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Vintage Christmas Cards

Updated on July 28, 2014

Attraction of a Vintage Christmas Card

I enjoy art on all types of Christmas cards, and no matter what genre they are, when they're done well, I can really relate to it. But possibly my favorite art on cards comes from the images on vintage Christmas cards, which not only sent a message to a loved one or friend, but are a piece of history itself; in many cases showing the best the era had to offer.

So every time I look at a vintage Christmas card, it has a great work of art along with a piece of history; from the clothes they wore, the things they did and the message they continue to give.

Another thing that is compelling about them is the art itself, which when seen, immediately represents the era of vintage cards, albeit a span that goes beyond just a few short years.

It seems the colors, the scenes, the shadow, or just everything about these vintage Christmas cards are done right, even when they show something simple like a sled sitting in the snow, or a family scene with a mother reading a book. You get the sense of something bigger going on than the image is portraying, and you want to be there to experience it. It's almost like something eternal is captured, and even if the outward things change, the inward things represented will always stay with us. At least that's what happens when I look at these extraordinary vintage Christmas cards.

Here are a few vintage Christmas card photos to enjoy and get some ideas from for the Christmas holiday.

Vintage Christmas Card of a Sleigh

This vintage Christmas card is from the early 20th century, and as mentioned above, is an amazing piece of art, even when only showing a sled used in winter.

The way color was used in those times is fantastic to me, and so is this simple yet profound vintage Christmas card.

Vintage Sleigh Christmas Card

Vintage Christmas Card with Cat and Little Girl

This is one of those cards that speak to things that seem to never change. This could have been a situation in a home 2,000 years ago, or just yesterday. Sure the clothing changes, but the love of cats and children playing with them will never go away. How about the types of Christmas toys from that era?

It's a fantastic vintage Christmas card that shows a piece of history.

Vintage Christmas Card of Little Girls and Dogs Meeting Frosty the Snowman

I said this is a group of little girls meeting Frosty the Snowman with their puppy, but that's an assumption as far as it being Frosty, as Frosty definitely looks different in our day and age.

Look at the language used by the snowman. Great! Again, love the clothes of that time as shown on the little girls. Really fun vintage Christmas card.

Vintage Christmas Card of Family Carolers

Many people in our time haven't even experienced this great practice that was a major part of Christmas from years ago. Of course there are still pockets of Christmas carolers that delight their listeners, but they are getting fewer and fewer.

This is why these types of vintage Christmas cards are so important to see and remember, as it tells of a time that has been rapidly fading away.

Vintage Christmas Card of Carolers

Snow Lane Vintage Christmas Card

This is one my favorite vintage Christmas cards, and it's the wonderful theme and the great wintry scene that just pulls me into it. What a great reminder of a memorable period of time. Again, this could just as easily have happened yesterday or today, as against 100 years ago or more. Just take away the clothing style and you get the idea. But for me, the clothing is part of what makes this such a great picture.

Vintage Christmas Card of Snow Lane

Vintage Card of Angel Reading Children Stories at Christmas Time

I didn't know if you caught the Angelic wings behind the reader, but I didn't see those at first, although it doesn't matter, as the subject matter is what counts. And what a fantastic scene of a group of little children swarming around to get a story read to them by the loving angel.

The colors of this vintage Christmas card really stand out, especially the vibrant reds. Great subject matter and a great vintage Christmas card. By the way, the words at the top right? They mean Merry Christmas in German.

Vintage Christmas Card of Angel Reading Children Story

Wonderful Vintage Christmas Cards

It wouldn't haveĀ been hard for me to include another 100 or more of these vintage Christmas cards, as they truly are among my favorite art and Christmas items. There's just something about them, like I mentioned before, that captures something from their own time period, but seems to go beyond that to things that will always be important to people. To me, that's the work of genius and relevance in any type of art, and it surely is with these vintage Christmas cards which I enjoy so much. I hope you do too.


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