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Vintage Christmas Lights

Updated on August 13, 2015

Vintage Christmas Lights and their Packaging

Anything vintage is usually compelling to me, including fashion, photos and art, among hundreds of other categories I can't seem to get enough of. Among my favorites of those during the holiday season are vintage Christmas lights, which while easy enough to identify, are fascinating to look at and compare with where Christmas lights have come today.

I like some of these vintage Christmas lights, included in photos below, which were all unique, and could be plugged into an individual light socket on the string to customize the look however you wanted. Many of them looked really nice and of high quality.

What is the most interesting to me was the vintage light packaging of that time, which when you compare with today's merchandising - which is better looking than the product within - is much more drab and boring in most cases, as you'll see below.

With vintage Christmas light packaging, the emphasis was on presenting the lights as what was the important element to be seen. With modern packaging the focus is first on the sizzle of the packaging to make the sale, with the product itself being secondary (in most cases).

Various Vintage Christmas lights and packaging

With this first set of vintage Christmas lights, you can immediately see what I mean by the packaging, which was very modest, to be kind, and rarely, if ever, giving off that aura of vibrancy we see so much today.

But as i also mentioned, you do see the steak of the lights and not only the sizzle of the packaging, which does manage expectations in a way that delights consumers when they open the packages.

With today's marketing, the sizzle is so great, that when you get to the product it can seem a letdown.

Either way, vintage lights and packaging are a really nice snapshot of the past, and even today we enjoy those C7 and C9 lights which were by and large the major Christmas light of that period. Bubble lights were another staple Christmas light of the past.

Vintage Dina-Light Christmas Lights

Vintage NOMA Christmas Lights

Vintage Ritz Christmas Lights

Vintage Christmas Candle Lights

Here's a look at a nice set of vintage candle lights, which I like simply because they are one of my favorite Christmas light decorations to this day - whether they're vintage or not. Again, look at the very modest packaging in contrast to the candle lights which appear to be dripping.

Vintage Christmas Candle Light Photo

Vintage Bubble Lights

Because bubble lights are probably my absolute favorite of all Christmas lights, the look at these vintage bubble lights was a lot of fun to me.

They're really not that much different than today's bubble lights in looks, and would look good on any Christmas tree today.

More modern bubble lights usually have a rounder body and include a plethora of figures as part of the experience. For example, there are many cartoon characters and mini-scenes included in today's bubble lights.

Vintage Bubble Lights

Brief look at vintage Christmas lights

This quick look at vintage Christmas lights brought back a lot of memories for me. When including the lights shown here, it probably covered about 80 percent of the types of lights used during that time period, as the variety we have today is far beyond the relatively small number used during those times.

So when you see many vintage Christmas lights that include the original packaging, you'll find it to be rather bland in contrast to today, but you'll also find you eyes moving to the lights themselves rather than the sizzling packaging of products we see today.

It's very interesting to see where things have come from and gone to over the years.


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