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Walking Dead Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 24, 2013

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead started off being scarier than any TV show has a right to be. It remains relentlessly gory.

In The Walking Dead, zombies are never, ever referred to as such. They are called "walkers".

The show has evolved with every season but one ongoing theme is that, while fighting the undead to stay alive, the characters find that sometimes, human beings are even more dangerous than the walkers.

This lens contains spoilers.

The Walking Dead Season One - DVD of The Walking Dead Season 1 Encountering the Walkers

If you want to be seriously scared on Halloween, watch The Walking Dead Season One. Watch it with family or friends, NOT on your own.

Season One of The Walking Dead was far scarier than any TV show has a right to be.

The first episode had similarities with 28 Days Later.

Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital, having lain in a coma, to find the place deserted. Looking for help, he wanders down the corridor, where most of the lights are out; a single light flickers on and off. It is obvious that something VERY BAD has happened here.

He sees a blood smear on the wall; a dead body, half-eaten, lies on the floor.

One difference is that we are shown Rick's back-story. He was a cop who got shot in a firefight. He has a wife and son. Now he's alone.

At the other end of the corridor, huge letters across the double doors state "Do Not Open. Dead Inside". The doors are padlocked and he sees a creepy hand reach through them but, as the doors are chained, the person cannot get through. Wisely (and unusually for someone in a horror film), Rick follows the instruction.

He makes his way down the staircase and out of the hospital, where he sees rows of dead bodies, covered with sheets.

We know what has happened, but all he knows is that the world has changed and he needs to find his wife and son.

The Walking Dead is a really interesting series. We see characters we normally never see, including a viciously racist redneck and a wife-beater. Or that is to say, we normally only see them as criminals in cop shows.

Nobody knows what caused the apocalypse. Was it a virus? Who can say?

I found this series unmissable although it seriously scared me.

Walking Dead Halloween Costumes - Gory, Realistic Costumes

Walking Dead Halloween costumes need to be seriously gory as well as authentic-looking. These costumes really look like the dead are walking.

Remember, the only way to kill a walker is to attack its brain. So a walker can be wounded or partly-eaten and still be a danger to you. And these things will eat you. Plus, one bite and you turn into a walker yourself.

The Walking Dead Costume Accessory Kitchen Knife In Head
The Walking Dead Costume Accessory Kitchen Knife In Head

The only way to kill a walker is to attack its brain.


The Fear

Scariest Moment in The Walking Dead Season One

The scariest moment in The Walking Dead so far occurs in episode one, when the lead character, Rick, has holed up with a man and his son. The man's wife, mother of his son, has become a zombie. The zombies are congregating outside the family home, in a scene not unlike Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

When Mom appears and comes up to the house, Rick watches her through the view hole in the boarded-up front door. The house is like a fortress, but when we see the doorknob turn - will she get in? Big fear.

The Sceptic

What Is the Role of the Sceptic?

In The Walking Dead, there is a lot of scepticism. Not about the existence of zombies - nobody can argue about that.

Shane Walsh, Rick's police partner and best friend, is constantly arguing against Rick's plans,

Rick, being the sheriff (he was a deputy but now the sheriff is presumed dead), is an all-action hero, always rushing in to try to save the situation. Shane, on the other hand, always argues for caution.

When they arrive at the CDC, we know there is one person still alive inside, but the stragglers don't. Rick is convinced there must be someone in there. But even when he sees the CCTV camera move, Shane tells him it's his imagination. Everyone starts to walk away and two people even try to drag Rick away.

So the scepticism heightens the tension but, more than that, it serves to help us to identify more with Rick. We are on his side - we know what he knows, even though the world is against him.

Contrast this with the role of the sceptic in Would You Take Your Kids to Jurassic Park? and Invasion of the Body Snatchers Movies.

What's the Scariest Season of The Walking Dead?

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The Walking Dead Season Two - DVD of Season Two of The Walking Dead

In Season One, we saw a more-or-less united band of people fighting the walkers.

