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Velvet Christmas Tree Skirts

Updated on October 27, 2015

Velvet Tree Skirt

Maybe more than any other fabric, the look and feel of velvet is fantastic (satin is another). Add that to a Christmas tree and a tree skirt, and you have a gorgeous and appealing piece of holiday décor to delight your Christmas guests, while thoroughly enjoying it yourself.

I think another part of what I like about velvet is it always seems to have this fantastic sheen to it that shows nicely when the Christmas tree or regular lights are on, adding to its appeal.

While all of us prefer certain designs and colors, when it comes to velvet Christmas tree skirts, they all seem to look good to me no matter what color the tree skirt comes in.

There are other tree skirts which will include a velvet fringe or edge, even though the rest of the tree skirt is of another material. Even that adds a lot to the look and quality of the skirt, and is also a very desirable addition to your Christmas decor.

Red Velvet Tree Skirt

Red velvet always has a great look, and this velvet crease tree skirt is stunning, to say the least. I like those creases with the solid red velvet, as it gives it a wonderful look. It adds a uniqueness that most velvet Christmas tree skirts don't have, usually being more flat.

Velvet Crease Tree Skirt

Velvet Tree Skirt with Faux Sable Edge

This is a lot of fun, and it almost looks like a beautiful jacket a little girl would wear. Yet, it's made for a Christmas tree to wear, and would be a completely different design than you would normally see. Love that faux Russian sable. Too bad it wasn't the real thing.

You have to picture this Christmas tree skirt laid out flat with the tree extending above it to appreciate how it would look.

Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt

Blue Velvet Tree Skirt

All you need with this tree skirt is some Blue Velvet background music sung by Bobby Vinton; now that would get everyone's attention. Come to think of it, Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley would also be an enjoyable tune to listen to to celebrate this great looking velvet tree skirt.

As for the skirt itself, it's totally gorgeous for those who love this dark blue color. The addition of the light-colored snow flakes and stars helps break up the dark blue to create a beautiful image.

Black Nativity Velvet Tree Skirt

This is an extraordinary black velvet tree skirt, and that bright nativity scene is magnificent. Unfortunately the black background doesn't show the beauty of this velvet, but just like it is looks great.

How magnificent this would look when the lights are turned down low and the slight glimmer of low lights hit the fabric and scene. It would really pop out like the nativity scene below does. Fantastic velvet Christmas tree skirt.

Stunning Black Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt

Compelling Velvet Tree Skirts

Velvet is such a great material and medium to work with, it looks good whether it's a solid color or whether you include design or images with the tree skirt. Any one of these would be a desirable Christmas tree skirt to me, and the velvet makes it work in almost any circumstance or situation.


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