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Wedding Anniversary Messages

Updated on July 9, 2013

Importance of Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary is one of the most special moments to happen for couples. The day when they took their vows, the day they promised to be together through good times and bad times, they day they said "till death do us part", it was their wedding day. And commemorating that day is very important and special. While celebrating this through party or date has become the tradition, expressing your love, renewing the vows and reminiscing the happy moments together being married is one of the greatest ways to rekindle the romance on this special day. You can express your love and affection towards your better half through wedding anniversary messages. These wedding anniversary wishes can be short, or in a form of poems or verses.

Happy Anniversary Messages

Most of us just don't know how to express our feelings through the right set of words. We end up just saying a simple "Happy Anniversary, love". Although this doesn't sound so bad, telling your partner how you feel for her/him seems more romantic. So to help you with some anniversary message ideas, here are samples of happy anniversary wishes.

One of the most special moments in my life

Is being married to a wonderful person

And I'd like to stay this way..... Forever

Happy Anniversary!

Here's to the years we've spent together

Here's to the years we've discovered and yet to discover

Here's to the years of happy moments

Here's to the years we enjoyed being together.

Happy Anniversary, my love!

I will never forget the day I said "I do"

Because if you'll ask me now….

I'll still say "I do"

I love you, darling!

Happy Anniversary!

After all these years,

You're still the one I will fall in love with

Again and again and again…

Happy Anniversary, love!

Love brought us together as husband and wife

Since then, I was blessed with best friend for life

Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband

Let your husband know how much you love him and how much you cherish him all these years being tied and married to him with these wedding anniversary wishes for husband. Feel free to add your own personal message to it.

You are one of the most wonderful things happen to me

You’ve made my life worth living

You’ve made my life so special and heaven

Thanks for just being there, as my loving husband

Happy Anniversary to you!

For all the years we’ve been married,

We’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs

Still, we’ve made it

And our love grown stronger

I can’t imagine my life without you now.

Happy Anniversary, husband!

All these years, I still can’t believe

That I’ve been married to the most wonderful guy

The guy who loves, understands, supports and cares for me

I feel so lucky and blessed.

Happy Anniversary, darling!

You were a stranger when I first met you,

Then you become a friend…

Years later you became my husband

Now, I know you’re a best friend to keep forever.

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful guy I’ve ever known.

You are such a wonderful guy

You are such a wonderful husband

You are such a wonderful father

Cheers to the most wonderful person I know

Happy Anniversary, hubby!

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

Send shiver to her spine with romantic anniversary wishes on the special day of your lives. You can use these samples of wedding messages wishes for wife.

Thank you for making me life complete

Being married with you is like a treat

Being blessed with such a fine wife

I feel so lucky in my life

Happy Anniversary, darling!

There are no dull moments with you,

I never felt so blue

You've made my life worth living

Every day I feel so heaven

Thanks for being my wife

And a mother to our child.

I love you very much!

Happy Anniversary!

You once asked me why I love you…

I didn't answer…

Because I want to show you the answer

For the rest of my life

Happy Anniversary my dear wife!

Before I met you,

My life was dark and blue

Your love gave it light

You gave meaning to my life

I'm so grateful

I love you, darling!

Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Card Messages

You've been there for me in my ups and downs

You're just there, to support, to love, to understand

I feel so blessed by having a lifetime partner life you.

Happy Anniversary and I love you.

There's no exact words can express how much I feel for you.

All these years, I still feel the same as the day I made a vow with you.

I cherish every moment of us together

I will treasure everything forever

Happy Anniversary to my dearest wife/husband.

Your love gives me inspiration

I appreciate your affection and devotion

In return, I will love you now, forever and always

Happy anniversary!

The day you became my husband/wife

Is the day I was born again

To be a person who loves and is loved

By a wonderful best friend in life

Happy Anniversary!

Being married with you is like a dream come true

There's no word to express my happiness when I am with you

Let's stay this way forever and always

Happy Anniversary to you!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

May you be blessed with life filled with happiness and contentment

Keep loving each other and have the best of everything

Happy Anniversary for both of you!

May the love that brought you two together

Bind your marriage forever

Stay in love with each other

Best wishes on your wedding anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the most wonderful couple I’ve ever known

May you be blessed with a heart filled with love for each other.

May God shower you with loads of blessings

Gifts of love, gifts of hope and gifts of contentment.

Happy Anniversary to you!


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