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Veterans Day 2012

Updated on November 1, 2012

Veterans Day - A Remarkable Day

Veterans Day is for me something special for me, allthough i never been in the Army or whatever. But i got an amazing experience i want to share with you people on Squidoo on this.

This is my personal story about an experience i got when i visited the USA in the year 2000. Veterans Day -> Read it, and i think you will like this too.

Veterans Day

This is my Personal Story about my unexpected experience about Veterans Day

This will be an long story about my first and shocking experience with the day called : Vetereans Day

I was on vacation for 3 months (Backpacking..) in the north east side of this beautiful country. After an trip of 8 hours from Amsterdam to Chicago, i would not know what to expect for 3 months. After a few days with family from Wausau, i travelled back to Chicago and stayed there for about 2 weeks i think. After that i visited Buffalo,Syracuse,New York, Philadelphia, Washington and the whole trip backwords. It was the end of november i travelled to Washington, and i did not know that the veterans day was on that particilar day. I walked to the White House and after that to the The Washington Monument. There i noticed something different. A lot of military people of an older age than 'normal' military people.

It was very cold i think (Celcius -8!) and there where some people that are offering some warm chocolate drinks and coffe. I bought an coffe and walked a bit around the monument. There i saw an real 'veteran' sitting on the ground, and holding some sort of protest sign. (DO not know what was on there, sorry.).

Ok, normally won't talk so quick to unknown people, but this time i had the feeling to talk to someone. And i did.

I asked him directly about the cold wheather. "Are you not having cold feed and a@ss while you are sitting on the ground?"

And this started something i will remember for the rest of my live. He was an war veteran from the Viernam war, approximately 45, and was not working. He talked about the war and what he did there in details. I was all ear, and he was willing to share his thoughts about this.

He was an on the field specialist for repairing technical stuff in the battle fields. Driving trucs to the battle fields, and give the men and woman there support for their technical stuff. After 4 months of giving mostly support, he was asked to make an more 'leading' role in the war. So he went from technical support, to an real shooting army guy. He shot a lot of people to the ground, and hoping they would not be dead. He was an real nice guy and shooting people was not his best thing he did there.

But, then it happens, that after a few months he was shot in his left leg, and lost for 40% feeling in that leg, and still having problems with that leg until today.

He was brought back to an hospital in Vietnam, and shortly after that back to an US hospital. Did never come back to Vietnam, and was released after a few years after this accident.

Then the story continues. What did the goverment about this war hero? Nothing. He showed me his Silver Star, and that shocked me. An real hero...

He's got mentally problems about getting over this war, and the goverment did not do anything about that at that time. We do now know what to do with these kind of veterans, but at that time they did nothing to support the old veterans in mental issues.

After he talked about 10 minuts, i bought for him an warm coffe to keep him (and myself) warm. After 30 minuts of talking i said to him i was from the Netherlands, and traveling in the US. He was now shocked about that, beceause "Why would you travel to an country that is treating their veterans like garbage...?"

I was speechless..

After some talks about my country, i left this guy with an feeling i did something good for him. I really got the feeling that he was telling an story that was honest, and he was really happy to see that someone was caring about him and his stories.

For me, this was one of the highlights of that trip and my personal life.

Veterans got my UPMOST repsect, and mostly they deserve this day!

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A day to honor America's military Veterans

November 11th is Veterans Day, a day to honor America's military Veterans in style!

Do you have somthing to share about my story? Do you like this? Please share your thoughts..

Your Opinion please..

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