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Save Thanksgiving! Stand Up Against the "War on Thanksgiving" and "Christmas Creep"

Updated on October 9, 2014
A Thanksgiving Day charm bead
A Thanksgiving Day charm bead | Source

Keep Thanksgiving alive and well!

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday, in terms of both the spirit of the season and the décor and festivities.

But for years now it seems that the acknowledgment of Thanksgiving is being swallowed up by an ever-expanding focus on Christmas. You know what I mean.

This page is my contribution to keeping Thanksgiving alive in our minds and hearts, and resisting Christmas-creep.

The page is starting off small, but as this month of November goes on, I'll be adding reflections, links, and images related to the fight to save Thanksgiving.

The spirit of Thanksgiving vs. the spirit of Christmas Eve

Thanksgiving 1942.  Public domain image.
Thanksgiving 1942. Public domain image.

The reason I love Thanksgiving so much is because of the emotional message that it carries. Thanksgiving is about being grateful and content with the things you have. That spirit of contentment is something that most of us need to cultivate more.

It is so easy to focus constantly on the things we still want. What we want to own next, want to accomplish next, want to fix next. But Thanksgiving is about looking at what's already around you and embracing the blessings that are already in your life, without an expectation of getting more.

In contrast, of course, the emotional message that has come to be associated with Christmas is that of fantasizing about all the shiny new stuff that you're just about to get. That restless, I-can't-wait feeling, write out your wish list, send a letter to Santa, hit the mall with credit card in hand.

Slow down. Spend November thinking about all the wonderful things you've already got. Cultivate a spirit of satisfaction and gratefulness. It feels so good.

November 12th, 2012. Veterans Day. The Carson Mall has fully decked its halls. Sigh.

November 12th, 2012.  Veterans Day. The Carson Mall has fully decked its halls. Sigh.
November 12th, 2012. Veterans Day. The Carson Mall has fully decked its halls. Sigh.

Is it really that big a deal? - Tell me what YOU think!

I cringe when I walk into a store and see that winter holiday decorations have gone up as soon as the Halloween décor was taken down. I feel like my favorite holiday is being forgotten. Am I making too much of it?

Is the spirit of Thanksgiving under siege?

Count your blessings!

Count your blessings!
Count your blessings!

© 2012 Joan Hall

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    • bgassociate profile image


      6 years ago

      Need I say more? My sentiments echoed by everyone here. Thanksgiving actually serves a real purpose. A reminder of survival and prosperity, no matter how little. @Matlock: please don't feel like a bum at all. You're giving and living. Your presence in itself is a gift. I think the media (TV, Radio, Internet Ads) have oversimplified christmas. It doesn't help that its so close to Thanksgiving either. Let us give thanks this season, for those who fight and give their lives to keep us free and safe. Our service men and veterans. That's what the season is about. Great lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am glad I am not the only one. I truly love the autumn and thanksgiving has always been My favorite holiday. When I was a kid thanksgiving was a big deal. It was a day my family really looked forward to, a day that reminded us of what's truly important, Family. To really appreciate the things that we tend to take for granted, A loving family, A roof over our heads, enough food to feed us, that we all would pitch in on making. We didn't have a lot but we always made the most of what we had, and thanksgiving was a day to think about how lucky we really were. Sadly, in recent years we just use it as a day to get together and plan our Christmas party. It's really sad to think about it, I never liked Christmas all that much. I am disabled and cannot find work, Christmas always makes me feel like a bum since I cannot afford to buy many gifts for loved ones. I always manage to get everyone something, but it still feels like I should have done more for them, I guess that's mostly the media's doing. It's just that Christmas feels so artificial anymore. I just wish that more people still took thanksgiving seriously and appreciated what it really represents, appreciation for what you've got. Great article, thanks for reminding me of what Thanksgiving used to be and should be.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I agree totally! Our quintessential American holiday is being sacrificed to commercialism. Please see and like the Facebook page Project Thanksgiving for fun stuff, images, recipes, etc. NO politics, selling, etc...just family Thanksgiving fun!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Have a wonderful got it right!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very worthy message... We do need to pause and give thanks for what we have, and not to use it to dream of what we expect for Christmas.


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