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Valentines Day Stationary Ideas

Updated on February 13, 2016

V-day is coming and let us celebrate it with yet another ‘V’ as in Violet Supplies. It is the age old story where you gift your loved one with roses, chocolates, heart shaped pillows and a nice date. What if she does not like roses? What if she is lactose intolerant and chocolates makes her feel funny? Maybe she does not appreciate and understand why hearts symbolizes love.

And to you girls out there, what do boys want on Valentine’s Day? Apart from the obvious, what else materialistic can you give him? The new X-Box game maybe? But why would you, so he could spend all his time with it than with you?
It’s all hair curling and head scratching.

Well, what if I told you that now you can gift them what they like, what they will use and what they will cherish forever. Because roses, they die. Chocolates, they digest. Pillows, they fight and a nice date? Well, traffic and bad weather can always ruin that. Or maybe a ghost from your lovers past might come for a visit. Not to kill the V-Day buzz, but precaution is always better than being sorry.

Your valentine need not be your lover, it can be your parents, your best friend or even your nice neighbour.
Buy them a present so good, that when they receive it they will praise Jesus Hallelujah! Buy them a present so useful, that when they have a need they think of you. Lastly, buy them a present so omnipotent, that you will be on their mind all day and all night. Sounds impossible?

Here are the most ingenious ideas for a gift on Valentine’s Day and you will see why:

1. A Post-it Pack: If your valentine is forgetful and has a busy schedule, help them remember what is important. A post-it is much more efficient than a diary or a digital reminder. Did you know that you are bound to execute a work if it has been written down as a command by your own handwriting? The reason why Post-its are commonly in yellow is because the colour yellow, tickles the memory cells in your brain and helps you remember them faster. You can also use Post-its to leave sweet and romantic messages on their mirror, their refrigerator or even better, use them as chits to write in riddles for a treasure hunt which will lead them to their presents. The best suggestions are products like “3M Post-it Super Sticky (76x76mm) Colour Note Pads Jewel Pop Assorted (6 x Pack of 90 Sheets),” “Post-It Super Sticky Cube Note Pad (90 Sheets Per Pad) 76mm x 76mm (Neon Pink) Ref 654-4SSP-EV-EU (Pack of 4 Pads)” and of course the “Post-It Super Sticky (76x76mm) Repositionable Notepads (Assorted Colours) Pack of 24.”
But wait! With so many Post-its at custody, how are you going to manage them? Just an idea here, a Post-it dispenser. Good idea you say? Then get yourself the “Post-it BU-330 Z-Notes Dispenser Bubble Form (White) with Z-Notes Pad (Golden Yellow)” or an even better choice is the “Post-It Pro Z-Note Dispenser (White/Clear) with 1 Z-Notes Pad (76mm x 76mm) Ref PRO-W-12SSCOL-R330.”

2. An office furniture: It is not just a piece of metal or wood, it is what your valentine will look at and think of you immediately before they get to it. Gift them a furniture and they will be using it at all times. They, their work, their important files and their basic requirements will all be placed on the gift you gave them. Imagine how impressed theywill be with you. You will officially be the smartest valentine they ever had and they ever will. Get them cool Valentine’s Day presents like the “Bisley BS2E (W470 x D622 x H711mm) Flush Front 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet (Chalk White)” or the “Bisley BS5E (W470 x D622 x H1511mm) Flush Front 5 Drawer Filing Cabinet (Goose Grey)” which are file cabinets, perfect to store files in order, lockable draws and are supplied with two keys. It is sophisticated, trendy and, of course, handy.

3. Equipment Cleaning: Chances are your valentine is a neat-freak. If not, big deal. No harm in wanting the best for your loved one, is it? Everybody has a laptop, a desktop or a whiteboard. Get them something that can help keep them clean. The desktop, the keyboard and pretty much everything gets dusty time after time. Do you even know how stubborn the dust can be? Especially with the tricky nooks and corners on each machine.
Here is how you can make their work easier, get them the “Durable PowerClean (200ml) Invertible Air Duster,” “Durable Cotton Buds (1 x Pack of 100 Cotton Buds),” “Nobo (150ml) Deepclene Whiteboard Cleaning Spray” and the “Durable Workstation Clean Kit Triple Pack (100 Wipes in Each Tub)”

4. Safety first: There are so many ways to say “I Love You,” like put on your seat belt or put on the “3M Anzo Peltor X3 Premium Ear Defender.” All though the latter is uncommon, it is also a very useful product to protect your loved ones ears, so that the next time you say “I Love You,” they will hear it just right. This makes a smart Valentine’s Day gift if your loved one works in a factory, or on a busy street or even Wall Street for that matter, because the noise is bound to cause physical harms eventually.
Buy them extremely useful products like “3M E-A-R Classic Roll-Down Earplugs Corded (Pack of 200),” “3M E-A-R Earplugs Uncorded Foam EN352-2 Noise Level Reduction 36 dB Neon Yellow (Pack of 250),” “3M EC-01-000 EARCaps Ear Plugs (Pack 10),” “3M Anzo 4000 Series 4255 Half Mask” or the “3M 2800 Comfort Line Overspectacles (Clear Lens).”

So there you go, a list of the few cool things which you can buy for your valentine, without looking needy, materialistic and ignorant. This Valentine’s Day, let’s get smart and efficient and impress our loved ones with our sheer brilliance. Happy V-Day to you!


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