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Wacky Summer Holiday Parties - Be Original!

Updated on January 8, 2015

Sixteen Great Off Beat Holiday Parties You Can Have This Summer

Do you like to celebrate? Have parties? Did you know that every day is a holiday of some kind? That's right, every single day ! You would not believe the weird and wacky things that have their own day of celebration. Silly, crazy things such as...




Spunky Old Broads



Oreo Cookies

Bunsen Burners



Corn Dogs

K-9 Veterans



Tongue Twisters


It seems just about anything or concept can have it's own day, week or even month. If you want a complete listing check out the website

Below I have rounded up some great wacky holidays, during the summer months, that could have a great party built around them. Be original and different ! Why have a Forth of July Party, like everyone else, when you could have a Yellow Pig Day Party (July 17th) or Be a Dork Day Party. (July 15th) Off-beat holiday parties can be some of the MOST fun parties because no one is expecting them. Give it a try and see ! Let's explore some of the more fun days.

~clipart of calendar courtesy of Collage an original work by Jade.

Wacky Summer Holiday Parties for Adults

Dare Day - June 1st

This is a great theme for a party ! Truth or dare is always a fun game, and can lead to some very funny stories and great times. Give it a try !

Name Your Poison Day - June 8th

An awesome theme for a party. Have all your guests bring the fixings for their favorite drinks, or ones they would like to try ! Alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks are always fun to share and experimenting is also an adventurous way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends.

Red Rose Day - June 12th

A beautiful opportunity for a romantic evening with your significant other. Rose petals, champagne, chocolates, really go all out to show them how much you care. Bring some romance into your relationship! Today is a great day for it!

Embrace Your Inner-Geekiness Day - July 13th

This day is totally a great day to throw a geek party. All guests must dress up in their geeky best, and participate in geeky activities, like video games, board games, role playing games, etc. A great opportunity to try new things!

National Hot Dog Day - July 23rd

This day is a terrific excuse to have a cookout! It's also a great time to try out all kinds of crazy things on a hot dog. Have tons of different and unusual toppings available for people to experiment with, like guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, hot peppers, cucumbers, mayo, bbq sauce and coleslaw.

Senior Citizens Day - August 21st

Have a party on this day for all your friends that are older. Who knows, maybe someone special to you might meet someone that becomes special to them.

Checkers Day - September 23rd

A great reason to have a checker tournament. Invite your friends, order pizza's and have lots of cold drinks. You will be surprised that you have forgotten how much fun checkers are to play.

Wacky Summer Holiday Parties for Kids

World Juggling Day - June 16th

Have a party for your child and their friend and teach them how to juggle. Have competitions to see who is best !

Go Fishing Day - June 18th

Have a fishing party for your kids and their friends. There are all kinds of fishing games to help make it lots of fun !

Sugar Cookie Day - July 9th

You can have a really great party for your child on this day ! Just make a double batch of plain sugar cookies and have plenty of different colors of icing and sprinkles. Let the kids decorate the cookies and have prizes for the best ones.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day - July 10th

Have a picnic party for your child and their favorite bear. Invite their friends and their bears as well. Have a big picnic on blankets in the back yard or a local park.

National S'mores Day - August 10th

A small portable grill on you picnic table can serve as your campfire to marshmallow toasting. Supply the kids with lots of unusual and fun stuff to put in their s'mores with the marshmallow, like peanut butter, apples, mint chocolate or strawberry jam. The kids will have a blast coming up with tasty combinations.

Versuvius Day - August 24th

Versuvius is a giant volcano that erupted a long time ago. It is an excellent occasion to have a volcano making party. But a kit or start from scratch, kids love to make a volcano ! Make sure you have a treat to reward them, after their volcano successfully blows!

Teddy Bear Day - September 9th

A Teddy Bear Day celebration can be very meaningful and teach your child a lesson in charity. Have each child bring a new teddy bear to the celebration. After everyone has arrived, tell them that the bears are going to be given to children that really need a new friend. Then take the kids to the hospital pediatric ward. The staff may or may not let you give the bears directly to the sick children, but the point will be made to the children. After you are done at the hospital, take all the kids out for ice cream. A beautiful way to celebrate Teddy Bear Day.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19th

Pirate parties are always a huge hit with kids. Have them dress up as pirates and have contests as to who can talk like a pirate the best. Foam sword fights, singing and drinking (root) beer will make for a memorable Talk Like a Pirate Day Party.

Pirate Penant - Great Decorations for Pirate Parties

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Do You Celebrate a Wacky Holiday During the Summer? - Tell Us Your Party Plans

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