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Wedding Gifts For Geeks

Updated on June 26, 2013

How to choose interesting gift when two geeks fall in love?

This lens is supposed to be both funny and very serious. I spent quite a long time thinking about proper gifts for geeks. It is quite a hard task - it is very difficult to surprise a geek because they just know a lot about everything.

I myself consider a little bit geeky so I asked myself very simple question. What wedding gift would make me happy? What is both interesting and exciting an I didn't know it exists until now?

I was lucky enough to find a couple of things and I am happy to share my ideas with you.

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Gifts can be both great and cheap
Gifts can be both great and cheap

Low Budget Geeky Gifts

About great gifts purchasable with a limited budget

Wedding gift should be very special. Many couples have their wish lists and than it is best to give them something they want and need. But even when you buy something useful, something they want, you can add other gift, which doesn't necessarily have to be expansive. You can add the value of your ideas to the money.

It is not easy, but it will pay off. Your own effort can magically change cheap, low budget gift, to something interesting. There is huge variety of thing you can buy nowadays, it's like a big ocean. And If you are patient enough, you can catch a golden fish using really cheap bait.

So the first part of my lens is about interesting gifts for geeks, that are interesting and can be bought with a limited budget.

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1. A Cookbook - Because even geeks should be able to cook.

When you want something useful and not necessarily too expensive, cookbook can be just that perfect wedding gift you are looking for. And that applies generally. Cookbook is simply great gift.

The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen (Cook's Illustrated Cookbooks)
The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen (Cook's Illustrated Cookbooks)

This one is maybe a little bit more advanced, so it is great when your geek is able to cook already.

What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained
What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained

Nice explanation of some principles behind the cooking. Also a good option.


2. Ecosphere - When you want to give them a pet which doesn't need any care

I was truly exited when I saw this miracle the first time. It is basically ecosystem closed in glass ball. And inside is live marine shrimp. You can put it on your desk or elsewhere you like, and it doesn't require any care. Just a little bit of sunshine. The bigger ecosphere is the longer shrimp lives. But even the small one can keep him alive for two years.

This is perfect pet for geeks. But it is little bit more expensive.

3.Magic Candle - For romantic evenings

You should keep the fire of romance in your relationship when you get married. I think it is necessary to double the effort you are giving to maintain and upgrade your relationship. So romantic candle can be nice supplement to wedding gift (maybe with some small book about love?). And when you are geek you appreciate the fact that magic candle changes color when lit.

Wedding can be adventure
Wedding can be adventure

Unusual experience

Because the most valuable things we have, are our memories.

That's right. The only things no one can take away from us are our memories. Therefore unusual experience can be very unique and very appreciated gift. You should focus on the interests of bride and groom and come out with something they will enjoy.

I have listed some interesting ideas below, but again, some general advice. In my opinion, you should avoid ordinary things. Buying two tickets to the local science museum is probably not the right way, but arranging private tour with visit to museum facilities may be perfect. Try to thing our of the box a little bit.

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Some crazy ideas - Interesting experience wedding gifts for geeks

  1. Dinner with someone interesting.

    You can try to arrange dinner with someone interesting for your married geeks. It can be their favorite director, actor from their favorite scifi series, well known specialist in their field of interest. It is up to you.

  2. Treasure hunt.

    Geeks love to play games, so you can setup this crazy hunt for treasure for them with maps, clues, angry pirates and all other stuff. And finally you can let them find real wedding present.

  3. Flight to space.

    Every geek should enjoy this one, but you will need a LOT of money.

  4. Creative course

    There is a lot of creative courses. Will your just married geeks enjoy making their own pot?

  5. Their own property on moon

    Maybe it is time to give them their own piece of land on moon. Just in case they need it.

Scifi & Fantasy

Because many geeks love it!

There is a very good area you can choose for searching a perfect geeky gift and it is scifi & fantasy. Almost everybody has some favorite show, or movie series like Star Wars, Star Trek or Game of Thrones. You should know what is the favorite of your bride or groom.

Their favorite books leather bound.

That is idea I personally enjoy a lot. Leather bound luxury editions of books are really nice. I wish I had some of these on my shelf. But it is a little bit expensive. But maybe, one day, I will get them as a wedding gift. You never know.

Poster sets

Movie posters are great. They are nice, colorful, and geeks love them. There is a good chance your groom and bride already have a nice small collection of interesting posters, but you can every time buy some new to help them decorate their new apartment or house.

There is a lot of general scifi and fantasy posters, you just need to choose something they will hopefully enjoy. You can also choose some nice general fantasy or scifi posters which are not bound to specific universe.

Don't be afraid to use your brain!

Do not forget, you are the person who is supposed to know the happy couple very well. So in the end it is you and you only, who must use some effort to find your perfect unique gift for them. And if you do so, I am certain they will love it.

As I've said, it's not price-tag what makes gift great.

Do you have some interesting ideas too? - Share with us.

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    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 3 years ago from United States

      Wedding gift selections are difficult at best, but when you really want something great for a geek, you do need a bit of advice. I love the idea of giving their favorite book leather bound.

    • profile image

      theneubeck 4 years ago

      Nice selection of books. Are there more books that you know of? Maybe the new Tim Ferris book would qualify?

    • profile image

      KTPT13 4 years ago

      Great list of ideas. I think I want some of them myself.

    • Pavel Polcr profile image

      Pavel Polcr 4 years ago

      @gracyelala: Thanks!

    • gracyelala profile image

      gracyelala 4 years ago

      This is an awesome idea-generating gift lens! Will check back next time I have to buy for one of my geek-friends.