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Welcoming The New Year with Wine_Then follow Seasons with Family and Friends

Updated on December 30, 2012

Wine For Four Seasons Welcome and Celebration

I have lived here in Virginia for more than two decades now, not far from Monticello at Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. All of Virginia is part of Virginia wine country that originally was introduced here by Thomas Jefferson but the industry did not really grow till the 20th Century when some wine growers rediscovered the climate and soil of Virginia to be hospitable to wineries.

Now, guess what, Virginia wineries are exploring part of their products of red wine, blush, and white wine to Europe including to the French who appreciates the taste and flavor of Virginia wine!

So, the giving and receiving keep on growing!


From New Year Winter to Spring, Summer, and then Autumn Again

I am not a wine connoisseur like my friend Eldon who owned a fancy restaurant up in Yankee land before he moved to Virginia. Eldon knows about wine with all the variation and subtleties of wine. But I know enough to give you a basic primer as it is a tradition for many in the world including my family here in USA to prepare to welcome the New Year with a bottle of sparkling wine when the New Year arrives on the last day of December, 2011.

Yes, I plan to add a second element, that is as the season changes, from winter to spring in April, and then rolls to summer in June, and then the Autumn in October, as inevitably will as we know about the earth continue to move around the Sun, I want to bring out another bottle of wine, be it a red wine, blush, a white wine or even a sparkling wine, I want to keep on welcoming the new year each season with the family and a few friends.

I like to invite the reader to consider this option to appreciate the seasons and enjoy the taste and value and appreciate the seasons, family and friends that each of us are blessed to have as part of our everyday life.

For the kids in the family, I will throw in some sparkling apple cider as they love to join in the celebration any time.

To add value, I have included two of my favorite recipes taken from a great book on wine and food that I checked out of our public library titled "The Wine Club: A Month by Month Guide to Learning about Wine with Friends" by Maureen Christian Petrosky, a self published book in 2005. A Valuable book to our celebration of the New Year seasons as we are about to begin in the last day of December, 2011!

A New Year Welcome and Add Wine Club to Follow Seasons till Winter Comes Again Year End - The Wine Club: A Month by Month Guide to Learning about Wine with Frie


Your public library likely has this book also as mine does here in Fairfax County, Virginia.

If you live in Fairfax, just reserve this book on line via your library card. If you live elsewhere, check to see if it is available in your library. I just learned to check out the eBooks from my own library, and it’s an amazing new tool Not sure however if an eBook version may be available also that one can down load from the public library on to your

Here is a brief intro with a few of my favorites wines. I also provide two of many exotic appetizers and finger food l recopies given at the Petrosky book on Wine Club.

Here in Northern Virginia, a dazzling variety and choices of wine are available at the food markets large and small. Even the local State of Virginia ABC store has variety of wines available specially Virginia grown wines.

Sparkling Wine, Red Wine, Rose Wine and Sparkling Apple Cider (For Kids)


Well, we are preparing for the New Year with sparkling wine and sparkling apple cider also. So, my list starts with Sparkling Wine.

(01) Sparkling Wine

Most sparkling wines do not call themselves Champaign according to Ed McCarthy in "Wine for Dummies' (another valuable book available at Fairfax County Public Library). "There are also Italian Spumante (sweet or dry), Spanish sparkling wine (Cava) and other French Sparkling Wine other than Champagne.

(02) Red Wine Styles

Soft and fruity with red wine light body. Many under $10 at our Northern Virginia food stores.

Uses red grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon from France, Italy, Australia, South Africa, and USA are popular here Northern Virginia and can be found in the food stores and specialty stores, such as some of the ethnic food stores we also have here.

Merlot is deep in color. Pinot Noir is deep and opaque in color. Zinfandel, one of my favorite styles is a well known red variety originated in Croatia, originally part of the Roman Empire centuries ago.

(03) Rose Wine

Pink in color. Often called "Blush Wine". Can be served as sweet wine or white wine. Goes well with a fish dish such as Salmon.

White Wine and Dessert Wine


(04) White Wine

Goes well for lunch with hamburgers, sandwiches, and great for summer picnics or outdoor grill.

White grapes are used to make this wine. Can be light, dry and fruity. The famous French region white wines are often called Sauvignon Blanc. Pinot group has deeper color. Wonderful white wines are grown also in Italy, Australian, and Chile, in USA, California, and Virginia as well few other states.

(05) Dessert Wine

Can be red or white or blush. Usually sweet wine, some of them called “Liquor wine”. Most wines have about 12% alcohol as allowed in USA.

Virginia Wine and Wine Country--Welcome !


Summer Outdoors with Wine


Summer Activiites Will Come Back Again in the New Year

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Autumn will surely come back again in the New Year


An Autumn Evening With Friends Listening to Old Time Radio in Virginia --Of Course with Wine !


A Light White Wine with Dessert fits well


Memory Book Virginia--Fall to Winter Again - Earth's Cycle complete and starts once more with winter season again

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Knowledeg and Experience of Wine most welcome here - Appreciate , share and learn as we go !

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    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      I always enjoy learning about wine in other parts of the country. I've been to Virginia once, but it was during the summer. It looks quite beautiful in autumn.