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Vampire Makeup Ideas and Tutorials

Updated on December 11, 2014
Vampire makeup ideas and tutorials for men and women.
Vampire makeup ideas and tutorials for men and women. | Source

Vampires Are Here!

It seems everywhere you turn, from books to television to movies, vampires are positioned to take over the world. Some are good, others are evil, and yet others want to live a moral life despite their dark beginnings. So I figure, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And that's where vampire makeup comes in.

Though I assume that actual vampires will be able to see right through your costume, humans won't be able to tell the difference, and that can empower those who choose to dress as vampires to rise to positions of influence and cause fear in the hearts of those seeing them. Well, at least that's the case if you know how to apply makeup in a way that is convincing, which is what this article is all about.

Around Halloween and during other special events, we can show off our inner vampire and generate all the attention we want or crave by presenting ourselves as blood-sucking vampires.

Vampire Makeup Looks

Vampires can look very different. Very different makeup and clothes are traditionally used for male and female vampires. Men typically emphasize a fearsome brow across the forehead, while women usually focus on the eyes. However, both have awesome mouths, which must include fangs to complete the look.

Even within the genders there can be a wide variety. Some decide to appear as if they just got done feeding on a human meal, while others will cultivate a more subtle and mysterious look, leading you to wonder if you're about to become their next entrée. Still others use fierce makeup, striking fear in the hearts of viewers.

Whatever the decision, vampires always have a certain aura about them, and that's what makes it so much fun to be made up like one.

Vampire Makeup and Eyes


Most of those posing for vampire makeup photos tend to bare their fangs or have some blood dripping off of the side of their mouths. However, with this first photo, I wanted to focus on how vampire eyes on a woman would look, so I refrained from including a photo with all the extraneous distractions.

What works so well here is the inclusion of dark eyebrows, liner, shadow, and lashes. It really makes her eyes look evil and believable as a vampire. That black hood resting on her head also adds a nice touch.

As good as that is, what really impressed me, as far as generating a sense of ominous from her, is the way she smiles without it touching her eyes. If one could recreate that look, along with the makeup, it would be truly menacing.

Snarling Female Vampire


Here is a wonderful, scary vampire look. Not only is her expression frightening, but also the makeup itself is awesome, with unnaturally pale skin scrunched to fearsome effect. It's very convincing and realistic, adding to the horrifying look when she bares her teeth.

Also impressive are the lines, which I think were shaded out from the eyes and on the sides of the nose to enhance her snarl. It looks great.

Her eyes are also done very well, which, combined with the straight jet-black hair, makes you think you just encountered a real vampire. Good job.

Vampire Queen Makeup and Accessories


Never underestimate royalty, even when it's in the vampire world. You can have a gorgeous look while still appearing to have a vampire-like blood thirst.

I like the different eye color, which adds to the beauty. However, that beauty can't overcome the obvious dripping of blood down the side of her face. The headpiece also adds a feeling of royalty, but one where her power is obviously being used to satisfy her blood thirst. Pretty cool.

The point is you may want to go with a less fierce look as a vampire, including a sense of beauty and royalty, as shown with this apparent queen of the vampires. You could add blood, as you see, or maybe include some fangs to remind people of who you are. A combination of blood and fangs would look great.

Male Vampire Makeup with Furrowed Forehead


Male vampires can achieve a distinctive look by applying makeup to the forehead to create a menacingly furrowed brow. Add dark rings around the eyes to show a lack of sleep.

This is a good example of those elements, with the apparent creases on the forehead and the dark eyes with a hint of brownish red. It works very well.

Growling Male Vampire


With this male vampire makeup, we again have a focus on the forehead, although this one lends the vampire a very different look than that we saw previously. The shading on the first one's forehead lent an angry, frowning sense, while the shading here is subtler and more wide-set, suggesting the vampire is further along in his anger and ready to take some serious action.

There is also a much darker and wilder look to the eyes here, complemented by the way the person acts it out.

Both of these are fantastic male vampire looks. While they both demonstrate that makeup is all you need, sometimes including the old-timey raised collar adds a humorous and nice touch. Vampires are always terrific choices for a costume party, whether you choose a modern or a vintage take.

Vampire Makeup Tutorials

Now we'll take a look at several vampire makeup tutorials. Two are for men, and two are for women, although some elements of each video would work for both genders.

Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Dark Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Male Vampire Makeup

Vampire Makeup, Hair, and Costume

Final Thoughts

The wildly popular vampire genre provides an enormous amount of material for those embracing the vampire look for Halloween or other costume parties.

There are so many things you can do—especially with accessories or costumes—once you get the vampire face down. It provides an endless number of way to express yourself as a fanged creature of the night.

No matter what the ebb and flow of popularity concerning vampires, they will continue to be one of the more fun and exciting ways to dress up for Halloween and cosplay.


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