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Weather Inspired Costumes For Halloween

Updated on July 17, 2017

Weather Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some fun & easy weather related Halloween costume ideas you can make yourself. DIY costumes inspired by weather are very popular these days for several reasons. When you make your own costume you usually save money, you can add some unique details that truly make the costume your own, and it's fun to design and assemble a Halloween costume. Have I talked you into it? Well, why not check out the weather costumes on this page and see if there is one you want to make and wear this Halloween.

Under The Weather? Halloween Costume DIY Fun


I really like pun costume ideas, so this "Under the Weather" costume hits me right in my funny bone. It's a clever costume that won't cost an arm and a leg to make, in other words, it's cheap. You will need:

  • Pajamas & Slippers
  • Umbrella
  • Box of Tissues
  • Blue Shower Curtain
  • Floss or Some Bath Pouf Sponges
  • Dust Pads

Get the pun? Feeling under the weather means you don't feel well...and this young lady is standing under the weather since it's raining inside her it.

Weather Related Costume Ideas For Halloween

Mother Nature
Stormy Weather
Global Warming
Lightning Strike

A Weather Related Costume For Couples - Struck By Lightning


Lightning Strikes Again

Are you looking for a weather inspired couples costume you can make yourself? This struck by lightning outfit is original, and easy to make. To assemble this DIY costume you will need materials for a person who has been struck by the lightning and the lightning bolt:

  • An old shirt you can make holes in, so cut away
  • Charcoal or burnt cork to discolor the shirt and make it look like it was burnt by lightning
  • The oldest umbrella you have. One you can rip and bend to make it look ragged.
  • You will also need to really mess up your hair - like there's lots of static from electricity

For the Lightning Strike you will need:

  • A big piece of cardboard cut out to look like lightning. Take a look at the picture if you are not sure what that should look like. (you will paint this cardboard and cut a hole out to put your head through)
  • Yellow paint to paint the lightning
  • Paint brush
  • Black pants
  • Black shirt

This is such a simple costume to make and it looks great. Try making your own costume this year with this lightning strikes weather themed outfit.

When It Rains It Pours - The Morton Salt Girl Costume


This homemade costume is not an actual force of weather, but it is weather related. The Morton Salt Girl is an iconic marketing symbol to generations of salt users. The very familiar girl dressed in her rain coat and carrying her umbrella has been on Morton Salt containers since 1914. There have been 6 different girls, all with the same accessories, over the years. To make your own Morton Salt Girl Halloween costume you will need the following items:

  • A Yellow Raincoat (Or wear a yellow dress and a yellow sweater)
  • A Purple Umbrella
  • Yellow Shoes or Rain Boots
  • White Tights
  • A Container of Morton Salt

It's Raining Cats And Dogs Weather Costume Idea

  • Rain Slicker
  • Rain Hat (if you have one)
  • Rain Boots
  • Umbrella
  • Stuffed Cats and Dogs
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

You have to open the umbrella and glue some stuffed cats and dogs onto the outside. Let the glue dry completely. Put on your rain slicker, a rain hat if you have one, and some rain boots. Put your umbrella up and you've got a "Raining Cats and Dogs Costume."

Weatherman Blowing Away In A Wind Storm


We have all seen this picture on TV during a storm, right? The weatherman reporting live from the storm area gets blown away in the wind. It sounds funny, I don't imagine it is while it is happening. Here's what you will need to make this windblown costume look:

  • Everyday Clothes
  • An Old Jacket
  • An Old Umbrella
  • An Old Tie
  • Safety Pins
  • Glue (Elmer's or White Craft Glue)
  • Hair Gel
  • Newspaper
  • Leaves (If you want)

You can dress up as this guy (or girl) wearing your everyday clothing. You might want to buy a thrift shop jacket since you are going to add some embellishments to it. You don't want to ruin one of your good jackets. Take an old tie and fasten it in a strange manner using a safety pin. Make it look like the wind is blowing your tie in the wrong direction. You will also need an old, hopefully broken umbrella.

You can make the jacket look windblown by soaking it in a mixture of water and craft glue. Let it soak the mixture in and then take it out, shape it to look like the wind is blowing it, and then let it dry. The mix of water and glue will help the jacket to hold the unusual shape you have created.

Get some newspapers and glue it to the knee or shin of your pants. Then turn your umbrella inside out as though the wind blew it in the completely wrong direction.

Add some gel to your hair to give it a funny windswept look!

Some people also pin some leaves to their clothing to make it look like they have been blown up against them.

El Niño Costume With Lightning And Real Rain

DIY Halloween Rain Cloud Costume Video

Spinning Tornado Costume Video

Make A Spinning Tornado Costume


The spinning tornado costume is quite amazing, but if you are going to attempt making one, please read the article attached to the picture up above. And give yourself plenty of time, this isn't a last minute quick Halloween costume idea.


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