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Watchmen Costumes

Updated on September 23, 2014

Who's Watching the Watchmen?

Hot on the heels of the graphic novel's transformation to the silver screen, now you can dress up as your favorite member of The Watchmen! From The Comedian, Dr Manhattan and Nite Owl to Ozymandias, Silk Spectre and even Rorschach, who will you be this Halloween?

Who are the Watchmen?

A brief introduction...

Originally released during 1986-1987, Watchmen was a 12-issue comic series written by Alan Moore. Collected and reprinted in graphic novel format, the story deals with an alternative historical timeline based on different outcomes during the Vietnam War, as well as relationships between the United States and Soviet Union.

In Watchmen, super-heroes exist but have been exiled into retirement or hiding. Some work for the government but the majority have been outlawed. When one of their number is murdered, several come together to investigate and discover the truth.

Because of its complex and intricate storytelling, it was years before a successful adaptation reached movie theaters. In 2009, Zack Snyder's feature film version of Watchmen was released, bringing beloved characters to new generations of fans.

The Comedian

AKA Edward Morgan Blake

Although his death is the beginning of the story, the Comedian is revealed to be quite the character through flashbacks. Ruthless, cynical, and nihilistic, Edward Blake is the only government-sanctioned superhero after the Keene Act is passed. Full of introspective insights, the Comedian believes he sees the world as it really is.

The Comedian's costume in the film consists of a black domino mask, over-sized shoulder pads, and plenty of ammo.

Doctor Manhattan

AKA Dr. Jon Osterman

Dr Osterman was transformed into the blue-skinned Doctor Manhattan after he was caught and disintegrated in an "Intrinsic Field subtractor". Retained by the United States to keep an advantage over the Soviet Union in the nuclear arms race, Dr Manhattan is the only superhero with actual "super powers".

Forever changed by the disintegration, Doctor Manhattan's costume usually consists of, well, nothing. Which makes it a little tricky to go as him for Halloween. In the movie, he is seeing wearing a suit at times and others a black brief-like costume.

Nite Owl II

AKA Daniel Dreiberg

Although retired from crime fighting, Daniel Dreiberg is the second Nite Owl. Having followed in the footsteps of the original Nite Owl Hollis Mason, Dreiberg keeps a secret underground lair full of gadgets and his costume, as well as his ship, affectionately known as Archimedes. During the course of the film, he develops a relationship with Laurie Juspeczyk (Silk Spectre II).

Nite Owl's costume is a modified owl, with a hood and cape, in brown tones. It includes goggles with night vision and a utility belt. He also has another costume based on a snow owl, for mission that take place in snow.


AKA: Adrian Veidt

Once the superhero known as Ozymandias, Adrian Veidt is believed to be the smartest man on the planet. He is a self-made man, running various enterprises and increasing his vast fortune. He draws inspiration from Alexander the Great and Ramses II. But his "help the world" attitude might be more dangerous then it seems.

Ozymandias' costume is lots of molded body armor. He also wears a purple cape and a laurel-like headpiece.


AKA: Walter Kovacs

Having never really "retired" but rather assumed his true identity to blend in, Walter Kovacs is Rorschach. Known for his mask that displays constantly changing patterns of inkblots (where he gets his name from), Rorschach believes in clearly defined good and evil. It is through his journal and notes that we learn about the story behind the Watchmen.

Including the inkblot mask, Rorschach's costume is a trench coat and fedora.

Silk Spectre II

AKA: Laurie Juspeczyk

Her paternity revealed later on in the story, Laurie Juspeczyk is definitely the daughter of the original Silk Spectre. Trained by her mother to follow in her crime-fighting heels, Laurie has always chaffed against the path chosen for her. She is in a relationship with Dr Manhattan when the story opens, but when he leaves for Mars, she turns to her old pal Nite Owl.

Silk Spectre's costume consists of lots of skin-tight latex in black and yellow.

You Tell Us!

Which is your favorite Watchmen character?

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    • profile image

      LordNefarious 5 years ago

      One of my favorite graphic novels of all time and an amazing movie, great lens!

    • Kiwisoutback profile image

      Kiwisoutback 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      I just saw this movie over the summer. It was an entertaining and dark movie, very unlike other superhero movies that have come out recently.

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 6 years ago from Texas

      I read the graphic novel before watching the movie. The novel was amazing and the movie did a great job of telling the story as the author intended. Nice lens.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

      My son loves Watchmen. I bet if he sees these costumes he will want one. Awesome lens!