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DIY Wendys Halloween Costume

Updated on September 17, 2015

Wendys Restaurant Costume

The Wendy's Restaurant mascot is Wendy. Wendy is the name of the daughter of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas. The Wendy's costume is used quite a lot especially during restaurant fundraisers. This is a great halloween costume espeically paired with a Ronald McDonald costume.

What you'll need for a Wendy's costume

The classic look for Wendy is pig tails with a blue and white vertical striped shirt.

  • Red wig with pig tails is the look for Wendy. Dying your hair works just as well, although you'll have the color a bit longer.
  • Blue and White striped Shirt - I think of a sailor's shirt here as well.
  • White Pants or Capris
  • White tennis shoes
  • Makeup for Freckles

What is the best adult costume?

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