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Top 10 Fun Facts for Lovers All about Valentines - Valentine Trivia and Edible Gifts

Updated on January 28, 2013
Valentine Trivia
Valentine Trivia

Everyone knows that February 14 is the day when lovers celebrate with candy and flowers. But what most do not know is that there is a lot of mystery about the history of this day. Romantic gifts are exchanged, Godiva chocolates are eaten, cards are sent and everything is decorated in pink and red hearts. It is a day about love but it is the mystery of the origins of this day, that makes Valentines Day all that more alluring and seductive.

Legends have the origin of this lovers day at about 270 A.D. It seems to have started with the clash between a kindly priest and a mighty ruler. Secret writings may be attributed to all the Hallmark cards that are sent on February 14. Romantic sentiment from times gone by, but what lies in the facts is what makes Valentine a special day full of gift-giving among lovers.

Keep reading to learn more and discover the true meaning of this gift giving holiday and you can find some of lovers gifts to get the sparks flying.

Valentine Romantic Legends

According to one romantic legend Valentine was a priest in Rome, around the third century.The Emperor at that time was named Claudius II and he forbade all men to marry, for he thought that these men would make better soldiers if they had nothing to distract them.Valentine refused to obey this law and was arrested for secretly performing weddings for young couples. While in prison, Valentines kindness and positive attitude towards his jailer and his wife blossumed. This couple had a blind daughter. According to the legend, Valentine also befriended the jailer's blind daughter, often writing her notes of encouragement and praying for her. On the eve of his execution, Valentine wrote a note assuring this young girl that she was not responsible for his death. He signed the note "from your Valentine.", doubtful that he sent any chocolates, but as they say it is the thought that counts. And so it was on February 14th that Valentine was executed and since then it has been the day of love.

Valentine Day Fun Facts
Valentine Day Fun Facts
Valentines Day Trivia
Valentines Day Trivia

10 Valentine Fun Facts

Facts to Romantic Thoughts to Ponder to Get you in the Gift Giving Mood!

  1. The name Valentine comes from the Latin word valor, meaning worthy.
  2. Most people, single and coupled dread the pressure of Valentines Day and think its an annoying commercial holiday. These are the same people that buy last minutes gifts!
  3. Around 3 per cent of pet owners prefer to give Valentines gifts to their pets.
  4. Approximately 110 million roses will be sold and delivered within a three-day time period, the majority of those will be red roses.
  5. On average the Valentine Gift giver will spend about $75.00 on their Gift. The most popular valentines gift being chocolates, food, wine, and flowers.
  6. 74% of Americans celebrate the holiday
  7. In Medieval times people who couldn't write their names signed with an 'X' in front of a witness. The 'X' was then kissed to show sincerity. Many believe this is how the 'X' symbol became synonymous with the kiss.
  8. In the 1800′s, doctors typically would advise their broken hearted patients to eat chocolate to calm them down.
  9. Throughout history, chocolate has always been seen as an aphrodisiac: Madame DuBarry served chocolates to all of her suiters, Cassanova consumed chocolate instead of champagne to induce romance, and the ancient Aztec king, Montezuma believed chocolate would make him virile.
  10. Even if they don’t make the final purchases until the last few days, 75% of men testify that they plan ahead for Valentine’s Day.

Massaging Edible Body Paint

Add Sparks to Your Love Life

So how do you live the sweet life when your love life is in need of some sparks, especially the cold days in February when you really need to turn the heat up? Fact is you both know you love one another but sometimes you run out of fresh and exciting ways to express your love and lust. Here are a few Valentine Day Gift Ideas of how to get in the mood for love and play valentine trivia pursuit!

Edible Valentine Gift
Massaging Body Paints

Lovers sensuous body paints. Kit includes 6 delectable and adventurous flavors in 1/4 Oz. jars: Seductive Strawberry, Very Blueberry, Party Pineapple and Exotic Pina Colada. Use your fingers or the artist paint brush provided in this package of romantic and colorful body paints. Fun facts can really be a great game especially when get the creative juices flowing. The massaging oils are truly delicious and this is something both you and your lover will look forward to and not just on Valentines Day!

Edible Lingerie

This a "must have" for your lingerie wardrobe especially if you want the sparks to fly. It begins with a stunning rose lace halter top that holds your breasts in place and lets YOU show through from beneath.

Or just don some sensuous lingerie and eat chocolate naked. End of story ;)

Where to Buy Edible Lingerie

Lovers Guessing game . . Which Chocolate

Godiva Chocolate to Spark Love On Valentines Day - Heart-felt assortment includes luscious pralins, rich ganaches, buttery caramels, fruits and nuts.
Godiva Chocolate to Spark Love On Valentines Day - Heart-felt assortment includes luscious pralins, rich ganaches, buttery caramels, fruits and nuts.

Secret Chocolate Game

Blindfold your partner and feed him or her different chocolate godiva candy. The object of this lovers game is to guess what the chocolate candy is made up of.

Heart on a Sleeve Valentine Gift for Your Laptop

During the middle ages, young men & women drew names from bowls to see who would be their Valentine, and wore these names on their sleeves for a week. This coined the term “Wearing your heart on your sleeve”. Today in 2011 you can dress up your lap top in a heart sleeve.

Valentines Days Love Birds Massaging Each other
Valentines Days Love Birds Massaging Each other

Love Birds

Mating Massage Time

During the Middle Ages, people in England and France held a popular belief that birds started to look for a mate around the middle of February. Which added to the idea that February 14, Valentine's Day -- should be a day for romance.. The concept soon gained ground amongst the lovers and they began to celebrate the day by exchanging love notes and simple gifts like flower.

This year surprise your Valentine with a in home sweet spa. Take turns massaging each other with candy scented creams.

Valentine Kiss Me Marriage Proposal Gift
Valentine Kiss Me Marriage Proposal Gift

Valentine Marriage Proposal

And if you are planning to propose marriage on Valentines Day, then you are not alone. It is the most popular day for popping the question and slipping on the ring, which only adds to the romantic atmosphere.Wheteher you have been keeping this one a secret or not, in the years to come you will have started your own list of Valentines Day Fun Facts by popping the question!

Final Thoughts on Valentines Day

There is no clear piece of evidence and even today the history of Valentine's Day -- and its patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has for long been a month of romance and always will be.

Romantic Valentines Fun Facts and Gifts
Romantic Valentines Fun Facts and Gifts

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      7 years ago from New York, NY

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      7 years ago

      Happy Valentine's day dear one. xox Charlie


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