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Welcome 2016!!

Updated on January 9, 2016

Thoughts on a New Year

So 2016 has arrived. So far I must say it doesn't feel a lot different than 2015. Not sure what I expected though. Why is it that people seem to think that when the new year begins it's somehow going to be radically different (and better) than the previous year? Upon what logic is that based?

Of course people tend to make all kinds of New Year's Resolutions with self-improvement in mind. This optimism lasts for a few days, as does following through on the resolutions. I think the wisest approach is to NOT make any resolutions at all so one isn't disappointed with oneself by mid-January.

I saw a funny comedy sketch about a guy who makes what you might call anti-resolutions. It was pretty funny. See for yourself below.

So am I a pessimist or a realist? How much difference is there? I mean, it's hard to be optimistic given that this is an election year where we will be replacing the previously elected blithering idiots with new blithering idiots. It would be nice if there were any worthwhile candidates (especially for President). The only person worth voting for dropped out of the race months ago. I just pray we don't get anyone worse than who we've had for the last two terms!!

So with those inspiring thoughts, please enjoy the little poem I wrote to celebrate the beginning of 2016. May we all survive it!

New Year's Resolutions??

Happy Happy Joy Joy


A Poem to Welcome 2016

Happy Birthday 2016

I hope you don’t turn out too mean.

A leap year with an extra day

To celebrate in February.

It pushes holidays up 2 days

And messes with us in weird ways.

Election year! Oh boy, what joy!

With lies the candidates employ

To gain our votes, misleading souls

To gain their governmental roles.

Our resolutions made with care

Soon to lead to our despair

As by the wayside they will go

Since discipline we do not know.

So hoopty-doo, yeehaw, wahoo!

I wish I was back in ’82.

Yup. It dropped again.

A New Year's Poll!

What are the chances you'll follow through with your resolutions?

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