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Valentine's Day Picture Frame

Updated on August 29, 2015

Make A Puzzle Picture Frame Card

Is it a Valentine's Day card or a picture frame? It's both! If you'd like to give your loved one a special card, make it yourself.

This is a simple project that can be finished in less than an hour with only a few supplies. Most of them, or maybe even all of them, are things that you might even have around your house already. It makes a perfect Saturday project for kids of all ages. Use bigger puzzle pieces for littler kids and smaller pieces for the older kids.

The Supplies

  • Puzzle pieces from a puzzle that has lots of colors that you would want to use for your frame
  • Tacky glue. I used school glue but tacky glue would last longer.
  • A clear CD case. The only one I had at home had a yellow back but for best results, use clear.
  • Construction paper that matches your project.
  • A CD full of pictures or a Valentine's Day poem or some nice sayings.
  • Markers, a pen, or crayons for decorating the inside.

Puzzle Frame Pieces
Puzzle Frame Pieces

Clear CD Cases

Memorex 5mm Slim CD/DVD Jewel Cases - 50 Pack - Clear
Memorex 5mm Slim CD/DVD Jewel Cases - 50 Pack - Clear

These CD cases are clear and would work wonderfully for this project. With all the cases in this pack, you can make lots of different frames with different colored puzzled pieces.

Check to see if you have any around the house first. It wasn't too hard for me to find one that would work for this project.


Start By Gluing The Puzzle Pieces On


Pick the Right Pieces

Pick out the pieces that have the most color that you are looking for. I used the brightest pinks and purples that I could find. Make sure your colors go with your project but be creative and see if different colors would work too.

Start by putting glue around the edges of the CD case. Press the pieces on. If you are using glue that dries clear, don't worry about the extra glue. You won't see it anyway.

Next, put a second layer of puzzle pieces on top of the bottom layer. Make sure they are spread around so that you can see the bottom layer underneath. You can put as many layers on as you would like but I think two is enough.

Get the Picture Ready

Puzzle Frame
Puzzle Frame

Attaching the Picture

I glued my picture onto the pink construction paper that was cut to fit the CD case. Make sure that before you glue the picture onto the paper, you have it in the proper place. It will need to be more to the left because of the way the cases are made.

Once you have the picture ready, put it into the CD case so you can see it through the frame! It looks like a great gift already but we still have the inside to finish!

Inside Ideas


Inside the Case

There's lots of different things that you can do on the inside of the case. I decorated mine with felt hearts but you could write a poem or put some more cute sayings inside.

Another really great idea for this project would be to make a CD full of pictures for that special someone. Far away grandparents would absolutely love to get pictures of their grandkids.

I can't shut my case but if you put in a CD or maybe just cut your paper to fit into the circle it should shut.

The Finished Frame - Great desk or shelf decoration!

Make sure the pieces are straight along the bottom so you can set it up
Make sure the pieces are straight along the bottom so you can set it up

Makes a great desk decoration

Your card can be put on a desk or dresser and it will stand on it's own. Just make sure that the puzzle pieces don't hang down too far when you glue them on.

Photo credit: JenwithFlash

Puzzles to Choose From

I suggest using an old puzzle - one that you're not even sure if you have all the pieces too. Another great place to get them from is a thrift store. They sell them super cheap because they don't know if all the pieces are there or not. I think that the puzzles were all 50 cents at my local thrift store making this is a super affordable project.

250 Piece Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle
250 Piece Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle

This would be good for a bold color puzzle. An ocean scene or a vacation picture would look really good with these colors.



I used school glue and it worked okay but it would be better to use a tacky glue or a craft glue that's specially made for different materials.

Simple Project

They're super easy to make and you can be as creative or as simple as you want! Have you ever tried making one? Would you make another one?

Have you ever tried making one of these frames?

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Have You Ever Tried Making One of These Frames?

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    • Celebrates profile image

      Celebrates 3 years ago

      Puzzle piece picture frames are a cool idea! Everyone has those boxes of puzzles with missing pieces they could use for that. Great idea!