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Romantic Gift Ideas for Any Occasion.

Updated on October 7, 2013

The Romantic Gift

For many women out there this is a day that some wish would just go by quickly. Even if we have someone in our lives they tend not to do a very good job of remembering Valentine's Day and when they do remember it lacks caring. Doing something last minute, many times shows in what you are giving or doing for that special day. Even men like to be remembered on this day, so it is important to come up with a plan. This would be an excellent day to celebrate the love in your relationship and to be thankful that you have someone special in your life.

Gift Ideas

Gifts Ideas.

Do something out of the ordinary or give them a gift that they will remember. A box of chocolate is okay but if your significant other is a chocoholic by some exquisite box of Belgian truffles and a bottle of 10 year old Port to go along with the chocolate. How about a facial or a pedicure? How about serving breakfast in bed and enjoying a quiet morning for the two of you. How about Jewelry for her or maybe a nice watch for him to celebrate the day? There is fun off the wall things like a scenic helicopter ride over the city or over the vineyards of Napa. One could enjoy wine tasting at your favorite winery then a fabulous dinner afterwards. Treat both of you to a spa treatment and have a couples massage. If your significant other travels a lot think about giving them a satellite radio in their vehicle. An MP3 player loaded up with romantic songs or the songs the two of you enjoyed over the years together. If you want unique gifts ideas how about a digital camera swim mask, love message in a bottle, personalized magazine cover, or design a custom pair of Nike’s.

Coming up with ideas to celebrate St Valentine’s Day can be fairly easy especially if you do not wait till the last minute. The Internet has some great ideas and only takes a few minutes of searching. Think about something the two of you have wanted to do. The ideas are countless and right at your fingertips. One thing that is often overlooked is finding something both of you enjoys or something you have thought about doing together. The real essence of Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love between couples. Many times the man frets because he doesn’t know what to get her and vice verse. But let’s be honest he frets a lot more than she does because if he doesn’t produce a descent present he will hear about it. How about the couple sitting down and taking about something they would enjoy doing together. A nice bouquet of flowers would be nice too!

For gift ideas under $50 you will need to check out this Hub.

Picnic Basket

Picnic Time Vino Picnic Basket with Wine and Cheese Service for Two, Pine Green
Picnic Time Vino Picnic Basket with Wine and Cheese Service for Two, Pine Green

How about going on a picnic in a beautiful location and enjoying each others company.



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    • HotRondo profile image

      HotRondo 7 years ago from USA

      Wow awesome ideas...yes valentine's day is a day full of LOVE celebration's...things should be more special than any most days.