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Valentines for Boys

Updated on May 14, 2014

Cool valentine card & sticker designs for boys ages preschool to teen

Ah, the plight of a boy on February 14. You want to give & get valentines -- or depending on the grade & teacher, maybe you're being compelled to hand them out -- but only if they're cool. No lacy pink hearts or glittery puppy pictures need apply. You want a valentine card that rolls with the themes of friendship and (cough) love but still says "hey, I'm a guy!"

My teen sons have more or less stopped giving cards on the Day of Love, except to a couple of key long-distance family members through the mail, but I well remember the challenge of finding appropriate designs all those years when they did. To spare you some of that aggravation, here are some of my favorite valentines for boys at various ages and stages.

(image: TinyPrints ~ info below)

lego valentines for boys
lego valentines for boys

Lego-style Valentine Cards


I love this colorful design that looks like a heart made of Legos. Reminds me of our living room floor! (Yep, one of my guys is still into Legos!)

shark valentines
shark valentines

Shark Valentine Cards


I'm particularly partial to this great white shark Valentine, as one of my boys is fascinated by the ocean and developed a special attachment to sharks & rays, starting around kindergarten. Great design!

dragon valentines for boys
dragon valentines for boys

Dragon Valentine Cards


Reluctant card-giver? Tell him this one's called the angry dragon Valentine and he'll warm up.

Lego Valentine Cards

As a mom of 3 sons, I'm familiar with all phases of Legomania. Here, Lego valentines with a fun interactive element, in the form of a sticker puzzle.

astronaut valentines for boys
astronaut valentines for boys

Astronaut Valentine Cards


School-age would-be space explorers will like this astronaut Valentine. Customize it with a photo!

Monster Valentine Cards

Lovable monsters for your lovable monster ;)

guitar valentines for boys
guitar valentines for boys

Guitar Valentine Cards


This rock and roll Valentine features bright, bold colors and a design that works for boys of all ages. Vibrant & versatile.

Race Car Valentine Cards

A fast track to fun on Feb. 14.

Football Valentine Stickers


Touchdown! A great choice for the sports nut. Crisp & clean, to stick on candy. Bonus points: half the design proceeds benefit Save the Children.

Pick from styles...

~~~Poll: How old is too old?~~~ - Boys & Valentines...

At what age should a boy stop giving out Valentines?

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superhero valentines for boys
superhero valentines for boys

Superhero Valentine Cards


Have a super duper superhero fan, like our young neighbor next door, but want a break from movie marketing? Here's a classy superhero Valentine the little guys will love.

Bug Valentines

Boys & bugs go together like cake and ice cream. These cards are a bit controversial due to the scents, so be sure to read the description & customer reviews before you choose these!

Baseball valentine stickers


Another athletically inclined option, this time featuring a kid's art. What makes this an especially (pun intended) great catch? Half the design proceeds benefit Save the Children.

Angry Birds Valentine Cards

Got an Angry Birds addict? These valentines are sure to please.

Friendly Alien Valentine Stickers


A similar theme, but these out-of-this world personalized stickers for Valentine candy are designed in "big boy friendly" black and neon.

valentine I dig you
valentine I dig you

Digger Valentine Cards


I dig this fun digger valentine ;)

Rock-and-Roll Valentine Stickers


Simply cool, these guitar-themed Valentine stickers featuring a teen's artwork turn any pack of candy or gum into an instant greeting .

~~~Valentine Candy That ROCKS~~~

Personalized Valentine stickers on candy has been a huge time saver for our family, and a lot of fun. Of the various types of candy my sons have given out, the biggest hits at school have been Pop Rocks valentines, hands down. We buy 'em in bulk for the occasion. Great match for the "rock on" sticker above.

Robot Valentine Cards

Cutie-pie robots are great for younger boys.

Star Wars Valentine Cards

May the force be with your son on Valentine's Day.

pirate valentines
pirate valentines

Pirate Valentine Cards


These pirate valentines are harrrrrd to resist!

Nutty Valentine Stickers


If there are no allergies in class (check with the teacher!), stick these on PayDay bars, bags of Peanut M&Ms, or America's number-one candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups :)

fierce dragon valentines
fierce dragon valentines

Fierce Dragon Valentine Cards

Just a touch gothic, these are some fierce & fiery dragon Valentines.

printable valentines for boys
printable valentines for boys

Printable Dragon Valentines

free printable cards

I wanted to include some printable valentines for boys on this page but was a bit disappointed with what I found online. (Do post in the Comments, if you've got a good lead.) I did find this brightly colored dragon valentine set from, cute for preschool age boys,

Valentine Heart Stickers -- Guy Style


A steel-gray background and edgy fonts keep these Valentine heart stickers from being too sugary. The first design is great for all ages, the second tailor-made for jaded tweens.

Rockets, dinos, guitars, characters -- or something else? What will your son's Valentines look like this year?

Your choice?

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Nice lens! I never really thought about Valentine's gifts for boys 'till I read this. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      great lens!Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      All pretty cool stuff

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good for you finding boy stuff for Valentines, it's true what you said on my Valentine lens, everything is geared towards girls. Blessed *

    • BusyMOM LM profile image

      BusyMOM LM 

      6 years ago

      Some GREAT ideas here. Thanks so much for adding this lens.


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