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Wendy's Costume (Fast Food Restaurant Mascot)

Updated on October 18, 2012

Wear a Wendy's Costume This Year!

Dress up as one of the cutest fast food restaurant mascots, Wendy! With her red braided pigtails, freckles, and striped dress, everyone's sure to recognize the girl behind the delicious hamburger chain.

Coincidentally, Wendy's just modernized their logo - the first time since 1983! It still features the same girl but with a more contemporary drawing style. The logo will premiere officially next year, so it's good timing to wear a Wendy's costume this year.

(new logo taken from:

Wendy's Costume for Adults

The most important elements for achieving the look of this fast food girl are the ff:

1. Red hair with pigtails tied by blue ribbons!

Just like the picture, make sure you get a literally red wig for this!

2. Freckles

Freckles below the eyes on both cheeks add an adorable, cute touch to the look. Scroll below to find a tutorial about creating fake freckles using makeup.

3. Light blue and white striped dress

The stripes of the dress are traditionally vertical. For an added effect, tie a lace apron on your dress for a more prairie-like look.

4. Light blue cameo pin

You'll see this in the real-life person who was the inspiration behind the mascot.

5. Red and white striped socks and arm warmers

Yup, Wendy's is all about the stripes! This time the stripes are horizontal to contrast the dress

For the shoes, you can opt to wear a pair of white ballet flats to complete the innocent, kiddie look.

Bonus: If you want to make sure you're absolutely recognizable in your costume, you can wear a vintage Wendy's employee pin too! OR, carry a Wendy's drink or hamburger with you.

(image taken from:

Alilang Antique Golden Tone Light Blue Rhinestones Cameo Woman Brooch Pin
Alilang Antique Golden Tone Light Blue Rhinestones Cameo Woman Brooch Pin

Pin this at the center of the collar, just like the real-life Wendy wore it

Perfectly Pleated Full Kitchen Apron
Perfectly Pleated Full Kitchen Apron

Adds a sweet addition to your costume

Columbia Women's Super Bonehead Tunic Fishing Dress (White Cap Gingham, Small)
Columbia Women's Super Bonehead Tunic Fishing Dress (White Cap Gingham, Small)

The color of this dress matches the Wendy's dress, so even though it's a gangham print instead of vertical stripes, this should be able to carry on the fast food girl's look. Just make sure you pair it with the apron above and wear the striped tights and arm warmers below!


How to Apply Fake Freckles

Logo Wars

All things change, and that includes the almost 30 year old logo of this fast food chain. The question is: is it a good change or not?

Which logo do you prefer?

See results

The Wendy's Mascot was Based on a real Wendy, the daughter of the founder of this brand!

The Wendy's Mascot was Based on a real Wendy, the daughter of the founder of this brand!
The Wendy's Mascot was Based on a real Wendy, the daughter of the founder of this brand!

Wendy's Costume vs Ragdoll Costume - The Similarities AND Differences

Wendy's Costume Looks like Ragdoll
Wendy's Costume Looks like Ragdoll

If you look at the picture, you can see a lot of similarities between the Wendy's fast food mascot and the rag doll. There are distinct differences though. First, the lighter shade of blue of Wendy's dress (and the striped pattern). Second, Wendy does not have a cap. Third, there are red/white arm warmers on Wendy. Some rag dolls have freckles, others don't. But Wendy always HAS to have freckles!

(picture on the left taken from:, right taken from

Photo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Wendy's costume diagramThe old logo
Wendy's costume diagram
Wendy's costume diagram
The old logo
The old logo

Share anything below, even your fondest memories eating at Wendy's. Or even your favorite Wendy's food! (baked potato for me, please!)

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