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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Parents

Updated on September 6, 2014

Gift Ideas for your Parent's Wedding Anniversary

When your parents reach a wedding anniversary, it's a thing worth celebrating. Taking time to remember the life they have built together is important, as well as the joy, pain, laughter and hiccups along the way. Thinking up great wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents is anything but easy. It can be very daunting to first thing of an item that they don't already have, and then pick something that will encapsulate everything they mean to you.

There are differing theories regarding wedding anniversary gifts for your parents. Some people like to follow traditional gift guides based on the number of years of marriage being celebrated. Others prefer to eschew this regulation and give a personal gift, or something they really need.

This article focuses on gift ideas for your parent's wedding anniversary. We'll talk about the general 'rules and guidelines' you may choose to follow when picking a present, along with some tips and advice. Then we'll go through a list of specific gift ideas that generally go over really well. The idea is to help you pick a present for your parent's wedding anniversary that's both thoughtful and appropriate.

If you think of something I've missed, leave me a message below and maybe I will update my list!

Buying Presents for your Parent's Wedding Anniversary - Tips and Advice:

Here are a few bits of advice to help you narrow down your options. Obviously you know your parents very well, so cater my advice to fit their likes and dislikes. Don't stress out about the options, and feel free to skip this section to get to the actual list of wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents.

  1. Give them a treat:

    Sometimes it can be hard for a couple to justify a particular purchase. Whether they feel like it's too extravagant, or they feel as though they can't afford it with their current income, this thinking can tend to limit their enjoyment of life. My parents can be quite careful with their money. Consider wedding anniversary present ideas for your parents that include items they would love, but would never get for themselves. That fancy coffee maker, the cruise they've always wanted, things like that.

  2. Go in on items with siblings:

    It can be nice to coordinate your parent's anniversary gift ideas with your siblings, if you have them. This can extend your budget and let you purchase something truly memorable. It's good to schedule a time to talk and sort out what you want to each contribute and what item to target. And make sure they can keep a secret!

  3. Anniversary gifts are for sharing:

    If you're planning to give a wedding anniversary present to your parents, try to get something they will both enjoy. A shared hobby or interest, or something that will bring them closer together and let them have an experience. Chat with them and casually inquire and you're sure to get some hints.

A Water Fizzer / Carbonator - A nice treat for 'fizzy water' lovers.

Another fantastic and affordable wedding anniversary gift idea for parents is a home water carbonator, which allows you to quickly and easily create your own fizzy soda water or beverage. Using refillable C02 cartridges, you can get months of carbonation for pennies per glass, and most fizzers don't require power to operate. We got one for my wife's parents and they adore it. Don't forget to order some soda syrup or bitters to go with it, they are delicious when added to the mix.

1) A Tandem Bicycle or Set of Bikes: - Cycling is a healthy and fun anniversary gift idea for your parents.

If your parents are even remotely active, consider getting them the gift of bicycles! As my name implies, I'm a big fan of two wheeled transportation and obviously biased, but hear me out. Cycling is a shared experience, and it's a wonderful form of exercise. Cycling technology is getting to the point where even someone of limited mobility can enjoy cycling by using a recumbent cycle, tricycle, or even an electric bike. A tandem bike is usually a big hit.

A New Flat Screen TV: - A nice wedding anniversary present for movie buff parents.

If your parents are anything like mine, they probably still have a gigantic tube based television set dominating their living room. It's a great opportunity help them get rid of that big paperweight and replace it with a fancy new space-saving, high definition flat screen television. We're seeing unprecedented low prices for them lately, and it's a 'wow factor' gift that they may use every day. It's a real treat if they tend to watch movies together, and it might be the kind of thing they've been putting off getting. It's a great anniversary gift idea for the parents that all the siblings can chip in for.

Their Favorite Movie Collection - Get the series they love on DVD / Blue-Ray

Another affordable and well-loved gift idea for your parent's anniversary is the movie collection. They're bound to have a favorite movie collection or favorite director, so get them a full boxed set! My wife gave her parents the full box set of James Bond movies (her dad is a huge fan) and they absolutely love it. Plus, DVDs and Blue-Ray box sets tend to have extended content, behind the scenes stuff, commentary and more. I've listed some classics below.

That Fancy Kitchen Appliance - Give them the kitchen appliance they've had their eyes on.

Lots of people like a fancy, well stocked kitchen, and good quality appliances are a big part of that. A good anniversary gift idea for parents is the fancy kitchen gizmo they've been wanting. I don't want to limit you, but some things that come to mind are the fancy coffee machine (espresso, if they like to frequent coffee shops), the high powered blender or juicer, or maybe a new baking mixer. A nice added touch is to color coordinate the item to match their kitchen configuration.

New Chairs, Recliners, Sofas - A comfy anniversary present idea for your parents

You can give a great gift and help your parents get rid of that ugly old recliner in the living room, all at the same time! A new chair is a considerable expense, so it's a good 'group' gift idea, but they'll think of you every time they sit down. It's nice to give a chair with some support and spruce up their interior design a bit. Think about what they'll like, and their d├ęcor style. If they prefer a modern look consider a minimalist piece. If they like the full fledged recliner, get something comfy and overstuffed, maybe even a massage chair!

A Gift Card: - A gift for the inscrutable parent.

If you're having no luck coming up with a wedding anniversary present to give to your parents, there is always the faithful gift card. Personally, I love getting gift cards, it's like being given permission to treat myself to something I wasn't expecting. There are a lot around. Obviously I recommend an Amazon gift card since they carry just about everything under the sun, but it's really up to you. Choose one from their favorite coffee shop, or their favorite theatre or restaurant. The sky is the limit here.

Parent's Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year

Guidelines you may choose to follow (or not!)

There are some rules for what to give as an anniversary gift for your parents, but you're not obligated to follow them. I won't list every year here due to space and time restrictions, just a couple of prominent ones to give you the idea. If you're looking for a specific year there are other articles covering that.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents:

The twenty fifth is known as the silver anniversary, and as you may have guessed you'll want to find a gift of silver to celebrate it. You can be literal with jewelry of some sort, or you can be figurative: my folks got themselves a silver painted Corvette! The anniversary gifts for your parent's wedding anniversary can be associated with silver in any way you see fit.

30th Anniversary:

This one is supposed to be the pearl anniversary year, so you can pick out jewelry or items that utilize that theme. And yes, men can pull off pearl jewelry! Tie clips and cufflinks are some possibilities.

50th Anniversary:

The 50th wedding anniversary is a big one, and it's supposed to be celebrated with gifts of gold. Like the above items, don't limit yourself to jewelry, as you can find many items in gold. Accessories like pens, watches, gold colored clothing or household items, you decide!

Did I miss any important anniversary gift ideas for parents? - Leave a suggestion here:

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      sara 15 months ago

      Awesome idea! Someone needs to collect great ideas like this and give for baby shower gifts, before it's too late!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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      Squidpress 4 years ago

      I love how much effort you put into this lens about anniversary gifts for parents, Great job bikes, good to see.