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Valentines Day Presents

Updated on December 29, 2010

Valentines Day Gifts

You know giving a great gift all depends on what message you want to convey. You will want to decide on a gift that says what you want to say. Certainly this is the case with any gift. But on Valentines Day many people want to express how much they love a person. Thats what Valentines Day is for. At least thats what I thought it was for. No I am not going to Wiki to tell you the definition ;-)

The meaning of Valentines Day is what ever meaning that you want it to be. When I was in college I sort of felt pressured by Valentines Day it self. All the girls would talk about the great things that their boyfriends gave them and they thought because Billy spent $100.00 on them for Valentines Day that he really loves her. I hope this isn't you.

Anyway Valentines Day can be a fun event and many people who enjoy buying presents for their sweethearts and also for the people that they love.

The important to them in their lives. You know the ones that you are always depending on ;-)

My Favorite Gift on Valentines Day

Everyone has a favorite gift that they have received for their birthday or some other special occasions such as valentines Day. One of my all time favorite gifts on Valentines Day was from my sister inlaw. It was a T-shirt that was Black and said in large white letters. (If it Swells Ride It)

It also had a small caption under neath that said surfing Hawaii. Being a surfer and getting a fun gift that showed that my sister in-law knew I am a surfer and cared enough when she saw the T-shirt to buy it for me. I know that you though the favorite gift was going to be from one of my old girl friends or my wife huh? Nope.

Check this out the t-shirt is sort of lude and I don't usually wear lude stuff ;-) But I do wear it and I still have the shirt after 20 years and traveling and moving all over the world. The fact is that the silly shirt ment something to me.

You can easily find something for someone online these days that would mean something to them. You cant always guess what people might like and it doesnt always have to be a suprise.

I have had people ask me what I would like for a gift. Of course your first reaction is I don't know or you don't have to get me anything. Its Ok to ask people what they would like and I believe its Ok for people to tell you.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you asked the person you loved what they might want as a gift?


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