!

How to Build a PINK LEGO Heart


This may seem like a VERY simple LEGO heart and it is! It is made out of all 1x1 Bricks and 2x2 Bricks available on in Pink.


Heart Shaped Box

I put together some guidelines for a small LEGO heart shaped jewelry box. It is not step by step instructions, but if you take look at the steps below, it is pretty simple to figure out how to build this heart.

Once built, you can decorate the top any way you wish. I like to use transparent or metallic LEGO pieces to decorate the top and use the tiny 1x1 slopes to give it a frilly edge. I use the 1x1 slopes as jewels as well.

The box is perfect to put a little jewelry gift inside!

LEGO Heart Box Instructions


Right click and save the instructions if you would like to print them.

Where to Buy LEGO Valentine Sets or Pieces has a seasonal category where you can shop for Valentine LEGO. Right now they have this really cute romantic dinner set!

Check out, for Valentine's LEGO, too!

Where Can I Get LEGO Parts?

If you want to build something you don't have the pieces you need, go to's Pick A Brick OR Parts Catalog is like the E-Bay for LEGO. It is a user supplied collection of individual stores that have their own policies, order minimum and shipping charges. Paypal is the preferred payment method.

You will have to select what you think the part is called and look through the pictures until you find it, then click on the item number. Next, click "Lots for Sale" and you will see a list of stores that carry the piece you selected.

You will have all sorts of search options and may want to do an advanced search, looking for items in your own country, new or used, or lowest price.

*Keep in mind, some parts are hard to find and aren't made any more, so you may have to pay a premium or make a substitution.

LEGO Stores, LEGOLAND theme parks and LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, are good places to go to get LEGO parts, too, if you happen to have one nearby.

LEGOLAND theme parks in Carlsbad, CA and Winter Haven, FL offer Shoppers Passess where you can go in and shop for 1 hour, without paying admission fees!

Make Your Valentine Out of DUPLO

These are DUPLO pieces from the new zoo and safari sets. We don't have tons of DUPLO bricks, yet, but we are working on it! Regardless, we were still able to throw something together that is sitting on my table, now.

I could make it a little bulkier, which might make it strong enough so that I could hang it on the wall, but I have to see if I have the pieces...

LEGO Mosaic Idea

LEGO Heart Mosaic for Valentines
LEGO Heart Mosaic for Valentines

For this project, you will need a base plate and a little inspiration.

I chose a 32x32 baseplate (32 LEGO studs wide and deep).

I started with a very simple idea of hearts for Valentine's Day. I decided to give one of my hearts yellow wings and put a black border around the outside of my base plate.

White makes a great background for my imagery, but it was a little too plain, so I added a little artistic checkerboard at the bottom.

This would make a great Valentine's gift or decoration!

LEGO Valentine Card Kit


Of Course You Can Buy the LEGO Valentine Kits on Amazon


This is a great alternative or addition to the traditional Valentines roses.


Valentine LEGO on eBay

Not only do they sell the few sets that are available on eBay, but LEGO builders sell jewelry, roses and other already made LEGO models on there as well!

eBay is perfect if you are not feeling so creative, yourself, or if you just want to see some ideas.


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