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Valentines Gifts Him

Updated on January 23, 2015

What Are the Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him?

Even though Valentines Day comes around every year without fail, women (or men for that matter) still wait until the last minute to buy a gift for their man. Then they give themselves a load of stress because they either can't think of anything they might like, or they don't know where to buy a certain thing from in time to have it gift wrapped and ready to hand over on the important day!

Of course, it's easy to say to people that they should be better prepared and to shop for their most important gift early. But it usually happens that with the best will in the world, we still manage to put off deciding what to buy and then actually buying it until its almost too late.

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So to help make things just that little bit easier and less stressful, here is a page of ideas that might help you overcome the last minute blues!. Of course, it still depends on you finding this page in good time and then buying one of the ideas presented here, but I'm pretty sure you get the idea!

What is the Best Valentines Gift?

So what is the best gift to give a guy on Valentines Day?

In answer to that question, you'll first need to know what it is that your guy likes! It probably sounds really obvious, but getting him a gift that he has no interest in is a let down for him and shows lack of forethought from you.

Ugh, that sounds so harsh, but it's unfortunately true. Don't fall into the trap of guessing he might like a particular gift. Find out what he likes and dislikes first!

The way to do that, if you don't want to ask him outright (which is a surprisingly effective way of getting it right), is to look at his hobbies and interests. Most men have something they're passionate about apart from you!

If its sports (not spectator so much than involved), then take a look at what his sport is and if he needs anything related to it.

A baseball player might need a new mitt or some shin guards, a cool new cap or some footwear for instance.

A swimmer might need some new trunks, goggles etc.

A cyclist might need some cycling clothing, shoes or accessories for his bike for example.

Valentines Gift Sports Accessories from Amazon

You're going to find some really great sports related gift ideas at Amazon where they have some of teh best deals online!

Gift Ideas for the Hobbyist or DIY Guy

If its not sports, maybe he's into hobbies. A train set in the attic might not be your favorite thing, but he'd be really appreciative if you went to the trouble to get him exactly the right gauge carriage to match the color scheme of his layout, assuming he doesn't already have all the carriages he needs!

There are loads of men that like to do home maintenance, DIY or just fix things around the house. So look at what tools he has and find out (from a friend maybe) what he might need to add to his toolbox.

Amazon Has Great DIY Tools Make Great Mens Valentines Gifts!

Have You Bought His Valentine Gift Yet?

Have You Bought His Valentine Gift Yet?

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More Traditional Valentines Gift Ideas for Men

On a more traditional note, the gift of colognes, after shaves and body sprays is always a good backup if you can't think of anything he might like related to hobbies, sports or other interests. It's an easy fallback especially if he likes to smell nice when he takes you out for romantic meals… hint, hint… geddit?

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