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Waterford Crystal Lismore Pattern

Updated on January 12, 2013
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The Waterford Crystal Lismore Pattern

Waterford crystal vases are just one of the many items that The Waterford Company manufactures. In fact, if you like to collect crystal pieces, the Waterford collection will surely have something that satisfies your tastes. In this article, I am going to review several Waterford crystal vases that are designed with the Lismore pattern as well as provide a tiny bit of history on where this particular pattern was developed.

If you like color in your Waterford crystal vase, then I suggest that you take a look at the Waterford Lismore Crimson Stem Vase; this vase has the unmistakable Lismore pattern as well as a deep fat cut pattern. The entire Crimson collection includes a bowl, flute glasses and wine glasses. This collection is sure to please any crystal lover.

Next in line is the Waterford Lismore 8" Bouquet Vase; your wife will absolutely love the white roses you bring home for her as she will be able to proudly display them in her Waterford crystal vase. Owners love this crystal piece as they are able to capture the first blush of spring with this stunning vase from the Lismore collection. The vase is designed with a classic shape that is made from the finest crystal and is adorned with intricate diamond and wedge cuts.

If you are interested in Waterford crystal vases that have a much simpler design, I suggest that you take a look at the Waterford Lismore Simplicity 6" Vase. This vase has a clean, cylindrical silhouette that features the signature open diamond and wedge cuts of the famous Waterford Lismore pattern. This vase is a perfect gift for an anniversary or for a special occasion.

Do you love the smell of candles? Well, a Waterford crystal vase that is shaped like a hurricane is a perfect home for your favorite scented pillar candles. This Hurricane vase provides soft illumination of a floral showcase through the classic cuts of Waterford's most beloved crystal pattern, the Waterford Lismore pattern.

Of course you will find much more than just vases with the Waterford Lismore pattern.

Waterford Lismore Oversized Wine Glass

Waterford Lismore Oversized Wine Glass
Waterford Lismore Oversized Wine Glass

Shop for Waterford Crystal Lismore

Waterford Lismore Essence 15" Vase

Enjoy the classic Lismore pattern with the Waterford Lismore Essence 15 inch vase, perfect for roases, cut flowers as well as a variety of floral arrangements

Waterford Crystal Lismore Pitcher

This 64 ounce, beautiful Waterford Crystal Lismore pirtcher is crafted of full-lead crystal and stands 8 and 3/4 inches tall and will add a touch of ellegance to any home

Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence Balloon Wine Pair

These Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence Balloon wine glasses are dishwasher safe and crafted from 33% lead crystal

Waterford Lismore Toasting Flutes

Standing 9 1/4 inches high, these Waterford Crystal champagne toasting flutes are perfect for any celebration. Crafted from full-lead Waterford crystal

Waterford Crystal Lismore 5" x 7" Frame

This Waterford Crystal Lismore picture frame is perfect for that family photo or special memory and will add a touch of class to your home. Hold a 5" x 7" photo

Waterford Crystal Lismore 6-Inch Candlestick Holders

These 6 inch candlestick holders feature a two-tier stem with wedge and leaf cuts. The perfect accessory to every dinner table

Waterford Lismore Pattern

The History of the Waterford Lismore Pattern

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Where does the name Lismore come from? Well, Lismore takes its name from an ancient village that dates back to the early 7th century. Originally called Lios Mor Mocuda, by the 10th century Lismore had become one of Europe's great centers of learning. Lismore was destroyed in 1173 by the Normans and is once again a beautiful village.

Waterford crystal is admired for a graceful form that defines tradition. The Lismore pattern of striking diamond and wedge cuts transcends time. This pattern was first introduced to the world on October 23, 1952 and was created by Mirek Havel. The pattern continues to satisfy customers around the world and remains fresh and balances over fifty years after its introduction. This particular pattern is beloved by three generations of Waterford collectors and is indeed a classic.

So, if you are in need of a gift for your wife for her upcoming birthday or your upcoming anniversary, a Waterford crystal vase may just be a good fit! In all actuality, Waterford crystal vases are the perfect gift for any type of special occasion.

Waterford Colour Me Lismore Turquoise 8" Flared Vase

Waterford Colour Me Lismore Turquoise 8" Flared Vase
Waterford Colour Me Lismore Turquoise 8" Flared Vase

Waterford Crystal Pattern

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For over 60 years the Waterford Lismore pattern has been Waterford's pre-eminent design with it's timeless and classic look. Some of the finest homes and castles in the world are home to this beautiful series of Waterford Crystal.

  • Hand-crafted fine crystal
  • The Quality that Waterford Crystal is known for
  • The perfect gift idea
  • Waterford's pre-eminent design for 60 years
  • Inspired by the gothic architecture of the 800 year-old Lismore Castle
  • Miroslav Havel created the Lismore pattern in 1953

Waterford Lismore Pattern Video

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