Season Two shows us the lengths survivors have to - or choose to - go to in order to survive. They encounter a family living in a farmhouse. The family do not want the other group to join them. There are constant concerns about resources and, anyway, can these people be trusted?

Rich and Shane go to a bar with the head of the family. When two men show up, our guys kill one and capture the other. They are afraid that these two might be part of a larger group (which later turns out to be true).

Food, water, medical supplies - people are willing to kill for these. It can come down to kill-or-be-killed. This needs to be weighed up against the strength that can be found in numbers.

It's no longer about "them and us", it's more like "them and them and us".

Spoiler: The group members have been so careful, when battling with walkers, not to have contact with their bodily fluids. But at the end of Season Two, we discover that whenever someone dies, her or she will turn into a walker - everyone is infected.

Rick and his people hole up in the farm, forming a larger group. But in the end, they are overrun by walkers and are on the road again, minus one member - Andrea.

Michonne - The Walking Dead Season 3

In Season 3 of The Walking Dead, we meet Michonne.

Michonne is one serious sista. A small, lean and tough warrior woman, the look on her face lets you know she doesn't take any stuff from anybody. She's my favourite character.

Oh, and did I mention, she is fearless?

Michonne is walking with two walkers which she has disabled by breaking their jaws. This means they are no longer a threat to her, and their smell keeps away other walkers. Andrea teams up with her after the others are forced to abandon Andrea when they are driven from the farm by walkers.

Want to dress up like Michonne for Halloween? You need to wear leather and carry a Samurai sword, a mean look in your eye and a badass attitude.

Rick and Darryl Walking Dead
Rick and Darryl Walking Dead


Weapons for Surviving the Walkers

Everyone in The Walking Dead has a favourite weapon.

Sharp, stabbing weapons or blunt weapons are the best. It's important to destroy the walkers' brains - that's the only way to stop them.

Using guns has a drawback - the sound will attract more walkers. (Doesn't anyone have a silencer?) This means that to fight walkers effectively, you have to get up close to them. Anybody too scared to do this simply will not survive.

Darryl has his crossbow. (Ever wondered why there is only one crossbow?) Michonne has her Samurai sword.

You will need to decide for yourself what kind of weapon to use. A knife, an axe, a machete, a hammer, an improvised club - use whatever works.


Things Are Getting Serious

The Walking Dead Season 3

You thought things were bad already? Millions of walkers (i.e. zombies) roaming the earth, looking to eat your flesh and turn you into one of them? Most of the people you knew and loved are dead?

In Season 3, things get a whole lot worse.

So many bad things happen in Season 3, I can't possibly do justice to them. Here are some of the highlights (i.e. lowlights):

Rick and his gang are holed up in a prison, where they get rid of the former inmates - most of whom are walkers. They also discover prisoners who are still alive, and have been totally insulated from the phenomenon of the walkers. Go figure. But things are not entirely what they seem.

Want to dress like Rick in Season 3? You need to wear a dazed expression, and be ready for anything.

What is great to see is that Rick's people can handle themselves. Even Carl - kid is growing up fast. Not one of them fears walkers, or allows fear to stop him/her from getting the job done.

In Season 3, we meet The Governor. With his warm smile and winning ways, he charms people who enter his own little private world of Woodbury. He calls the walkers "biters".

Woodbury looks like any normal suburban community pre-apocalypse. Adults go to work, children go to school. But armed soldiers sit on the borders, keeping everybody safe.

We soon find out what kind of person The Governor is. Behind the charming exterior, he is deadly. A python, or maybe a cobra. Something seriously venomous, slithering through the undergrowth.

Want to dress like The Governor on Halloween? You need a manner that enchants, a smile that beguiles. Later on, you will need an eye-patch.

Fortunately, Michonne sees straight through him. Unfortunately, Andrea doesn't.

Walking Dead Walks and Tours + other Zombie Walks

Join in these Walking Dead walks and zombie walks to show off your Walking Dead costume or view others.

Ten Ways to Prepare for The Walking Dead Season Four

If you enjoyed Seasons 1-3, get ready for Season 4!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks.

Who's Your Favourite Character in The Walking Dead? - Reader Comments

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