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Valentine Day Gift Ideas

Updated on February 4, 2011

Gifting with Diamonds

Diamonds are girls’ favorite thing and they are a sign of commitment when offered as a gift during Valentine. When you think about diamond as a gift remember their journeys started millions of years ago. The diamonds were made 300 km below the ground by extreme pressure and temperature of 1300 Celsius during volcanic eruptions. The rock containing diamond is known as Kimberlite. Mining diamonds is done in any of the three different ways. Digging in the Kimberlite, panning for the diamonds or using powerful jets of water.

Diamonds as said to last forever because they are very hard, however they can be very brittle during cutting. For the diamond you are about to buy to look such an amazing thing at the shop, a lot of work has been done by very skilled people. Once the diamond has been mined, it is graded and the third step is cleaving. This is to examining the direction of cleaves  and grains on the stone in order to determine the direction of cutting the stone. Cleaving determines way the diamond should be cut to give the best value. The uncut diamond stone is placed on a dop holder and steel wedge and a mallet  are used to cut the diamond along its cleavage.

Once the diamond has been cut, it is sawed using a disk that is paper thin and made of phosphor bronze rotating  at about 4000 revolutions per minute to make that perfect diamond cut. This processes could take up to 8 hours.

To give the diamond that round look, girdling is done using a lathe moving very slowly. This rounded diamond is passed to a lapper who cuts the first 18 main facets and later passes the diamond to the brillianteer, who polishes and gives the diamond 40 more facets. Diamonds facets may include emerald, kite or ovals.

When you are buying a diamond remember the value of the stone depends on what is known as the Four Cs. These Cs are cut, carat, colour and clarity. The better the cut the higher the value, any impurities affects the diamond value.

When we say a diamond given during Valentine is a symbol of commitment, you can see why.

If you are committed to your loved one buy her or him a diamond, she or he deserves it.


Fragrances make ideal Valentine’s Day gifts because of their personal nature. When buying a Valentine gift think of the recipient’s personality. If the person is a techie then a gadget will. Think of things like IPod, Sleek computers, cameras etc.

Being a special day Valentine's Day to celebrate the most beautiful emotion; Love. Gifts that express your deepest love and affection are the most ideal. That means that to create the required mood, one need to be different and creative. This will make the day memorable for your special one.

One way of getting it right is getting a gift that fits your loved one’s lifestyle. For this reason, Amazon has an offer of 25%.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago from Amite

      Nice. My wife says "Jewelry. It's not just for anniversaries and apologies anymore". If you're interested in other Valentine's ideas, I just posted a new hub.


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